Friday, 30 November 2018

Why WOMEN are important???

1. You got the name (Adam)👨 from (Madam)👩

2. You got the word (Man)👨 from (Woman)👩

3. You also got the word (Male)👨 from (Female)👩

4. And you got (He)👨 from (She)👩

5. You definitely got (Mr)👨 from (Mrs)👩

6. And finally in prayers, we say (A-men) from (Wo-men)

Dedicated to All Wonderful Women

Thursday, 29 November 2018

2-yr-old boy survived an 11-storey fall possibly saved by his diapers

2-year-old boy who fell from 11th-floor Sengkang flat was possibly saved by his diapers
A 2-yr-old boy who survived after falling 11 storeys from a flat in Sengkang on Sunday (Nov 25) was possibly saved by his diapers

The incident occurred at Block 182A Rivervale Crescent, at around 10am, & left the child with severe injuries. He was reported to be in stable condition on Sunday night.

Stomp understands that the boy may have fallen off a stool located near the washing area of his family's flat that he usually climbs onto to brush his teeth.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the boy's diapers had gotten hooked on a fourth-floor unit's clothes rack, cushioning his fall.

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2-yr-old boy survives fall from 11th-floor Sengkang flat - possibly saved by his diapers
The boy was found by residents lying on a grass patch at the foot of Block 182A Rivervale Crescent at around 10am on Nov 25, 2018. ST PHOTO: JEREMY KWAN

A 2-yr-old boy, who survived an 11-storey fall from a Sengkang Housing Board block on Sunday (Nov 25) morning, was possibly saved by his diapers.

The diapers reportedly caught on the clothes rack of a 4th-floor unit, breaking his fall.

The boy, who was found by residents lying on a grass patch at the foot of Block 182A Rivervale Crescent at around 10am, was rushed to KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) where he was reported to be in stable condition on Sunday night.

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Top Ten Modern Day Miracles Around the World

“There can be miracles, when you believe”,  this is just a line from Whitney Houston’s Song, “When You Believe”. In today’s modern era, where faith is not very popular anymore, it is becoming more difficult to believe in miracles. What we see on social media are usually stories of scandals and negativeness. We can never blame if our society does not believe in what is possible anymore. Not to sound religious, but it is true: all things are possible with God.

No matter what your faith or religion is, it is through faith that can actually save you. We have gathered stories around the world, most are a matter of life and death, some are plain miraculous and others actually are stories that would increase your faith, not just in God but also in other people.

Are you ready to believe in miracles again? Here are top ten stories of miracles around the world:

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Government agency defrauded of $40 million

The biggest case of defrauding a government agency

There are numerous schemes under the SkillsFuture umbrella. They are meant to help Singaporean workers upgrade themselves, so that they can stay relevant, remain employed, and earn higher incomes. However, some people decided to abuse those schemes.

Recently, five members of a criminal syndicate were charged with defrauding the government. They allegedly made close to S$40 million in fraudulent claims from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). They allegedly submitted forged documents to fraudulently obtain training subsidies from SSG. The claims were submitted as applications by companies for reimbursement for training of employees – a scheme that has been around since the 1970s.

As expected, the government got criticised for the incident. How can government be so stupid? How can it lose so much money?

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How Did 5 People Scam SkillsFuture Singapore Of $40 Million?
Was SkillsFuture Scam A Case Of Criminal Masterminds Or A Flaw In The System?

During the PAP’s Convention on 19 November, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke about the strategies that the Government had come up with to help employees upgrade themselves as the economy grows.

One of the strategies was SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), a way for Singaporeans to learn skills needed for jobs in the future. However, little did he know that the institution would fall victim to a criminal syndicate in what’s considered to be one of the biggest cases of defrauding in Singapore to date.

We’re talking nearly $40 million worth of stolen money. What group of criminals would be so daring as to take on a Government programme? And how did they even manage to pull off such a heist? Let’s find out.

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40 million SkillsFuture scam shows the “deplorable state” of civil service and leadership: ex-Presidential candidate

3 men and 2 women, believed to be members of a criminal syndicate, were charged in court this week after they scammed government training grants scheme, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), of a whopping $40 million through fraudulent claims.

According to a press statement released on Tuesday, SkillsFuture revealed that the group had submitted forged documents to fraudulently obtain subsidies and that the suspects reportedly belong to “an organised network that utilised nine business entities, comprising employer companies and training providers, to submit the fraudulent claims. Close to $40 million has been paid out as a result. Police has seized substantial cash and frozen a number of bank accounts involved in the case.”

Former presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian has weighed in on the scam and has asserted that the case “shows clearly the deplorable state of our civil service and the political leadership.”

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First person jailed over $40m SkillsFuture scam; helped sister hide $6.7m at home

A jobless man who helped his sister & brother-in-law launder and hide part of the proceeds of their $40 million SkillsFuture scam - the largest case of a government agency being defrauded - was sentenced to 5 yrs and 8 mths' jail on Tuesday (Nov 27).

Lee Chi Wai, 32, had helped squirrel away $6.7 million in cash and 11kg of gold valued at $626,500 at his Sengkang flat.

He also used $282,500 to buy 5kg of gold and asked his sister for a $30,000 loan to buy a car for himself.

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Man jailed 5 years and 8 months for role in $40M SkillsFuture scam

A man was on Tue (27 November) jailed for 5 yrs and 8 mths for his role in defrauding a public institution of $39.9 million.

Lee Chi Wai, 32, who acted as a money mule, pleaded guilty to two charges of acquiring criminal proceeds and one of concealing such proceeds.

A safe in the unemployed man’s flat contained nearly $7 million in ill-gotten cash & 11kg of gold in November last year, the court heard.

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SkillsFuture fraud: First syndicate member who stashed S$6.6 million in cash, 11kg of gold at home sentenced

The 1st of 5 individuals in a syndicate behind what is believed to be the largest defraudment of a public institution was sentenced to five years and eight months’ jail on Tue (Nov 27).

