Could sleeping apart from your partner

Lead to more sex?
A nationwide study of British couples revealed that those who sleep apart have more sex. [Photo: Getty]

A new survey has found that a third of British couples who sleep separately reported having a better sex life now that they sleep in separate beds.

Before you grab the saw and hack your double bed into two singles, it’s worth noting that a whopping 74 per cent of separate sleepers do so because their partner snores.

But, even if they don’t snore? Who cares. Bensons For Beds Sleep Expert, Stephanie Romiszewski, says “don’t be ashamed” to sleep in a separate room if needed.

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To be more interesting, get good at being bored

Models are seen during rehearsal before the threeASFOUR Spring/Summer 2014 collection show at the New York Fashion Week

Much of life is mundane. If you’re lucky, you have just enough excitement to keep you on your toes and not so much it stresses you out and wears you down. However thrilling your existence, though, you have to learn to deal with some boredom, and the better you get at it, the more interesting you will be.

Boredom has long been highly underrated, but it’s having a moment in science, fashion, and literature now. In a culture accustomed to constant entertainment, we tend not to appreciate that learning how to be bored is an important adaptive function and can be good for us.

Still, scientists say the lulls between fun times are necessary and generative, making us more creative and productive. Boredom is restorative.

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Spectacular Bridges Across the Globe

Bridges have long held a certain mystique. In literature, they often symbolize an obstacle that must be overcome or a transition from one state to another.

Perhaps that’s why many people are so fascinated with them. Or maybe it’s just that these architectural marvels are often so striking, we can’t help but stand in awe.

From across the globe, these 15 bridges are among the most iconic, historic, unique and physics-defying in the world.

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Around the house uses of Baking Soda

Unless baking is your trade, nobody bakes all the time. And even if you do, baking soda is not just for the purpose of baking alone. It may be beneficial to you in so many ways around the house that you never thought possible. So don’t leave it just hanging around in your shelf until you need to bake. Fish it out and let me show you how to use it to improve your life at home:
  • Hair treatment
  • Refrigerator deodorizer
  • Teeth Whitener
  • Body deodorizer
  • Food stains remover
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaner
  • Clean stuffed toys
  • Rid your shoes of smells
  • Clean crayon and other wall stains
  • Carpet freshener
  • Facial scrub
  • Grill cleaner
  • Cloth stains remover
  • Rids diaper rash
  • Clean burnt food stains
  • Mug stain remover
  • Anti-grease solution

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Mom Refuses To Let Daughter Eat Sugar

Years After, That’s What She Looks Like

Shannon Cooper made a conscious decision to raise her child in a way that other parents might find strange. The truth is that babies don’t come with guidebooks, so a lot is left to parental discretion.

This let Shannon make the drastic choice to never feed her newborn girl, Grace, a single ounce of sugar or carbs. Now that’s a diet!

Of course the Media went ablaze in their reaction to this decision, including medical experts weighing in. Some thought it was a great idea, and others were more critical. However, since Shannon is a great mom with a keen eye for healthy living, her observations of Grace were a great retort to all the critics. Keep reading to find out just what we saw in Grace as she grew up.

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4 Conditions That Could Explain Your Sudden Weight Gain

A sudden and unexplained weight gain can be confusing, especially when your daily dietary pattern and exercises routine have been consistently healthy. And before you look for a solution, you need to identify the source of the problem. Here are four possible conditions your weight gain may be a symptom of:

  • Thyroid disorder - If your thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones, you might have Hashimoto's disease or hypothyroidism. Among the many associated symptoms, unexplained weight gain and low levels of energy are the most common ones.
  • Insomnia - It is recommended that healthy adults get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Most of us know that staying up too late can increase hunger and appetite, eventually leading to those midnight snack cravings. But it may have to do with a lot more than that, according to researchers from Sweden.
  • Depression - In many cases, depression might be accompanied by changes in body weight — sometimes, they lose it and sometimes, they gain it.
  • Cushing's disease - "Cushing’s typically presents with significantly low energy and complications like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol," said Dr. Reshmi Srinath, assistant professor of diabetes, endocrinology, and bone disease at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

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What really is in the chicken nuggets

That you like so much

When it comes to ultra-processed food, chicken nuggets are the top choice for Singaporeans, according to a survey commissioned by programme Talking Point.

