Saturday, 11 July 2020

GE2020: Winners and Losers

Single Member Constituency (14 SMCs)
PAP 54.80% vs SDP 45.20%

PAP 53.74% vs SDP 46.26%

PAP 60.98% vs PSP 39.02%

WP 61.19% vs PAP 38.81%

PAP 62.97% vs PSP 37.03%

PAP 71.74% vs PPP 28.26%

PAP 55.04% vs SDP 44.96%

PAP 73.84% vs PV 26.16%

PAP 61.98% vs PSP 35.24% vs IND 2.78%

PAP 60.69% vs SPP 39.31%

PAP 60.97% vs WP 39.03%

PAP 74.03% vs RP 25.97%

PAP 60.83% vs PSP 39.17%

PAP 70.54% vs SDP 29.46%

4-MP Group Member Constituency (6 GRCs)
PAP 67.26% vs SPP 32.74%

PAP 58.64% vs PSP 41.36%

PAP 66.36% vs SDP 33.64%

PAP 65.37% vs PV 34.63%

PAP 63.18% vs SDP 36.82%

WP 52.13% vs PAP 47.87%

5-MP Group Member Constituency (11 GRCs)
WP 59.93% vs PAP 40.07%

PAP 71.91% vs RP 28.09%

PAP 53.41% vs WP 46.59%

PAP 74.62% vs RDU 25.38%

PAP 57.76% vs WP 42.24%

PAP 61.90% vs PSP 38.10%

PAP 64.15% vs SDA 23.67% vs PV 12.18%

PAP 67.29% vs NSP 32.71%

PAP 66.41% vs NSP 33.59%

PAP 63.13% vs PSP 36.87%

PAP 51.69% vs PSP 48.31%

Total Electors: 2,653,94293 MPs: 14 SMCs &17 GRCs
Number of Seats Won: PAP 83 vs WP 10
Share of Valid Votes:
  • PAP 61.24%
  • WP 11.22%
  • PSP 10.18%
  • SDP 4.45%
  • NSP 3.76%
  • PV 2.37%
  • RP 2.19%
  • SPP 1.52%
  • SDA 1.49%
  • RDU 1.25%
  • PPP 0.30%
  • IND 0.03%

Closest Winner vs Loser percentage
West Coast GRC: PAP 51.69% vs PSP 48.31%
East Coast GRC: PAP 53.41% vs WP 46.59%
Bukit Panjang SMC: PAP 53.74% vs SDP 46.26%
Bukit Batok SMC: PAP 54.80% vs SDP 45.20%
Marymount SMC: PAP 55.04% vs SDP 44.96%
Marine Parade GRC: PAP 57.76% vs WP 42.24%
Chua Chu Kang GRC: PAP 58.64% vs PSP 41.36%

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Why one party dominates Singapore politics
Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of the ruling People's Action Party wearing a face mask, prepares to give a speech at a nomination center ahead of the general election in Singapore June 30, 2020. REUTERS/Edgar Su

Singaporeans are expected to return the People's Action Party to power in a July 10 general election, extending its unbroken rule since the Southeast Asian island's independence in 1965.

In that time, Singapore has had only three prime ministers: independence leader Lee Kuan Yew, his cabinet colleague Goh Chok Tong and Lee's son, the present prime minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Having overseen rapid economic growth and prosperity, the PAP has become entrenched in power. But there are other factors that have kept rivals at bay:
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This year, despite that pesky coronavirus roaming around the country, Singapore will have a General Election, with just 9 days until voters cast their ballots. While we’ve seen many new faces enter the political arena, many others have bid goodbye after years and even decades of service.

During the launch of the People’s Action Party’s manifesto on Saturday (27 Jun), PM Lee announced that 20 MPs will retire this year. 20 MPs from PAP, that is. If you take into account the three from the Worker’s Party (WP), that number goes up to 23.