Lee Chi Wai, 32, pleaded guilty last week to three charges under the Corruption, Drug Trafficking & Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act. They include concealing more than S$6.6 million in cash and 11kg of gold, which form part of the S$40 million allegedly disbursed as a result of bogus SkillsFuture claims.

2 other similar offences were taken into consideration for sentencing by District Judge Luke Tan.

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First member of 5-person syndicate jailed over S$40m SkillsFuture claims scam

An unemployed man who was part of a five-person syndicate that defrauded statutory board SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) of almost S$40 million was sentenced to five years and eight months in jail on Tuesday (Nov 27).

Lee Chi Wai - the 1st person to be sentenced for the scam - was part of a criminal syndicate that had conspired to obtain training subsidies from SSG using forged documents.

The court found that Lee, 32, had helped hide criminal proceeds of S$6.7 million in cash & 11kg of gold in his home, laundering some of the cash.

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Inter-agency task force to review SkillsFuture fraud after S$40m claims scam

An inter-agency task force has been set up to conduct a “thorough review” of SkillsFuture claims, after a series of offences that involved S$40 million worth of fraudulent claims being paid out by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Speaking in Parliament on Mon (Jan 8), Minister for Education (Higher Education & Skills) Ong Ye Kung said that the task force, which is overseen by SSG’s board, will also evaluate the current fraud detection system and make recommendations for improvements.

Under the SkillsFuture national movement announced in 2015, Singaporeans aged 25 and above receive a S$500 credit from the Government to attend courses by approved training providers. The scheme is overseen by SSG.

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Suspected syndicate members behind S$40m bogus SkillsFuture claims charged

In the largest defraudment of a public institution to date, a 41-yr-old Singaporean believed to be part of a crime syndicate was charged in court on Tue (Dec 19) for allegedly making S$40 million of bogus SkillsFuture claims.

Ng Cheng Kwee was slapped with 5 charges, which include forging documents to pass off as a public servant in order to obtain training subsidies from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), concealing benefits from the criminal conduct and obstructing justice.

He is the 5th suspect charged in connection with this case and was described by prosecutors as one of the main perpetrators of the crimes. Four others - two men and two women aged 30 to 59 - were hauled to court last month for a series of alleged offences ranging from fraud to receiving as well as hiding criminal proceeds. Here are examples of previous cases which grabbed the headlines in recent years:
  • Over five years, two female former employees cheated the Singapore Statutory Boards Employees' Co-operative Thrift and Loan Society of S$5.1 milllion worth of its members' savings. They duped the organisation into issuing cheques using names of phantom members. In August, Arni Ahmad, 41, was sentenced to 12 years jail, while her accomplice Hanati Jani, 50, was jailed nine years and eight months.
  • Four men – aged between 29 and 41 – were charged in July, after they allegedly submitted sham SkillsFuture Credit claims worth S$73,000 from hundreds of individuals who had not attended any courses. This was done through training provider firm Biz HR Solutionz, which was subsequently suspended from getting government funding under the scheme. The case is still ongoing.
  • In January, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) discovered that 4,400 individuals had submitted false claims, encashing their SkillsFuture Credit without attending any courses. The bogus claims, which amounted to some S$2.2 million, were detected after SSG's data analytics system found thousands of claims flooding in for the same course. Investigations showed that the individuals acted independently and did not conspire with the training provider.
  • A magician, S Chandran, was charged in January with 58 counts under the Income Tax Act for making fraudulent claims under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme. Between June 2013 and November 2014, he allegedly helped 49 claimants to falsely obtain cash payouts amounting to S$1.1 million in total under the scheme. Chandran had allegedly acted as a PIC broker and received about S$400,000 from the payouts. The case is still ongoing.
  • In 2014, former Ministry of Foreign Affairs protocol chief Lim Cheng Hoe was sentenced to 15 months' jail, after he had cheated the Government of nearly S$89,000 over five years, by overstating expense claims for boxes of pineapple tarts and bottles of wine. They were bought as gifts for official overseas trips and visits.
  • In 2011, two former Singapore Land Authority (SLA) officers were jailed for cheating the organisation of S$12.5 million. Koh Seah Wee and Lim Chai Meng submitted false invoices over two years through various IT firms for fictitious maintenance services and goods that were never needed or delivered. Koh, SLA's former deputy director of technology and infrastructure, was jailed 22 years, while former manager Lim received a 15-year prison sentence.

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Was SkillsFuture Scam A Case Of Criminal Masterminds Or A Flaw In The System?

They’re not the only ones.

While $40 million does make it the largest amount ever cheated, it is perhaps more surprising that this wasn’t the first time SSG had been cheated of their money:
  • In January, a total of 4,400 individuals were found to have submitted false claims by cashing in their credits but not actually attending any courses. Hilariously, the system detected thousands of claims flooding for the exact same course but revealed that everyone involved had actually acted independently. A total of $2.2 million was given out.
  • In July, four men were charged for submitted fake SSG claims worth $73,000 from hundreds of people who didn’t actually attend any courses. The case is still currently ongoing investigations.
  • A duo was sentenced on Tuesday (19 Nov) for submitting fake claims for courses that didn’t exist. They successfully defrauded nearly $20,000.
Here are examples of previous cases which grabbed the headlines in recent years:

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Government agency defrauded of $40 million
40 million Dollars SkillsFuture scam
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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Second Flight Delay In Two Days

Update 27 Mar 2019: Latest S’pore to Taipei Scoot flight incident is 12th major disruption in 5 months
Oxygen masks deployed by pilots as precautionary measure

Scoot has revealed that the activation of oxygen masks on board flight TR996 on Sunday, March 24 was initiated by its pilots. Flight TR996 was travelling from Singapore to Taipei when it experienced abnormal cabin pressure during descent.

Passengers were not informed about the exact nature of the difficulties until now, two days after the incident occurred.