And almost two in three of those surveyed said they started eating ultra-processed food before the age of 13.

But what does eating chicken nuggets consistently from a young age do to children?

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Remembering Lee Kuan Yew 2020

Update 18 May 2022: Lee Kuan Yew In His Own Words

Singapore's founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew was a man equally at home whipping up a crowd at a rally or commanding attention on the international stage. Known for his acumen, foresight and wit, he held his own with the brightest minds and most powerful leaders and laid the foundation for the country's success.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth on Sep 16, CNA looks back at 10 of his more memorable quotes that were synonymous with the country's milestones and development:
  • On separating from Malaysia - For me, it is a moment of anguish because all my life ... You see, the whole of my adult life ... I have believed in Malaysian merger and the unity of these two territories.
  • On taking a long-term view for Singapore - I am calculating not in terms of the next election ... I am calculating in terms of the next generation; in terms of the next 100 years; in terms of eternity.
  • On how Singaporeans are not a people who can be bullied - You know, some people think: Oh well you know, we are a small place - they can put the screws on us. It is not so easy. We are a small place in size yes, geography.
  • On how governing Singapore is not simply a game - Whoever governs Singapore must have that iron in him or give it up. This is not a game of cards. This is your life and mine.
  • On micromanaging people's private lives - I am accused often of interfering in private lives of citizens. And I say without the slightest remorse that we wouldn't be here, we would not have made the economic progress if we had not intervened on very personal matters
  • On what it takes to be a good minister - Remember this: Good ministers are not just those who kiss babies and smile and have dialogue sessions; you can have endless sessions, it's very good, you keep on listening and so on.
  • On how political leaders are judged - Political leaders are judged, first, by how effectively they have exercised their authority in the interests of their people.
  • On being an ardent advocate for Singapore's success - Even from my sickbed, even if you are going to lower me into the grave and I feel that something is going wrong, I will get up.
  • On saving and investing for a rainy day - They say we got enormous reserves. Yes, we do. But, you know, a few years of a recession, an economic setback, and all that will suddenly be depleted.
  • On what he cherished most - I cannot say I planned my life. That's why I feel life is a great adventure - exciting, unpredictable, and at times exhilarating and sometimes excruciating.

Lee Kuan Yew Doppelganger Spotted At Coffee Shop On 18 May
Resemblance Leaves Internet Shook

The term doppelganger is used to describe someone who is a spitting image of another, although they are entirely biologically unrelated. While it’s incredibly rare to meet one in person, it’s not entirely impossible, as seen in this video posted on 18 May.

In the clip, a man resembling the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew chows down on a meal at a coffee shop. Perhaps it’s the camera’s angle, but the uncanny resemblance left the Internet shook. The video, which a Facebook user shared in the Singapore Incidents group, left commenters reeling from laughter, and they spared no expense when cracking jokes.

One joked that the man was the late Mr Lee’s body double. He had probably lost his job since the Minister Mentor (MM)’s passing. With the latest release of the CDC vouchers, another person suggested that he might be taking the opportunity to use them to pay for his lunch. Considering how eerie it must be to see the likes of someone who has passed, a Facebook user said the OP should count his lucky stars that the encounter happened in broad daylight.

Iving Iving May 18

Look like LKY having his meal !!!

