Why WOMEN are important???

1. You got the name (Adam)๐Ÿ‘จ from (Madam)๐Ÿ‘ฉ

2. You got the word (Man)๐Ÿ‘จ from (Woman)๐Ÿ‘ฉ

3. You also got the word (Male)๐Ÿ‘จ from (Female)๐Ÿ‘ฉ

4. And you got (He)๐Ÿ‘จ from (She)๐Ÿ‘ฉ

5. You definitely got (Mr)๐Ÿ‘จ from (Mrs)๐Ÿ‘ฉ

6. And finally in prayers, we say (A-men) from (Wo-men)

Dedicated to All Wonderful Women


2-yr-old boy survived an 11-storey fall possibly saved by his diapers

2-year-old boy who fell from 11th-floor Sengkang flat was possibly saved by his diapers
A 2-yr-old boy who survived after falling 11 storeys from a flat in Sengkang on Sunday (Nov 25) was possibly saved by his diapers

The incident occurred at Block 182A Rivervale Crescent, at around 10am, & left the child with severe injuries. He was reported to be in stable condition on Sunday night.

Stomp understands that the boy may have fallen off a stool located near the washing area of his family's flat that he usually climbs onto to brush his teeth.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the boy's diapers had gotten hooked on a fourth-floor unit's clothes rack, cushioning his fall.

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2-yr-old boy survives fall from 11th-floor Sengkang flat - possibly saved by his diapers
The boy was found by residents lying on a grass patch at the foot of Block 182A Rivervale Crescent at around 10am on Nov 25, 2018. ST PHOTO: JEREMY KWAN

A 2-yr-old boy, who survived an 11-storey fall from a Sengkang Housing Board block on Sunday (Nov 25) morning, was possibly saved by his diapers.

The diapers reportedly caught on the clothes rack of a 4th-floor unit, breaking his fall.

The boy, who was found by residents lying on a grass patch at the foot of Block 182A Rivervale Crescent at around 10am, was rushed to KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) where he was reported to be in stable condition on Sunday night.

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Top Ten Modern Day Miracles Around the World

“There can be miracles, when you believe”,  this is just a line from Whitney Houston’s Song, “When You Believe”. In today’s modern era, where faith is not very popular anymore, it is becoming more difficult to believe in miracles. What we see on social media are usually stories of scandals and negativeness. We can never blame if our society does not believe in what is possible anymore. Not to sound religious, but it is true: all things are possible with God.

No matter what your faith or religion is, it is through faith that can actually save you. We have gathered stories around the world, most are a matter of life and death, some are plain miraculous and others actually are stories that would increase your faith, not just in God but also in other people.

Are you ready to believe in miracles again? Here are top ten stories of miracles around the world:

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Government agency defrauded of $40 million

The biggest case of defrauding a government agency

There are numerous schemes under the SkillsFuture umbrella. They are meant to help Singaporean workers upgrade themselves, so that they can stay relevant, remain employed, and earn higher incomes. However, some people decided to abuse those schemes.

Recently, five members of a criminal syndicate were charged with defrauding the government. They allegedly made close to S$40 million in fraudulent claims from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). They allegedly submitted forged documents to fraudulently obtain training subsidies from SSG. The claims were submitted as applications by companies for reimbursement for training of employees – a scheme that has been around since the 1970s.

As expected, the government got criticised for the incident. How can government be so stupid? How can it lose so much money?

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How Did 5 People Scam SkillsFuture Singapore Of $40 Million?
Was SkillsFuture Scam A Case Of Criminal Masterminds Or A Flaw In The System?

During the PAP’s Convention on 19 November, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke about the strategies that the Government had come up with to help employees upgrade themselves as the economy grows.

One of the strategies was SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), a way for Singaporeans to learn skills needed for jobs in the future. However, little did he know that the institution would fall victim to a criminal syndicate in what’s considered to be one of the biggest cases of defrauding in Singapore to date.

We’re talking nearly $40 million worth of stolen money. What group of criminals would be so daring as to take on a Government programme? And how did they even manage to pull off such a heist? Let’s find out.

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40 million SkillsFuture scam shows the “deplorable state” of civil service and leadership: ex-Presidential candidate

3 men and 2 women, believed to be members of a criminal syndicate, were charged in court this week after they scammed government training grants scheme, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), of a whopping $40 million through fraudulent claims.

