Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bonding with your child with Lego

Like all working parents, my husband doesn't get a lot of time with the children during the week. Long and intense work hours mean that he often arrives home late, after the kids and I are done with dinner. The kids would clamour for his attention and after a hard day's work, I know that oftentimes there is nothing he would like to do better than to crash into bed. There are days when he would do exactly that, but more often than not, he lifts his spirits to spend some time bonding with the kids.

Bonding is something, which you think would come naturally, but in reality takes time and effort. The benefits however are very real, with studies showing that a strong parent-child bond in the early years is key to a child's emotional development. Children secure in their attachment to their caregivers show a stronger ability to manage stress, form healthier relationships, get better grades in school, and have a higher self-esteem. In other words, building a bond with your child has a positive impact on his or her ability to live a well-balanced and fulfilling life.

Of course, benefits aside, the reason why we choose to bond with our children is because we love them. We spend time with them because we want them to know that they matter to us. We do things with them because we think they would enjoy it. This is why we play board games, read, indulge in various sports, enjoy romps in the park, and play with Lego