CNA reported this latest incident is the 12th known major flight disruption caused by aircraft technical issues that Scoot has experienced in five months since November 2018.

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SIA and CAAS should look into long flight delays by Scoot

related: S'pore-bound Scoot flight from Greece delayed over 2 days

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Technical issue delays second Scoot flight in two days, this time by 29 hours

Barely a day after a Bangkok-bound Scoot flight from Changi Airport was delayed by 7 hours, passengers on another flight by the airline were hit by another delay on Mon (Nov 26), this time by 29 hours.

Flight TR869 was scheduled to depart from Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport for Singapore at 4:25pm on Monday, but was retimed to 10:10pm on Tuesday.

The airline said the plane was scheduled to depart from Tokyo for Singapore via Bangkok, when it encountered technical difficulties.

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Technical issue with Scoot plane grounds Bangkok passengers for 29 hours
Scoot is the low-cost arm of Singapore Airlines. (File photo: AFP/Roslan Rahman)

Scoot passengers in Bangkok who were due to depart for Singapore on Monday (Nov 26) were hit with a 29-hr delay after their aircraft encountered technical difficulties.

Flight TR869 was due to depart Don Mueang Airport International Airport at 4.25pm on Monday, but was rescheduled to 10.10pm the next day. In response to a query from Channel NewsAsia, Scoot said the plane was scheduled to depart Tokyo for Singapore via Bangkok on Monday when it encountered technical difficulties.

This comes a day after a Scoot flight from Singapore to Bangkok was delayed for nearly 7 hours due to a technical issue.

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Scoot passengers stranded at Changi Airport for 7 hours due to technical issue
Scoot passengers bound for Bangkok, Thailand prepare to board the aircraft around 6 hours after the scheduled departure time. (Photo: Kenneth Loo)

Travellers bound for Bangkok on Scoot airlines flight TR616 were stranded for almost 7 hours at Changi Airport Terminal 2 on Sunday (Nov 25) after their flight was delayed.

The aircraft was scheduled to depart Singapore at 5.30pm, but eventually left at 12.28am.

In response to Channel NewsAsia's queries, Scoot said the delay was due to a technical issue with the "aircraft nose gear door".

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Spate of Scoot 'flight disruptions'
Spate of Teacher-Student Misconduct
Spate of SingPost 'service failures'
Spate of Data Breaches In Singapore
Spate of Fire break outs
Spate of MOH's slip-ups
Spate ofood poisoning cases
Spate of child abuse cases
Spate of molestation and outrage of modesty
Spate of MRT disruptions
Spate of e-bike accidents
Spate of cars flipping over
Spate of vehicles on fire
Spate of facade cladding falling off
Spate of Escalator accidents
Spate of lift accidents
Latest Scoot flight incident is 12th major disruption in 5 months
Second Flight Delay In Two Days
World's Best Airline 2019

Monday, 26 November 2018

Spate of child abuse cases

Singapore sees rising trend of child abuse cases in recent years

Singapore has seen a growing number of child abuse cases in recent years. In 2017, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) investigated 894 cases of child abuse, up from 873 cases in 2016, and 551 the year before.

TODAY reported that Big Love, a programme under voluntary welfare organisation Montfort Care which started in 2013, handled 367 such cases between April 2017 and March 2018, up from 252 during the same period last year, and 177 the year before.

Child abuse is defined as any act by a parent or guardian which would endanger or impair the child’s physical or emotional well-being. It includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional and psychological abuse and neglect.

related: Child abuse cases rise in 2010

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Child abuse cases on the rise in S’pore, VWOs and authorities work to raise awareness
A father carrying his son at the Big Love's Fifth anniversary carnival & campaign at Festive Plaza, Our Tampines Hub on Oct 21, 2018. Photo: Koh Mui Fong/TODAY

Fed up with his young son Weijie’s (not his real name) antics in school, & stressed out from his job as a salesman, the father began abusing him.

He would hit & kick him, and make derogatory remarks about the 9-yr-old, causing the child to melt down frequently. This led to Weijie’s grandfather filing a Personal Protection Order against him.

4 years on, the family is doing much better now. Weijie moved into a therapeutic group home for 2 years to receive therapy and counselling in a safe environment, after which Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre counselled the father on how to improve his attitude & behaviour towards his son.

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Spike in child abuse cases recorded in Singapore in recent years

A spike in cases involving child abuse has been recorded in recent years, with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) observing an increase of 21 cases, from 873 in 2016 to 894 in 2017. An even more marked increase of 322 was recorded previously, from 551 in 2015 to 873 in 2016.

Big Love, an initiative by welfare body Montfort Care set up in 2013, received 367 of such cases between Apr last year and Mar this year. The recorded figure shows an increase from the recorded 252 cases during the same period in 2017, and 177 in 2016, according to TODAY. Director Serene Tan posited that the spike might have resulted from more people coming forward to report cases of child abuse, and also the increasing number of professionals who have been equipped with the skills to recognise if a child has been abused.

A research project next year will be launched by MSF in 2019 to investigate possible reasons for the increase in child abuse cases, and, based on its findings, the Ministry will subsequently work on starting initiatives to remedy the roots of child abuse.

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Child abuse cases hit 8-year high, with spike in sexual abuse

The Ministry of Social & Family Development has investigated an increasing number of child abuse cases between 2015 & 2017, with the most significant increase involving sexual abuse.

In February 2018, a man was sentenced to 34 yrs' jail and the maximum 24 strokes of the cane for sexually abusing his lover's daughter.

The abuse started in 2010, when the girl was about 7 years old, and continued almost daily for the next 7 years.

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As child abuse reports rise, Singapore agencies shore up protection efforts
"Cindy"'s husband physically abused her and her kids repeatedly, until she finally confided in a social worker (Photo: Justin Ong)

She was pregnant with his child when he first hit her for “talking back” to him. After that, Cindy's husband kicked her, yanked her hair & slapped her till her glasses broke, but she chose to ride it out.