LHL welcome PM of Singapore

PM Lee’s siblings seek disciplinary hearing on conduct of Lee Kuan Yew’s lawyer
Ms Kwa Kim Li (pictured), a managing partner at law firm Lee and Lee, prepared the wills for the late Lee Kuan Yew

The siblings of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong are seeking the convening of a disciplinary tribunal to investigate the conduct of their cousin, Ms Kwa Kim Li, who prepared six wills for their late father Lee Kuan Yew. Ms Kwa, a managing partner at law firm Lee and Lee, prepared the wills for Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding prime minister, between Aug 20, 2011 and Nov 2, 2012.

Court documents obtained by TODAY showed that Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang, who are executors and trustees of Lee Kuan Yew’s estate, filed the High Court application against the Law Society (LawSoc) on Sept 21 last year. The Lee siblings’ application states that an inquiry committee investigated Ms Kwa following three complaints made in 2019.

The application seeks an order from the High Court directing the LawSoc to apply to Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon “for the appointment of a disciplinary tribunal for a formal investigation into the conduct of Ms Kwa Kim Li” over three of the 2019 complaints.

Lee saga: Wei Ling, Hsien Yang request Disciplinary Tribunal against Kwa Kim Li over Lee Kuan Yew will
Wei Ling and Hsien Yang’s are the younger siblings of Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Kwa is a maternal cousin of the Lees

Dr Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang, trustees and executors of the late Lee Kuan Yew’s estate, have applied for an order against the Law Society to convene a Disciplinary Tribunal in relation to their father’s former lawyer Kwa Kim Li. According to court documents obtained by Yahoo News Singapore, the two Lee siblings filed the application on 21 September last year and a pre-trial conference was scheduled for 6 October. Another in-chambers hearing took place on Monday (1 February) over the case.

The duo applied for the order under section 96(1) of the Legal Profession Act, and had sought for the Law Society to be directed to apply to the Chief Justice for the appointment of a Disciplinary Tribunal for a formal investigation into Kwa’s conduct. This involves three complaints relating to Kwa that were made by the siblings, and which were investigated by an Inquiry Committee in 2019.

Kwa is managing partner of Lee and Lee, which was founded in 1955 by the late Lee. Between 20 August 2011 and 2 November 2012, she had prepared six of the late Lee’s wills. Dr Lee had previously accused Kwa of “lying” about the latter’s supposed non-involvement in the events that led to her father’s 2013 will.

Lee Wei Ling accuses lawyer Kwa Kim Li of lying about non-involvement in father's 2013 will
An image shared by Lee Wei Ling of a supposed e-mail sent by Lee & Lee lawyer Kwa Kim Li to the late Lee Kuan Yew on 12 December 2013. (PHOTO: Facebook / Lee Wei Ling)

Lee Wei Ling, the daughter of late prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, has accused lawyer Kwa Kim Li of “lying” about the latter’s supposed non-involvement in the events that led to her father’s 2013 will.

“Kwa Kim Li (KKL) of Lee & Lee has denied involvement in the events that led to this 2013 will … KKL has been lying. She has also breached her duties to her client, my father,” said the 64-year-old in a Facebook post on Tuesday (30 April).

“Lee & Lee have always been lawyers for my father’s personal matters including all his wills, powers of attorney, and Advance Medical Directives including his affirmation in August 2014 of his AMD,” she added. As evidence of Kwa’s alleged involvement, she also attached a photo of an e-mail supposedly sent by Kwa to the late Lee on 12 December 2013. In it, Kwa appears to tell Lee – whom she addresses as “Uncle Harry” – that she will be preparing a codicil to reflect their discussed amendments to his will and would need his signature on it.

Lawyer Lee Suet Fern suspended for 15 months, found guilty of misconduct in handling of Lee Kuan Yew's will
A disciplinary tribunal had found Mrs Lee Suet Fern guilty of grossly improper professional conduct in February this year.PHOTO: MORGAN, LEWIS & BOCKIUS LLP/YOUTUBE

Senior lawyer Lee Suet Fern has been suspended for 15 months by the Court of Three Judges over her handling of the last will of her late father-in-law Lee Kuan Yew.

