Monday, 27 January 2014

Teacher's Apology Did Not Placate The Boy

Video of student talking back to teacher goes viral

Posted on Wednesday morning, the video, taken in secret by a third party, shows a private conversation between “Justin” and his teacher, who tells the boy to “remember your agreement with me” and asks him to go back to his seat

“Justin” goes back to his seat for a while before going to another student’s table. The teacher shouts his name and the boy went back to his seat.

That was when the boy tells his teacher not to shout at him saying: “Am I deaf? Just answer my question…you should not shout, I’m not deaf, okay...Who ask you to shout? I’m deaf, ah?”.

“Justin” demands that the teacher says sorry to him.

The teacher is heard apologising to the student for shouting and saying that “Justin” has to sit down.

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An unusual teacher apologizes to student
The boy is not satisfied, “Who ask you to shout? I deaf ah?”
Teacher says, “Did I say I am sorry already? Did I say I am sorry?”
The boy interjects again, “Say, ‘Justin, I am sorry.’”
The teacher then did as the boy instructed.
See the red highlight. Even TOC could not bring itself to put it across to readers directly.

Teachers who have opted to teach in this school know what they are in for. I am sure the ordinary teacher would not be able to cope. Today we saw the Gospel in action. The teacher had as good as done for the student what Jesus had done washing his disciples feet. No wonder the principal called it a teaching moment. The teacher totally put aside his ego for the sake of this class and this bad boy. I am sure the story didn't end where the YouTube clip finished. The engagement must continue away from our eyes. The teacher must have been very clear minded what he wants to achieve with the class and with this kid and is willing to pay a huge price to get there. I salute him! MOE has courage and done the right thing to have these two Normal Tech schools. Our school system want to make something more out of these kids and is not afraid to fail trying.

Now this is something that the PM would be right to not be afraid to try and fail. Not public transport, civil unrest and certainly running out of hospital beds.

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‘Say sorry, teacher!’

‘Say sorry, teacher!’

Justin is a hero among students. A video  – secretly shot with a handphone or even a tablet that the students were using in class – showing him demanding an apology from a male teacher in class made sure of that. But most adult viewers of the video think Justin should be caned or sent to a school or class for children with learning disability.

While it is not known if Justin has a learning disability, he attends a school which has just opened and caters to less academically-inclined (termed Normal Technical) students – Spectra Secondary School. The school’s website states: “Spectra Secondary School (customises) its teaching approach to suit the learning styles of its students. The pedagogy adopted will emphasise skills-based activities and practical learning in the real-world context or workplace setting. In order to facilitate its skills-based pedagogy and programmes, Spectra Secondary School will have a class size of about 20” (instead of 30 students as in most classes).”

The teacher had yelled at Justin to go back to his seat. He was moving about other students’ desks. The teacher should not have shouted, most social media respondents say.  But by acceding – in front of the whole class – to Justin’s demand that he say “Sorry I shouted, Justin”, the teacher showed he had no class management skill.

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Student yells at teacher and demands apology from him - after being told to sit down

Are parents of today educating their kids the right way, asked Stompers Ivan and Kevin after a male student of a local secondary school was caught on video shouting at his teacher in class when asked to return to his seat.

The video, uploaded on various social media platforms, starts with the student, later identified as Justin, standing over a classmate's table while the male teacher beside him repeatedly asked him in a calm manner to go back to his desk and sit down.

Ignoring him, the student continued moving around until his teacher, now at the back of the class, called out his name and told him to sit down.

Student defies and makes teacher apologise

A video of a classroom exchange between a student and his teacher is now doing the rounds on the Internet.

It shows what is apparently a classroom with a male teacher telling a student to go back to his seat. The student ignores the teacher’s words and walks over to another student’s desk and starts to fidget with the friend’s computer. He then walks back to where he originally was.

It was at this point that the teacher shouted at him, “Justin!”