Then he started caning & smacking their kids to the point of bruising and still, she rode it out.

But when he slapped their third son - who has an intellectual disability - more than 10 times across the face, Cindy (not her real name) finally felt fear for her safety and that of her five children.

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Centre reports rise in child abuse cases within family
Posed photo showing a child covering his ears while looking down

Child abuse is often not just about physical violence, it can also include emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.

Child abuse in families is on the rise in Singapore, said Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre, and the proposed changes to the law to mete out tougher penalties to child abusers is just one of the ways to tackle the growing number of cases.

The centre has seen the overall numbers of abuse by a family member climb to 367 cases between April 2017 and March 2018, up from 252 cases in the April 2016 to March 2017 period, and 177 cases in the same period.

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Spike in child abuse

When a child is abused by a stranger, family members are quick to report the crime.

Not so when the abuser is a family member, said social workers.

People have to be trained to spot signs of children being ill-treated by family members, including physical and sexual abuse, and neglect. Over the past 2 years, more people have been trained to better detect abuse cases, which has led to a spike in the number of cases investigated.

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Nearly 40% of children in abuse cases under age seven

Nearly 40% of child abuse cases investigated by the Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF) in the past 3 years involved victims younger than 7, The Straits Times has learnt.

Yet, pre-schools have been found to be inadequate in spotting signs of child abuse, said experts, who called for regular standardised training for the teachers, which is currently not available.

This is important as many child abusers are immediate family members & pre-school educators become an important line of defence for the children, they said.

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No cover-ups in allegations of child abuse cases in Singapore’s Catholic Church

In light of recent reports of the cover-up of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania, Archbishop of Singapore, Most Reverend William Goh, said on Saturday (Sept 1) that they are "a wake-up call for us, as the Catholic Church in Singapore has not been spared allegations of child abuse", and that a handful of cases were brought to their attention.

Rev Goh also assured that there have been no cover-ups in Singapore's archdiocese, and that guidelines have been put in place to reduce the risk of such abuses, said the Archbishop in a pastoral letter on Saturday addressed to the Church.

He added that the cases were judged to be inconclusive by the Professional Standards Office (PSO), and confirmed by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome.

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Signs of Child Molestation

Sexual molestation is the indecent behavior of a dominant, older individual who coerces a child into sexual activity. Today, more than three million American children are victims of sexual abuse, and approximately 300,000 children are molested every year.

Molestation can manifest itself in many forms. The scope of behaviors that a perpetrator can exhibit is great, and includes sensual kissing, inappropriate touching or fondling of the child’s genitals, breast or buttock, masturbation of a child, oral-genital contact, genital-genital contact, penetration with fingers and child prostitution. Sexual abuse accounts for 9.2% of all types of child abuse, following neglect, physical abuse and other undefined types of maltreatment.

The Complete Guide to Signs of Child Molestation:
  • The Victims
  • The Perpetrators
  • Warning Signs of Child Molestation
  • Long-term Effects and Lasting Impacts
  • Preventing Molestation
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Former teacher jailed 8 years for sexual relationship with 15-year-old student, impregnating her

A former physics teacher who impregnated his former secondary school student after they entered into a sexual relationship when she was 15 years old was sentenced to eight years’ jail on Friday (30 August).

The girl, who is now 19 years old, decided to keep the child. The baby is about two years old and under her care. Both the man and the girl cannot be named to protect her identity.

The prosecution sought eight years’ jail for the 41-year-old man, who was found guilty in July of sexual penetration of a minor. After a trial, he was convicted of 19 counts of sexual penetration of a person under 16 years old, which occurred on 10 occasions between August and September 2015 at his house.

Former vice-principal found guilty of sexually violating student from when he was 14

A former primary school vice-principal who sexually groomed a student for years from when he was 14, eventually taking him into his own home, was found guilty on Tuesday (Aug 27).

The man, who is now 57, had claimed trial to three charges of sexual exploitation of a young person and five charges under Section 377 of the Penal Code for carnal intercourse against the order of nature.

At the time of the offences in 2005 and 2006, the law regarded the act of fellatio as unnatural carnal intercourse within Section 377 - with the only exception being fellatio as a stimulant for consensual intercourse between a man and a woman.

Ex-primary school vice-principal who became student’s guardian found guilty of sex acts with him

For more than a decade, the vice-principal of a primary school took advantage of his teenage student, who looked up to him as a mentor.

In 2003, when the man was 41 years old, he began abusing the 14-year-old Chinese national by performing a sex act on him in the school’s gym. This went on when the boy began taking English tuition lessons in the man’s Woodlands home.

The man convinced him that it was “normal and healthy” for males to masturbate each other to release their sexual desires and urges, then performed more sex acts on him.

Man jailed 22 months for sex with 14-year-old student, who asked him to be her ‘sugar daddy’

He began chatting with a girl on the messaging application Telegram in 2017 and found out she was a Secondary 2 student.

During their conversations, the 14-year-old asked Muhammad Asraf Mustaffa, who was aged 25 and an insurance agent at the time, if he could be her “sugar daddy”. She also told him she was not a virgin.

Having no sexual experience himself, he got curious. The pair ended up having consensual sex in several toilets for the handicapped, including at the Junction 8 and Velocity malls.

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Man, 59, jailed 23 years for sexually abusing good friend’s young daughters

A 59-year-old unemployed man who sexually assaulted his long-time friend’s two young daughters over four years was sentenced to 23 years’ jail in the High Court on Wednesday (Aug 14).

This included one year of imprisonment in lieu of the maximum 24 strokes of the cane, as offenders above 50 years old cannot be caned by law.

Justice Pang Khang Chau noted that the sentence was “not crushing” as the man would be released when he is about 72 years old, if he gets remission for good behaviour. He has been remanded since June 2017.


Probation for 20-year-old volunteer who molested boy in church toilet

The boy called him “gor gor”, or older brother in Cantonese, but he abused that trust by molesting the 10-year-old in a church toilet last year.