In a written judgment released on Friday (Nov 20), the highest disciplinary body for the legal profession found Mrs Lee guilty of misconduct unbefitting an advocate and solicitor, saying that she had “blindly followed the directions of her husband, a significant beneficiary under the very will whose execution she helped to rush through”.

The case centred on the role Mrs Lee played in the preparation and execution of the senior Mr Lee’s last will, which was signed on Dec 17, 2013.

Lawyer Lee Suet Fern suspended for 15 months for misconduct over handling of Lee Kuan Yew's last will
Screengrab of Lee Suet Fern in an interview for Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP. (Video: Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP)

Lawyer Lee Suet Fern has been suspended from practice for 15 months after she was found guilty of misconduct over the handling of the last will of Singapore's founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew.

Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon wrote in the judgment on Friday (Nov 20) that Mrs Lee was guilty of misconduct "unbefitting an advocate and solicitor" despite the absence of an implied retainer.

He also said her culpability was "at least moderately high", while the harm caused by the misconduct was "at the lower end of the moderate range".

What I know about Singapore’s Lee Suet Fern
Lee Suet Fern (far left) and other family members of the late Lee Kuan Yew arrive with his portrait at the start of the state funeral at the University Cultural Centre in Singapore on March 29, 2015. Photo: AP

I have been very disturbed to read in the Post of the Singapore Law Society’s failed attempt to disbar Lee Suet Fern. She is the daughter-in-law of the late Lee Kuan Yew, the former Singapore prime minister who died in 2015, and married to his younger son. He and another sibling have fallen out very publicly with their brother, current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, over the last will of Lee Kuan Yew made in 2013, probate for which was granted in 2015.

Lee Suet Fern is alleged to have assisted with arrangements for the execution and witnessing of Lee Kuan Yew’s last will, having “blindly followed the directions of her husband”, and not to have advised the elder Lee to take independent legal advice.

Lee Kuan Yew was himself a lawyer, and the idea that he would have signed anything against his wishes is fantasy. A Court of Three Judges concluded last week that Lee Suet Fern should not be struck off but should be suspended from practice for 15 months for misconduct.

Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang take to Facebook to denounce Lee Hsien Loong again

Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang both took to social media once again to publicly denounce their older brother, Lee Hsien Loong.

In a Facebook post, Dr Lee Wei Ling shared a photo of herself and Lee Hsien Yang when they were children. She wrote: “On 14 Jun 2017 Yang and I made public our concerns in a Facebook post entitled “What has happened to Lee Kuan Yew’s Values?”

Dr Lee continued: “We stated that “We do not trust Hsien Loong as a brother or as a leader. We have lost confidence in him.” “Events since then have only served to reinforce our view”, she wrote.

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Dr Lee Wei Ling 23 hrs

On 14 Jun 2017 Yang and I made public our concerns in a Facebook post entitled “What has happened to Lee Kuan Yew’s Values?” We stated that “We do not trust Hsien Loong as a brother or as a leader. We have lost confidence in him.”

Events since then have only served to reinforce our view.

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Explainer: Why are Singapore's first family feuding?
FILE PHOTO: Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is seen during a live-broadcast national address, in Singapore, June 23, 2020. Ministry Of Communications And Information/Prime Minister's Office

A public rift between the heirs of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s modern day founder, has shot to the fore with the prospect of his two sons squaring off at a July 10 general election.

Lee Hsien Yang on Wednesday formally joined a new opposition party competing against his brother Lee Hsien Loong’s People’s Action Party, which has ruled the city-state since its independence since 1965.

The move comes amid a long-standing and bitter dispute between the siblings centred around what to do with their late father’s house - demolish it, or let the government decide whether to make it a heritage landmark.

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The younger Lee siblings rehash family feud three years later
In a new post on June 14, Dr Lee made reference to a document published three years ago on June 14, 2017, undersigned by both herself and younger brother Lee Hsien Yang

The two younger Lee siblings Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang took to social media to rehash a family feud spanning more than five years.

