Sunday, 5 January 2014

Malaysia Best 10 Durians‏

The selection of the best 10 Malaysian durians is based on durian epicurean

Number 1「猫山王」(Mao Shan Wang, Musang King) Musang King lovers swear by its rich, creamy taste. The best Musang King was from Pahang. The Musang King’s flesh is yellow. It’s creamy, too, and has a fragrance that lingers long in your mouth. The quality is consistent and you cannot find fault from one pulp to the other.

Number 2 Udang Merah (Ang Hae) D 175 Udang Merah is in a long oval shaped fruit and its skin has short thorns. Its soft and fine texture together with its skin sweet and creamy taste of thick and yellow flesh makes this durian as one of the most delicious durians!

Number 3 D600 If you like a slightly bitter taste yet creamy and sweet, D600 is the answer! Although its texture is rough, its mouth-watering thick and yellowish gold flesh will never turn you down! This durian is in a medium-sized yellowish green skin fruit

Number 4 D101 Sweet & good fragrance, smooth flesh & small seed, red flesh & high quality taste is creamy and delicious of fine texture. If you found a long oval shaped and golden coloured fruit with short and sharp thorns, it is this type of durian!

Number 5 Ho Lor durian Ho Lor is in a medium-sized and long oval shaped fruit. Its solid and yellow flesh gives you a soft and quality taste of sweet and creamy. Tasty enough to lure you for more!
Number 6 ThRaka. It's also called 竹脚. Fragrant Durian & tastes good. Sweet & acrid taste, small seed & high quality.

Number 7 XO Durian really creamy and tasted so much better.

Number 8 Penang D24 With the shape of a heart, this type of durian is soft and creamy in texture and it comes with deliciously sweet and creamy taste too!

Number 9 Amy Yip. Amy Yip disguises its rich and sweet taste under spherical shape skin of long thorns. You will find delicious 1-4 cloves per pod in there too!

Number 10 Kulit Hijau  Almost similar to Lipas Kuning.  Kulit Hijau taste is rich, sweet and creamy but the flesh is slightly hard and yellowish white in colour.