On Monday (May 13), the man — now 20 years old and a full-time national serviceman — was sentenced to 18 months’ probation and ordered to get psychological treatment to address his sexual offending behaviour. He also has to perform 130 hours of community service.

He and the church cannot be identified to protect his victim’s identity.

65-year-old man rapes 2 young girls: How can we protect our babies?

recent, highly disturbing case of child rape emphasises the fact that predators come in all shapes and size and ages. The predator was only caught because one of the victims, a four-year-old girl, had told her father she was being molested after complaining about pain. In this article, we discuss the signs of a child being molested and how to identify other adults who could be potential predators.

Rapists Aren’t Defined by Age - Recently, police officers in South Jakarta arrested a 65-year-old man known by the initials “AS”. His crime is something that would devastate any parent: the rape of two precious young girls. The crime came to light recently when a four-year-old girl grumbled to her dad about experiencing bodily discomfort.

How Can You Tell if Someone Is Targeting Your Child:
  • Favouring a child, or being overly affectionate towards a child
  • Insisting on physical affection
  • Ever ready to babysit
  • Creating opportunities to be alone
  • Disregard for privacy and personal space
  • Speaking on behalf of the child
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Man admits to committing sexual-related offences involving 5 underage girls
Sad young woman sit in her room and covering her face

A man admitted on Wednesday (31 July) to preying on five teenage girls for an array of sexual offences.

At the time, A R Arun Prashanth was 22 years old and serving his national service with the Singapore Police Force.

After befriending his victims, aged 12 to 15, Arun would pester some of them for obscene images and to meet up for sex.

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Man jailed for molesting 6 girls in pool at Hougang Swimming Complex

When he noticed a group of boys and girls enter the swimming pool at Hougang Swimming Complex, he felt the urge to touch them.

Job Mathew Panakkal then molested six of the girls, aged between 10 and 13, within the space of about 15 minutes as he swam past them.

On Wednesday (July 3), the Indian national, 37, was sentenced to 20 weeks behind bars after pleading guilty to three charges of using criminal force to molest a minor. 4 other identical charges were taken into consideration for sentencing.

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Man, 70, jailed for molesting seven girls in under an hour

An elderly man went on a molesting spree at Clementi Bus Interchange earlier this year, groping seven girls in less than an hour. He also molested three other victims on separate occasions with the youngest being 11 and the oldest, 22.

Yeo Kin Choon, 70, was yesterday jailed for 28 months on four counts of outrage of modesty, with another six similar charges taken into consideration. Court documents showed Yeo's spree began at about 1pm on March 15 at Clementi Bus Interchange and ending at around 1.55pm:
  • At about 1pm, the first victim, a 12-year-old girl was walking with a classmate to the interchange from The Clementi Mall. Yeo, who was walking behind them, suddenly reached out and groped her.
  • After that, he molested three more girls before groping another 12-year-old girl at about 1.45pm.
  • He molested two other 12-year-old girls after her.
  • Earlier that week, he molested a 13-year-old girl at Sembawang Bus Interchange and a 14-year-old girl at North Bridge Road Market.
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Nurse molested 6 girls in 2 weeks; he stuck masking tape on fingers to avoid detection

After sticking strips of masking tape onto his fingers to avoid detection, a hospital nurse ambushed 6 girls on overhead bridges and molested them, striking 3 times in about an hour on one occasion.

On some occasions, 39-yr-old Aldrin Illias also took along an extra set of clothes and a pair of spectacles, which he used after committing the offences to make it more difficult for his victims to recognise him.

For his offences, Aldrin was sentenced to 3 years' jail and 10 strokes of the cane on Friday (April 6).

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Retired man jailed for molesting landlady's 8-yr-old granddaughter

A retired man who accepted a friend's offer to rent a room in her Hougang flat ended up molesting the woman's 8-year-old granddaughter.

The 68-year-old man was jailed for a year and eight months on Thursday (Aug 2) after pleading guilty to one count of outraging the child's modesty.

A second molestation charge involving the same girl was considered during sentencing.

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NSF gets 18 months’ probation for molesting 12-year-old girl

A 12-year-old girl was on her way home from school when she was approached by a teenage boy who asked if she wanted to be his photography model. She agreed, but ended up getting molested by the 18-year-old instead.

Lester Ong, a full-time national serviceman (NSF), was placed on 18 months’ supervised probation by the State Court on Thursday (June 13), after he had pleaded guilty to molesting the girl in March this year.

During his probation, Ong must remain indoors between 10pm and 6am, except if it is to fulfil national service obligations. He has also been ordered to serve 120 hours of community service as well as attend psycho-education sessions on healthy sexuality and responsible sexual conduct.

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Teenager who molested 12-year-old girl at staircase landing gets 18 months' probation

Pretending that he needed help for a photography competition, Lester Ong Pei Cong lured a 12-year-old girl to a staircase landing, where he molested her.

The 18-year-old, who is now a full-time national serviceman, was sentenced to 18 months' supervised probation on Thursday (June 13).

Under the conditions of the supervised probation, Ong must remain indoors from 10pm to 6am, and perform 120 hours of community service.

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Repeat offender who molested 12-year-old girl at bus interchange jailed

A 25-year-old man who molested a 12-year-old girl at a bus interchange in April this year was sentenced to jail for 13 months on Thursday (Jul 26).

Teo Yan Kang, a Singapore permanent resident from Malaysia, also tried to molest two other women aged 30 and 23 in April and May.

Teo, who was working as a McDonald's crew member at the time, molested the 12-year-old secondary school student at Jurong East Temporary Bus Interchange at around 3pm on Apr 16.

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Repeat offender who molested 12-year-old girl at bus interchange jailed

A teenager asked a 12-year-old girl to be his model for a photography competition and lured her to a staircase landing before molesting her.

Lester Ong Pei Cong, 18, pleaded guilty in court on Friday (March 29) to outraging the girl's modesty on July 12 last year.