She made reference to a document published three years ago on June 14, 2017, undersigned by both herself and younger brother Lee Hsien Yang.

“A public statement by Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang: We have no confidence in PM Lee Hsien Loong and are worried about Singapore’s future”, they titled the document.

Allegation of abuse of Power

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Singapore Mint suspends orders for medallions marking 5th anniversary of Lee Kuan Yew's death
The Pride of Singapore range featuring Mr Lee Kuan Yew comprised four commemorative gold, silver and base-metal medallions, as well as made-to-order copper busts. PHOTO: THE SINGAPORE MINT

Orders for medallions engraved with the face of founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, as well as busts in his likeness, were stopped hours after their launch on Monday (March 2) amid online criticism.

As of 7pm, the medallions and busts were no longer available for order on The Singapore Mint’s website, which has a notice saying orders were “temporarily suspended”. The Straits Times has contacted The Singapore Mint for information.

On Monday, at about 12.45pm, The Singapore Mint said in a statement it had launched the medallions and busts to mark the fifth anniversary off Mr Lee’s death on March 23, 2015.

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Lim Tean 1 hr

Outraged Netizens Halt Sale of LKY Coins Just Hours After Launch.

The Straits Times today have reported that sales of LKY coins and copper busts were stopped just hours after launch due to online criticism from netizens.

From the ST article 'Many netizens criticised the latest launch, saying the medallions and busts in Mr Lee’s likeness went against his wishes, as he had said he did not want to be memorialised.

Facebook user Dereth Tan wrote: “Didn’t the late Mr Lee explicitly (express) his wish to not be idolised in such a way? Why is this simple request being disrespected?”

Some thought the use of his image was political in what could be an election year, while others said it was in poor taste to profit from his image through the sale of medallions and busts.'

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The Singapore Mint

Singapore Salute Series II – Pride of Singapore, Remembering Lee Kuan Yew.

Note: We have temporarily suspended this program until further notice.

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S’pore Mint Suspends LKY Medallion Orders After Criticism, Shows His Image Shouldn’t Be Anyhow Used

Five years after former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew passed away on 23 March, 2015, a probably well-intentioned move to remember him has had to be suspended after a backlash, reported The Straits Times.

The launch of the “Pride of Singapore, Remebering Lee Kuan Yew” range by Singapore Mint drew an outpouring of criticism from the public, and orders were suspended mere hours later.

Here are some reasons for the uproar:
  • The use of LKY’s name is always going to be contentious
  • LKY didn’t want a personality cult, but he might have one anyway
  • Singaporeans reject brand opportunism, need to forge their own path

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Sale of late Lee Kuan Yew’s medallions & busts suspended by The Singapore Mint

The halting of the sale, indicated as “temporarily suspended” on The Singapore Mint website, is possibly because the items contravened the government’s published guidelines on the use of Lee’s name and likeness.

Asked to comment on the matter by Today, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth referred it to guidelines on the ministry’s website. The rules state that the name and likeness of Lee may be used for “purposes of identifying with the nation”. The medium includes works of art or publications or items for charitable purposes, in accordance with law, but should not be used for commercial exploitation or any kind of official endorsement of products or services.

The MCCY guidelines issued in March 2016 read: “Commercial exploitation would ordinarily refer to the use of Mr Lee’s name or image in mass merchandise for sale. Examples include medals or coins; clothing; household linen or similar articles; furnishing material; paper or any other material that may be used for wrapping or packaging purposes; and adhesive tape.” An earlier news article by The Straits Times a day before reported that it is unclear if The Singapore Mint’s use of Lee’s name and image had flouted the guidelines.

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TODAY 13 hrs

The items contravene the Government's published guidelines on the use of the founding prime minister's name and likeness.

Among other things, the guidelines state that they should not be used for commercial exploitation, which would "ordinarily refer to the use of Mr Lee’s name or image in mass merchandise for sale". Examples include medals or coins.