  • Ang Hin Kee (two terms), Ang Mo Kio GRC
  • Chia Shi-Lu (two terms), Tanjong Pagar GRC
  • Charles Chong (seven terms), Punggol East SMC
  • Fatimah Lateef (three terms), Marine Parade GRC
  • Cedric Foo Chee Keng (four terms), Pioneer SMC
  • Goh Chok Tong (10 terms), Marine Parade GRC
  • Intan Azura Mokhtar (two terms), Ang Mo Kio GRC
  • Khaw Boon Wan (four terms), Sembawang GRC
  • Lee Bee Wah (three terms), Nee Soon GRC
  • Lee Yi Shyan (three terms), East Coast GRC
  • Lim Hng Kiang (six terms), West Coast GRC
  • Lim Swee Say (five terms), East Coast GRC
  • Lily Neo (five terms), Jalan Besar GRC
  • Ong Teng Koon (two terms), Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC
  • Sam Tan (three terms), Radin Mas SMC
  • Teo Ho Pin (five terms), Bukit Panjang SMC
  • Teo Ser Luck (three terms), Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC
  • Yaacob Ibrahim (five terms), Jalan Besar GRC
  • Yee Chia Hsing (one term), Choa Chu Kang GRC
  • Zainal Sapari (two terms), Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC
  • Chen Show Mao (Aljunied GRC) (One Term)
  • Low Thia Khiang (Hougang SMC, Aljunied GRC) (6 Terms)
  • Png Eng Huat (Hougang SMC) (One Term)

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Profiles of PAP's 27 new candidates

The People's Action Party (PAP) on Friday (June 26) introduced eight more new candidates to contest the election on July 10.

With this round of introductions, the PAP has in all unveiled 27 new faces for the upcoming polls. Previously it had said it would present 26 new candidates.

Here's a look at the candidates' profiles:
  • DESMOND TAN KOK MING, 50 (Former People's Association head)
  • EDWARD CHIA BING HUI, 36 (Co-founder/managing director Timbre Group)
  • NADIA AHMAD SAMDIN, 30 (Associate director at TSMP Law Corporation)
  • DON WEE BOON HONG, 43 (Senior vice-president at UOB)
  • MOHD FAHMI ALIMAN, 48 (Former Islamic Religious Council of S'pore DCE)
  • YIP HON WENG, 43 (Former group chief of Silver Generation Office)
  • HANY SOH HUI BIN, 33 (Director at MSC Law Corporation)
  • DR TAN SEE LENG, 55 (Former Parkway Holdings Group chief executive)
  • TAN KIAT HOW, 43 (Former IMDA chief executive)
  • NG LING LING, 48 (Former managing director of Community Chest)
  • MS YEO WAN LING, 44 (Chief executive of social enterprise Caregiver Asia)
  • MR ALVIN TAN SHENG HUI, 39 (Head Public Policy Economics @ LinkedIn)
  • DR WAN RIZAL WAN ZAKARIAH, 42 (Senior lecturer Republic Polytechnic)
  • MR ERIC CHUA SWEE LEONG, 41 (Former director SGSecure programme)
  • MR RAYMOND LYE HOONG YIP, 54 (Managing partner at Union Law LLP)
  • MS POH LI SAN, 44 (VP for Terminal 5 planning at Changi Airport Group)
  • MR DERRICK GOH SOON HEE, 51 (MD & head of group audit at DBS Bank)
  • MS GAN SIOW HUANG, 46 (Former air force brigadier-general)
  • MS RACHEL ONG SIN YEN, 47 (Rohei chief executive)
  • MR MOHD SHARAEL TAHA, 39 (VP strategy/project management S'pore Aero)
  • MR ALEX YEO SHENG CHYE, 41 (Director at Niru & Co LLC)
  • MS MARIAM JAAFAR, 43 (S'pore MD & partner for Boston Consulting Group)
  • MR SHAWN HUANG, 37 (Director enterprise development Temasek Holdings)
  • MS CHAN HUI YUH, 44 (Marketing director)
  • MS CARRIE TAN, 38 (Founding ED of charity Daughters of Tomorrow)
  • MR XIE YAO QUAN, 35 (Head of healthcare redesign at Alexandra Hospital)

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Netizens said that elderly Woman distributing Flyers look familiar

A man took a video of an elderly woman distributing flyers at a public area, due to wearing of personal protective gear many are not able to identify who she is.

8-days Campaign (1-8 Jul 2020) After Nominations closed on 30 Jun 2020
A young voter
White Vs Blue, who squatted to talk to elderly cardboard collector in wheelchair

PM in-waiting Mr Heng Swee Keat after nomination
Alamak Thunder Upside Down Already
A campaign rally. Will support turn to votes?
Who is this distributing flyers?
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