She was on her way home from school at around 3.15pm and was walking past a lift lobby of a Bukit Panjang block of flats when Ong approached her.

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Teen who molested 12-year-old girl using modelling ruse gets probation

He asked a 12-year-old girl to be his model for a photography competition but it was just a ruse for him to molest her at a staircase landing.

On Thursday (13 June), Lester Ong Pei Cong, 18, was sentenced to 18 months’ probation on one count of molest of a person under the age of 14.

Ong, who is currently serving his national service, had earlier pleaded guilty to the charge. His victim cannot be named due to a gag order.

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Man jailed for molesting 12-year-old boy in lift

When a 12-year-old boy was molested in a lift the first time, he, out of fear, did not tell his parents.

But when he was molested again the next day by the same man, he mustered up the courage and told his mother about the incidents.

On Tuesday (Oct 3), Syed Hashim Wahid, 29, was jailed for eight months after he admitted to touching the victim in a lift at a block of flats in Woodlands on May 24, 2016. A second similar charge was considered during his sentencing.

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Student care centre guardian in Singapore convicted of sexually abusing young boys!

They called him "Uncle"; he would help the boys with their homework.

He even took them to church, and bought them ice pops and sweets. In return, this "kind and patient" uncle molested them.

Sexual abuse over 2 years - According to Channel NewsAsia, the crimes committed by this "guardian" at a primary school student care centre in Singapore came out in the open, when he was caught slipping his hand under the table to touch a 10-year-old boy’s penis.

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Man jailed for molesting his daughter, claims he had pornography addiction

A 52-year-old man who molested his daughter while she was half-asleep was sentenced to jail for a year and four months on Tuesday (May 21).

The man, who cannot be named in order to protect the identity of his daughter, has been addicted to pornography for 20 to 30 years, his defence lawyer said.

The man pleaded guilty to one charge of using criminal force to outrage the modesty of the 14-year-old girl, with a second similar charge taken into consideration.

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Construction worker molested boy, 11, in MRT train while father was nearby

A construction worker molested an 11-year-old boy in an MRT train while the child's father was standing nearby.

For committing the offence, Faruk Abdulla Al, 27, who is from Bangladesh, was sentenced on Friday (March 8) to 15 weeks' jail.

District Judge Ng Cheng Thiam convicted him of a molestation charge last month after a two-day trial.

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Little boy molested during sleepover in Singapore by friend's father

What was meant to be a fun night, and time for bonding with friends, turned out to be a painful experience for a little boy, when he got molested during sleepover in Singapore.

The world seems to be getting more perverted than over, and we dread to imagine what the future holds for our little ones. We can't help but think, in this age of vice, is it wise to let our kids go for sleepovers?

Little boy molested during sleepover in Singapore - According to Channel NewsAsia, a 9-year-old boy was molested by his friend's father during a sleepover.

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Youth admits to molesting girl, 5, while out on bail for molesting 11-year-old boy

He had already been hauled to court for molesting a primary school boy at a lift lobby.

But while out on bail for his first offence, Low Wei Hao Jeremy proceeded to molest a 5-year-old girl.

Low, 20, pleaded guilty on Monday (Aug 6) to two charges of using criminal force to molest the two minors. Another charge of committing an obscene act with the girl will be taken into consideration when he is sentenced next Monday.

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Singapore school girl sexually assaulted by man at bus stop

It was around 2:30 pm that day, and the 9-year-old girl was at a bus stop at Rivervale Crescent in Sengkang, waiting to go home after school. She was in her school physical education attire. A man approached her, and what followed next continues to torment her.

Singapore school girl sexually assaulted - According to Today, the man proceeded to compliment the girl, saying she was cute. Shockingly, 51-year-old Neo Beng Yeow then proceeded to touch her hair, before forcefully grabbing her and kissing her on the lips.

The poor little girl tried to break free from his grip, but the pervert was just too strong for her. He managed to kiss her again and groped other parts of her body, including her buttocks.

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Man jailed for molesting girlfriend's 11-year-old daughter

The court heard that the man was the long-term boyfriend of the child's mother.

He was left alone with the girl in their flat in western Singapore as the girl's mother and 15-year-old brother had gone out to run errands. At about 4.20pm on Apr 12 last year, the man kissed the 11-year-old girl while resting his arm on her chest, before proceeding to molest her over her clothes.

Although the child felt frightened and wanted to tell the man "no" or ask him to stop, she could not say a word as he was kissing her, Deputy Public Prosecutor Sruthi Boppana said.

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Former school teacher jailed for molesting his 11-year-old pupil

A former school teacher was sentenced to 15 months' jail yesterday for molesting an 11-year-old student during his first and only lesson with her.

The man, 67, was working at the school as a part-time English teacher. He cannot be named to protect the victim's identity. The victim had been sent to Singapore to study at the private school at the Primary 5 level.

Her lessons would end at around noon for the morning session, and the afternoon session would end at around 5pm.

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Jail for man who molested girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter

Left alone with his long-time girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter, a man kissed the young girl on the lips and touched her private parts.

On Tuesday (Jan 8), the 56-year-old man was jailed a year and eight months, after he pleaded guilty last month to one molestation charge. Another similar charge was taken into consideration for sentencing.

Investigations revealed that the man, who cannot be named due to a gag order to protect the victim’s identity, felt that his girlfriend had tempted him by leaving him alone at home with her daughter.

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Student care volunteer who molested 10-year-old boy in church toilet gets probation

A student care volunteer who molested a 10-year-old boy in a church toilet was given 18 months' probation on Monday (May 13).

The 20-year-old offender also has to perform 130 hours of community service and undergo psychological treatment for his sexual offending behaviour.

Both the offender and the church cannot be named in order to protect the identity of the victim.

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Man jailed 16 months for molesting 14-year-old daughter in her sleep

While his 14-year-old daughter lay asleep next to him, he sexually violated her by touching her private parts.