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Me Lee did not need and did not want any monument

Many netizens criticised the latest launch, saying the medallions and busts in Mr Lee’s likeness went against his wishes, as he had said he did not want to be memorialised.

Facebook user Dereth Tan wrote: “Didn’t the late Mr Lee explicitly (express) his wish to not be idolised in such a way? Why is this simple request being disrespected?”

Some thought the use of his image was political in what could be an election year, while others said it was in poor taste to profit from his image through the sale of medallions and busts. Yet others believed the timing of the launch was unfortunate, owing to the dispute between Mr Lee’s children over the Lee family home at 38 Oxley Road.

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Lee Kuan Yew’s face engraved on medallions for public purchase to mark 5th anniversary of his death
The face of Lee Kuan Yew, the first prime minister of Singapore, will be engraved on medallions to be launched to mark the fifth anniversary of his death

The Singapore Mint said on Monday, March 2, 2020 that the Pride of Singapore medallion range comprises four commemorative gold, silver, and base-metal medallions, as well as made-to-order copper busts. As of 7pm on Monday (Mar. 2), however, the medallions were no longer available for order on the Singapore Mint’s website. There is a notice on the site that stated that Singapore Mint has “temporarily suspended” this program until further notice.

The minting of this new range of medallions might come as a surprise to Singaporeans though. Lee had previously expressed strongly as early as 2003 that he was not interested in “hagiography”, and he was opposed to anything too reverential.

The medallions are also being released during what many assume would be a general election year in Singapore.

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Singapore Mint 'temporarily suspends' launch of Lee Kuan Yew medallion range
The Pride of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew range of coins by Singapore Mint. (Screenshot: Singapore Mint website)

The Singapore Mint has temporarily suspended the launch of a series of commemorative medallions dedicated to the late Lee Kuan Yew, less than a day after launching the collection.

The web page showcasing the medallions and made-to-order copper busts, priced between $10 and $1,888, now bears a notice saying “We have temporarily suspended this program until further notice”.

Yahoo News Singapore has reached out to the Singapore Mint with queries on why the launch was suspended.

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Lee Kuan Yew: This is who I am
Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in 2005.PHOTO: ST FILE

When The Sunday Times asked Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew for an interview as part of a special section in honour of his 80th birthday, he expressed misgivings.

He was not interested in 'hagiography', he said - he was opposed to anything too reverential.

Political Editor ZURAIDAH IBRAHIM and Senior Correspondent LYDIA LIM took him at his word and asked him questions that were more likely to provoke than flatter.

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Lee Hsien Yang shares photo of late Lee Kuan Yew’s favourite carpet on his father’s fifth death anniversary

On Monday (23 March) morning, Mr Lee Hsien Yang (LHY), younger son of Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew (LKY), took to his Facebook to share an image of his father’s favourite carpet. This picture was posted on Mr LKY’s fifth year of passing.

The founding prime minister passed away five years ago on 23 March 2015, at the age of 91.

“Photograph of Lee Kuan Yew’s study, taken by Shengwu on the day of his grandfather’s funeral,” wrote Mr LHY in his post. He added, “The carpet hung over my father’s desk for decades and was of sentimental value to him.”

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Remembering Lee Kuan Yew 2016
When Lee Kuan Yew passed, he was apparently no longer just a great man; in the eyes of many, he had become a perfect man too

I have no doubt that Singaporeans and many people around the world felt genuine, emotional stirrings at the death of this giant, but that it was so short-lived makes one wonder. I suppose we can't expect people to be writing eulogies to him every day. We all know that life goes on. However, I believe that if you asked the people who had either strongly negative or neutral feelings, or those who could rationalise how they felt about his life and passing, the conviction of their sentiments would be the same now as they have been for years and will be for years to come.

So what of the seven-day mourners? Was it a knee-jerk reaction? Was it that people didn't expect to feel as much as they did when he left us? Or was it just that many had never thought about it before and never weighed the importance of this man in our history and future until he was gone? How much of it stemmed from pure ignorance?