Spectra boy demanding apology from teacher

From the video it appears that it was the teacher who first lost his cool and yelled at ‘Justin’ to stop his nonsense, but what followed was a masterclass of defiant posturing and juvenile obscenity, the kind of behaviour that would have me suspended on the spot. I don’t know what’s sadder, a teacher having to apologise to an arrogant bully or Justin’s upbringing. An attitude like this would be ideal for a career as a bouncer, a warrant officer in the army, or judging by the kid’s weird gyrations,  a pimp gangster boss.

Most kids wouldn’t have the audacity to engage in a shouting match with their teachers. Some would complain of verbal abuse to their parents, who would then go on to complain to the police. This kid decided to take his oppressor head on, and our next generation is doomed if this act of rebellion is hailed as martyrdom by his sniggering classmates. The teacher was shockingly gracious with the quick apology, but Justin began pushing his luck once he realised he got the upper hand like the tenacious brat that he is. The sex comment was just, well, bizarre, and you’d think such behaviour might have been the result of watching too much BDSM porn.

Teachers never needed to say sorry for raising their voices in the past; it was almost essential to get the work done if you’re dealing with a rowdy bunch of renegades. This one was willing to swallow his pride, perhaps in case the kid decides to call the police, but emotional blackmail should never get in the way of how a teacher does his job, even if it means having to lose his temper at the devil’s spawn.

Singapore secondary school student apologises after video of him scolding teacher goes viral
A student from Spectra Secondary School has apologised for scolding his teacher, after a video of the incident surfaced online and drew flak. (Screengrab of video)
The student then had a go at the teacher, saying, "You should not shout, I'm not deaf", before demanding an apology from the teacher

The school has met the student, as well as the one who took the video, and "both students regret their actions", a spokesperson for the Ministry of Education (MOE) said on Thursday.

According to a report in The Straits Times, Spectra Secondary principal Krishnan Aravinthan said on Wednesday that the student “has reflected on his actions and is very remorseful”.

Krishnan added that he has counseled the boy, saying that the school takes a serious view with regard to student discipline, and that it has “high expectations” of its students’ behaviour.


Boy sorry for yelling at teacher
Student apologises after YouTube clip shows him shouting at teacher
Student in classroom confrontation video apologises to teacher

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Video of boy shouting at teacher goes viral

A teacher tells a Secondary 1 student to go back to his desk and sit down. He ignores the teacher, who then shouts out at him.

The boy (above, in white) looks up in shock, then walks slowly back to his desk. But instead of sitting down, he launches into a tirade against the male teacher, repeatedly asking “Am I deaf?” and demanding an apology.

Even when the teacher says: “Okay, I apologise”, it fails to placate the boy.

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A video of a Spectra Secondary School student demanding repeatedly that his teacher apologise to him has gone viral

Principal of the school says that the student has been counselled and is 'very remorseful' after having reflected on his actions. He has also apologised to the teacher.

The school intends to use this incident as a 'teachable moment' for students.

The young boy referred to as 'justin' talked back to his teacher and a classmate of his filmed the entire thing. The video shows Justin scolding his teacher for yelling at him.

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Streams apart: Why has the N-word become a dirty word?

You’ve likely seen the video. A clip of a 13-year-old student asking his teacher to apologise for shouting at him in class was uploaded by a fellow student onto YouTube, then went viral.

The news shocked me. But not as much as this statement, casually inserted into a Singaporean newspaper report on the incident: “It is understood that the students are in the Normal stream.”

I don’t know why the point had to be reported or highlighted. Would the reporters have made mention of the fact had the antagonists been in a different stream? What is the statement behind that statement?

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Give teachers more power

Do teachers have enough authority in school? Sixty-six per cent of 50 people in an informal poll say no.

And perhaps it is time to give them more authority, especially to discipline students, in school, say parents and teachers.

Gone are the days when teachers have the freedom to punish students.

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Primary School Student Talks Back Defiantly Against Teacher

Arrogant primary school student scolds teacher despite teacher's apology for raising his voice.

What do you think about the student's behaviour?

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