Even after she turned away out of fear and discomfort, he escalated his acts, pulling down her pants and rubbing himself against her.

The girl kept silent as she feared her mother would not believe her. It was only when her teacher observed a change in her behaviour that she told her school counsellor what had happened.

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14-year-old girl allegedly molested on bus in Yishun, man arrested

A man has been arrested for allegedly molesting a girl on board a bus, said the police in a statement on Tuesday (May 14).

Police said they were alerted to the case on board a bus along Yishun Avenue 5 last Wednesday at about 8.20pm.

The victim was a 14-year-old girl.

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Student who molested 14-year-old female classmate in school toilet given 21 months' probation

A teenager convinced his 14-year-old classmate to skip lessons, then lured her into a toilet and molested her.

The offender, who is now 16, also grabbed the girl's wrist and forced her to sexually stimulate him.

He was sentenced to a year and nine months' probation on Tuesday (April 23), after pleading guilty in February to one count each of molestation and sexually exploiting a minor.

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Man jailed 16 months for molesting daughter, 14

His teenage daughter would sleep in the same bed as him and did so even after he had molested her two months earlier.

But the 52-year-old exploited that trust and molested her again when his wife, a nurse, was working the night shift.

The man, who cannot be named to protect his daughter's identity, was yesterday jailed for a year and four months after pleading guilty to using criminal force to outrage the modesty of the then 14-year-old. A second similar charge was taken into consideration.

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Dad jailed 16 months for molesting teenage daughter

After being molested by her father while in bed, a 14-year-old girl was left feeling so "disturbed and embarrassed" that she did not dare tell anyone about it.

It was only when her teacher referred her to a school counsellor that her ordeal came to light, and the 52-year-old father was arrested.

On Tuesday (May 21) the man, who cannot be named due to a gag order to protect his daughter's identity, was jailed for 16 months after pleading guilty to one count of outraging his daughter's modesty.

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Mathematics tuition teacher pleads guilty to molesting 15-year-old student

A tuition teacher on Monday (Jun 17) admitted to molesting a 15-year-old girl who attended his mathematics classes.

The 48-year-old Indonesian, who is also a Singapore permanent resident, cannot be named due to a court order.

The court heard that the divorced man taught secondary school students in group classes that were conducted thrice a week at his home.

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Private tutor admits to molesting student, 15, several times in his home

On the pretext of helping a 15-year-old girl complete her homework, a mathematics tuition teacher asked his student to stay behind after class on at least five occasions.

After everyone else had left, the private tutor would then molest the girl in a room in his home, where he held the classes. Initially, she kept quiet out of fear, but eventually confided in a male friend, who told the girl’s school what had happened.

The school told her mother, who then took her to the police to make a police report.

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Man molests young girl on Universal Studios ride in Singapore

Did he just stroke her thigh? Maybe accidentally, she thought. The ride was after all going super fast; it was but natural to swing a bit to the side. But then she felt it again...and again, on different parts of her body.

Fun day turns bad - According to Yahoo News Singapore, the 12-year-old Singapore girl had gone to Universal Studios with friends. She boarded the "Revenge of the Mummy" ride with 2 of her friends. An Indian national ended up sitting next to her, on the right.

The Revenge of the Mummy ride is an indoor rollercoaster and operates in dimly lit conditions. At the beginning of the ride, the vehicle moves slowly and stops briefly, before reversing at high speed. It was at this point that the girl felt the man stroking her right thigh. She tried to ignore his advances, but by the end of the ride, the poor girl was quite traumatised. She had been touched inappropriately five times, including on the breast.

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Ex-teacher found guilty of molesting 2 young girls at learning centre in Singapore!

She was 7 then, and a student at an Orchard Road enrichment centre. During lessons, her teacher would sit next to her and, from beneath the table where no one could see, slip his hand under her clothes. This happened on many occasions.

She was nervous and scared but dared not tell anyone lest her teacher scold her. Every Sunday, from 2:30-4:00 pm, she would attend classes at an Orchard Road enrichment centre, conducted by Ian Lewis, a reading specialist teacher.

Each class had about four to six students and yet, Lewis, a British man, was able to get his way with the girl. It took an episode of Crime Watch (which had a tutor behaving indecently with a student) for the girl to realise that she had been harmed. She confided in her mum.

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60-year old man has been arrested for allegedly molesting a 15-year old girl on a public bus

A 60-year old man has been arrested on suspicion of molesting a teenage girl on a public bus, reported The Straits Times.

The 15-year old victim made a police report on 23rd July alleging that she had been molested while travelling on a bus on Boundary Road in Serangoon.

Cops arrested the suspect in the vicinity of Serangoon Avenue 2 less than an hour after the report was made. Investigations are ongoing.

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6 Children allegedly molested at swimming pool in Singapore

As many as 6 young girls were allegedly molested at a swimming pool in Singapore recently. The incident happened at Hougang Swimming Complex, and police were alerted to it on 13 September 2018.

A 36-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the case.

Children molested at swimming pool in Singapore - According to The Straits Times, the 6 victims were aged between 9 and 13. The suspect was arrested on 24 September along Hougang Avenue 2.

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Man shouldn't be slapping girl while she kneels in public, says Stomper
A man was caught on camera slapping a young girl while she knelt on the ground at the carpark of IKEA Tampines on Mon night (Nov 5)

Stomper Anonymous felt concerned after witnessing the incident at around 9pm & filmed a video, which he then sent to Stomp.

He described what he saw: "The man was seen shouting and slapping a girl, believed to be his daughter, and& asking her to kneel down.

"I do not know what the man was upset about, but he was saying things like, 'I love you, but you cannot say these kind of things to me' and 'It's no longer your mum's place, it is my place'."

related: Police investigating man slapping kneeling child at Tampines carpark

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Angry Father Slaps & Forces Young Daughter to Kneel in an IKEA Carpark

Well, this doesn’t seem right!  Punishing a child when they do something wrong can teach them how to make good decisions next time but do make sure that it is an appropriate punishment.