One of the main things that struck me was the disgust with which people who had anything other than a kind word to say about him were treated. They were called ungrateful and disrespectful. They weren't allowed their own opinions — God forbid any judgements — or their own parting words to a man they had a different relationship with. When Lee Kuan Yew passed, he was apparently no longer just a great man; in the eyes of many, he had become a perfect man too.

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The Lee Kuan Yew And Kwa Geok Choo Love Story
Lee Kuan Yew & Kwa Geok Choo Were Partners For Life - Most refer to her as Mrs. Lee Kuan Yew, but Madam Kwa Geok Choo is more than just the woman behind Mr. Lee Kuan Yew – she was a woman who silently gave her all to the nation and her family.

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew had been engaged in politics over the years, with numerous political opponents who alleged that he is ruthless. However, his love for his wife is a very touching story – a strong testament of their love and devotion.

It was no love at first sight - When studying at Raffles College in Singapore, Mr. Lee crossed paths with Mdm. Kwa, the only female student in the prestigious school. They started out as competitors – Mdm. Kwa’s Economic Science and English results topped the cohort, with Mr. Lee’s coming in second. From an exchange of blows, a friendship grew; no discord, no concord. From competitors, they gradually became lovers.

Mustsharenews.com 26 June

In lieu of Pink Dot today, we listen to what the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew had to say about being gay and his changed perception of it.

Watch how he answered some rather personal questions.

Follow us on Telegram here: https://t.me/mustsharenews.

"Singapore really was a venture then. Together with the pioneer leaders, he didn’t just raise funds, he mobilised a whole people. We were a people who had little else besides our spirit, but our pioneers energised us, gave us the faith, strength and vision to draw together as one and move forward in the same direction. In doing so, we showed the world that we are a people who can get things done, and we built something special and enduring – our Singapore.

I don't think Mr Lee would want us to grieve over his passing. I think he would expect us to keep that spirit alive, and carry on with the work of building this nation. He would hope that all of us continue to stay united and think long term; be courageous and bold to find new ways and to try and try again until we succeed; and to leave no one behind, and always do our best for one another and for Singapore."

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew
Photograph by Tara Sosrowardoyo, National Museum of Singapore Collection

Mr Lee Kuan Yew died on March 23, 2015 at the age of 91. In his long years as Singapore’s first Prime Minister, he spearheaded policies that not only changed the country but also shaped the Public Service to be what it is today. As a tribute to the man and his ideas, the Challenge team has produced a special edition to commemorate his impact on the Public Service.

“As a young civil servant, Mr Lee’s leadership left a deep impression on me and I had the great privilege of watching, from close up, the way he handled many important issues, such as relations with major countries, in both good and bad times. For Mr Lee, if something was worth doing for Singapore and Singaporeans, it was worth doing it very well. We saw this, for example, in his dedication to the cause of the trade unions, so that workers can have a share in the fruits of the nation’s progress; his promotion of home ownership so that every Singaporean has a stake in the country; his personal attention to the greening of Singapore which he saw as a means of gifting to every Singaporean, no matter his station in life, a very conducive urban environment. The list is endless. As we mourn the passing of a great leader, an astute statesman and an exceptional Singaporean, let us seek to emulate his passion and dedication in serving Singapore and Singaporeans. Let that be Mr Lee’s legacy to the public service.”

“Mr Lee embedded in us the psyche of survival and security when it comes to water, and it has been our guiding principle in PUB ever since. I recall the most critical afternoon meeting with him (in 2002) when my officer and I had to persuade him that our water master plan with NEWater is the answer to our water challenge. In the midst of the discussion, he fell strangely silent for some time, deep in thought. Suddenly he turned to me and pointedly asked me, as if cross-examining me in a court of law, whether we could deliver on our plan to wean Singapore out of water dependency on imported water. After spending so many afternoons with him, listening to his intense concern for water, how else could I respond except to give him a resounding “Yes”. A man of his vision and passion demanded and deserved nothing less. I remembered so well his reaction. He fell back into his chair, became silent again for a long while, and then to my amazement, he gave a smile the likes of which I have never seen before from him. With that, he rose and left the meeting. I knew he had decided we could make it. I was left in awe at the very calculated way he weighs the risks and takes a firm decision with no turning back.”