Recently, Stomp reported that a man was caught on camera slapping and forcing his young child to kneel in a public place while another lady who was with them watched helplessly. The incident took place at a carpark in IKEA Tampines, Singapore on a Monday (5 November 2018) night.

The person who witnessed and recorded the shocking incident told Stomp that the whole ordeal took place at around 9pm. The source was quoted by Stomp as saying, “The man was seen shouting and slapping a girl, believed to be his daughter, and asking her to kneel down.” The source, who doesn’t wish to be named, said that he isn’t sure why the father was so angry at the poor child. The girl looked like she was about five or six years old.

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Viral video of child kneeling while getting slapped; considered abuse
In the video, the man is seen pointing his finger at the girl's face, then slapping her so hard that she almost loses her balance. PHOTO: STOMP

A video of a young girl, who is made to kneel in public before a man slaps her hard on the face, has sparked outrage.

So much so that the alleged abuse has been reported to both the police & the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), which are now investigating the incident.

In the video, taken at about 9pm on Monday, the girl, who looks to be of primary school age, is seen kneeling next to a white car in the carpark of Ikea Tampines.

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Woman taken to court after allegedly allowing boyfriend to sexually abuse daughter

As a mother, she was supposed to protect & care for her daughter.

But the 39-yr-old woman was taken to court yesterday after she allegedly allowed the girl to be sexually abused by her boyfriend.

The woman, who cannot be named to protect the girl's identity, was charged with knowingly permitting the child to be ill-treated.

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8 years’ jail, caning for man who molested 3 girls, including niece, aged 9 & below

A 45-yr-old man was sentenced to eight years' jail & 24 strokes of the cane on Tuesday (Nov 20) for molesting 3 children who were aged between 4 and 9.

Of the three girls, one was his own niece, while another was his four-year-old neighbour. The third victim is believed to be between 6 and 8 years old. The man cannot be identified in order to protect the identity of his now 11-yr-old niece, who was eight when he first molested her.

The married man, who was a research associate at a local university, committed the crimes between Aug 2014 and Jan 2017, when he was caught.

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Maid who claimed she was stressed jailed 7 years for causing toddler's death

Indonesian domestic helper Maryani Usman Utar caused the death of 1-year-old Richelle Teo Yan Jia at a flat in Block 225 Simei Street 4.

The tragedy took place on May 8, 2016, which was Mother's Day, between 2am and 7.36am.

The 25-yr-old pleaded guilty to causing the death of the toddler in her care and was convicted in the High Court yesterday (Nov 22) and jailed for 7 years.

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More must be done to help victims of child sexual abuse

I laud the report on child sexual abuse cases in Singapore (When home is where the sex abuse is, for kids; Aug 26).

Media attention is now focused on the exceptional failings of the Roman Catholic Church as its widespread and& decades-long sexual abuse scandal unfolds.

Few media outlets have highlighted the far larger public health issue, where a majority of sexual abuse cases occur in the home, often by a family member.

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Social workers lauded for helping to curb child abuse
Minister for Social & Family Development Desmond Lee (standing, seventh from right) at a carnival in Our Tampines Hub yesterday to celebrate Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre's fifth anniversary. ST PHOTO: MATTHIAS CHONG

To most children, items like hangers and cloth rags are just everyday household objects.

But for 2 brothers, these were things to be feared. The boys, aged 4 and 6, were beaten daily with such items by their parents.

The boys both have global developmental delay & their parents thought this was the appropriate way to discipline their special-needs children.

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When the teacher is the bully
Bullying has become a national issue. But what do you do if the school bully is your child's teacher?

When Karen Eubank’s son first complained about his “mean” teacher, she took it with a grain of salt. “Usually ‘mean’ just means a teacher makes you study, is demanding, or wants you to answer questions,” says the Dallas, TX mom. “Not that [the teacher’s] being verbally abusive.”

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what it meant. Eubank had transferred her son from a private school to a new charter that a friend recommended. During the tour, Eubank fell in love with the school — there was a garden, they played music at lunch, the school was “just beautiful,” she says.

But after the school year began, her fourth grader began saying that he didn’t want to go to school. Every day before school, he claimed he felt nauseated. Every afternoon at pickup, he was angry. Eubank assumed the boy was just adjusting to his new school. It wasn’t until Halloween that Eubanks discovered the chilling truth. She asked a child in the class next door to her son’s how he liked school. He replied it that he was fine, but that her son “wasn’t having such a good time.” The teacher, the boy told her, “yells at him all the time and we can hear it in the next room.”

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Child Abuse

Children need a safe and nurturing environment to grow and learn. Child abuse is defined as any act of commission or ommission by a parent or guardian which would endanger or impair the child's physical or emotional well-being or that are judged by a mixture of community values and professionals to be inappropriate. 

Child abuse includes:
  • Physical Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional and Psychological Abuse
Report suspected child abuse - Reporting suspected child abuse is the first step in preventing or stopping the abuse. MSF investigates child abuse cases to prevent further harm to the child. To report suspected cases of child abuse, please contact the following agencies:

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Big Love - Child Protection Specialist Centre

Set up in May 2013, Big Love’s main objective is to help families with Child Protection concerns and for families to improve their functioning and resilience.

Central to Big Love’s philosophy is the belief in providing child-centric, family-focused and community-based support. Case work management and supportive services are conducted in client’s natural environment such as homes, schools, workplaces and within their communities.

These services include:
  • Comprehensive Casework Management
  • Social Work Programmes
  • Public Education & Outreach Events
  • Training for Professionals

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Online chat service for troubled pupils

Children who need a listening ear can tap an online chat service launched yesterday by the Singapore Children’s Society.

Called Tinkle Friend Online, it is the only such chat service for distressed children here & adds to the society’s phone helpline, which has seen a drop in calls.

Last year, 1,701 calls were made to the toll-free Tinkle Friend helpline, down from 2,508 in 2012, & 4,662 in 2008.

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