A glimpse into the private life of Lee Kuan Yew
Lee Kuan Yew (back row, centre) outside his Norfolk Road home in 1936 with siblings (front, from left) Suan Yew, three; Monica, seven; Freddy, nine; and Dennis, 11; and parents Chua Jim Neo, 29; and Lee Chin Koon, 33
The night before Mr Lee (standing, centre) left for England, his family had a steak dinner at Pavilion Steakhouse in Orchard Road before walking to nearby Lloyd Studio for this family portrait, taken in 1946. (Clockwise from top left) Siblings Monica, Dennis, Freddy and Suan Yew, and parents Chua Jim Neo and Lee Chin Koon. Source: Lee Kuan Yew
Mr Lee asked his cousin Harold Liem to take photos of him and Ms Kwa together on Sept 5, 1946, in anticipation of the three years the couple would be apart while he studied law in England and she remained in Singapore
The couple, seen here in academic robes, graduated from Cambridge University on June 21, 1949, and was called to the Bar a year later
Mr Lee on a marine patrol boat named Tekong with (from left) Hsien Loong, Wei Ling, Hsien Yang and Mrs Lee on a Sunday outing in 1965. Source: Lee Kuan Yew

Growing up in colonial Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew was like any typical child – footloose and fancy-free. The boy who would grow up to become prime minister would catch fighting fish from drains, fly kites and take leisurely swims in the sea. Born on Sept 16, 1923, to a wealthy Straits Chinese family, he was the eldest of five children of Shell Oil Company depot manager Lee Chin Koon and Mrs Chua Jim Neo. In 1935, he topped his school in an islandwide examination and clinched a place at the prestigious Raffles Institution. He was active in scouting, playing cricket and tennis, and debating.

Four years later, he came in first in Singapore and Malaya in the Senior Cambridge examinations, winning a scholarship to read English, economics and mathematics at Raffles College. His education was interrupted by World War II. A resourceful survivor, he found work as a clerk and an English-language editor for the Japanese propaganda department. He traded food on the black market, started a stationery gum business with Mr Yong Nyuk Lin in 1944, where he met Mr Yong’s sister-in-law, Ms Kwa Geok Choo, a former Raffles College classmate whom he started dating.

After the war, Mr Lee sailed for England in 1946 on his 23rd birthday. He enrolled in the London School of Economics to read law but transferred to the more idyllic Cambridge University the next year. Ms Kwa won the Queen’s Scholarship and joined Mr Lee at Cambridge in 1947 to read law. Eager to start their life together, Mr Lee and Ms Kwa married secretly on Dec 23, 1947, at Stratford-upon-Avon. Both Mr Lee and his wife graduated from Cambridge on June 21, 1949, with first class honours, with Mr Lee winning the only star for distinction on the final Law Tripos II honours list. A year later, they were called to the Bar at Middle Temple and returned to Singapore on Aug 1, 1950.

They held their official wedding at the Registry of Marriages on Sept 30, 1950, and began married life at the Lee family’s two-storey bungalow at 38 Oxley Road. Both found jobs as pupils at Laycock & Ong in Malacca Street. Five years later, they founded their own law firm, Lee & Lee, with Mr Lee’s brother Dennis.

Mr and Mrs Lee have three children, Hsien Loong, Wei Ling and Hsien Yang, and seven grandchildren. Mrs Lee died on Oct 2, 2010, at the age of 89, and Mr Lee on March 23, 2015, at the age of 91.

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