According to a press statement released on Tuesday, SkillsFuture revealed that the group had submitted forged documents to fraudulently obtain subsidies and that the suspects reportedly belong to “an organised network that utilised nine business entities, comprising employer companies and training providers, to submit the fraudulent claims. Close to $40 million has been paid out as a result. Police has seized substantial cash and frozen a number of bank accounts involved in the case.”

Former presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian has weighed in on the scam and has asserted that the case “shows clearly the deplorable state of our civil service and the political leadership.”

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First person jailed over $40m SkillsFuture scam; helped sister hide $6.7m at home

A jobless man who helped his sister & brother-in-law launder and hide part of the proceeds of their $40 million SkillsFuture scam - the largest case of a government agency being defrauded - was sentenced to 5 yrs and 8 mths' jail on Tuesday (Nov 27).

Lee Chi Wai, 32, had helped squirrel away $6.7 million in cash and 11kg of gold valued at $626,500 at his Sengkang flat.

He also used $282,500 to buy 5kg of gold and asked his sister for a $30,000 loan to buy a car for himself.

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Man jailed 5 years and 8 months for role in $40M SkillsFuture scam

A man was on Tue (27 November) jailed for 5 yrs and 8 mths for his role in defrauding a public institution of $39.9 million.

Lee Chi Wai, 32, who acted as a money mule, pleaded guilty to two charges of acquiring criminal proceeds and one of concealing such proceeds.

A safe in the unemployed man’s flat contained nearly $7 million in ill-gotten cash & 11kg of gold in November last year, the court heard.

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SkillsFuture fraud: First syndicate member who stashed S$6.6 million in cash, 11kg of gold at home sentenced

The 1st of 5 individuals in a syndicate behind what is believed to be the largest defraudment of a public institution was sentenced to five years and eight months’ jail on Tue (Nov 27).

Lee Chi Wai, 32, pleaded guilty last week to three charges under the Corruption, Drug Trafficking & Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act. They include concealing more than S$6.6 million in cash and 11kg of gold, which form part of the S$40 million allegedly disbursed as a result of bogus SkillsFuture claims.

2 other similar offences were taken into consideration for sentencing by District Judge Luke Tan.

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First member of 5-person syndicate jailed over S$40m SkillsFuture claims scam

An unemployed man who was part of a five-person syndicate that defrauded statutory board SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) of almost S$40 million was sentenced to five years and eight months in jail on Tuesday (Nov 27).

Lee Chi Wai - the 1st person to be sentenced for the scam - was part of a criminal syndicate that had conspired to obtain training subsidies from SSG using forged documents.

The court found that Lee, 32, had helped hide criminal proceeds of S$6.7 million in cash & 11kg of gold in his home, laundering some of the cash.

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Inter-agency task force to review SkillsFuture fraud after S$40m claims scam

An inter-agency task force has been set up to conduct a “thorough review” of SkillsFuture claims, after a series of offences that involved S$40 million worth of fraudulent claims being paid out by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Speaking in Parliament on Mon (Jan 8), Minister for Education (Higher Education & Skills) Ong Ye Kung said that the task force, which is overseen by SSG’s board, will also evaluate the current fraud detection system and make recommendations for improvements.

Under the SkillsFuture national movement announced in 2015, Singaporeans aged 25 and above receive a S$500 credit from the Government to attend courses by approved training providers. The scheme is overseen by SSG.

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Suspected syndicate members behind S$40m bogus SkillsFuture claims charged

In the largest defraudment of a public institution to date, a 41-yr-old Singaporean believed to be part of a crime syndicate was charged in court on Tue (Dec 19) for allegedly making S$40 million of bogus SkillsFuture claims.

Ng Cheng Kwee was slapped with 5 charges, which include forging documents to pass off as a public servant in order to obtain training subsidies from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), concealing benefits from the criminal conduct and obstructing justice.

He is the 5th suspect charged in connection with this case and was described by prosecutors as one of the main perpetrators of the crimes. Four others - two men and two women aged 30 to 59 - were hauled to court last month for a series of alleged offences ranging from fraud to receiving as well as hiding criminal proceeds. Here are examples of previous cases which grabbed the headlines in recent years:
  • Over five years, two female former employees cheated the Singapore Statutory Boards Employees' Co-operative Thrift and Loan Society of S$5.1 milllion worth of its members' savings. They duped the organisation into issuing cheques using names of phantom members. In August, Arni Ahmad, 41, was sentenced to 12 years jail, while her accomplice Hanati Jani, 50, was jailed nine years and eight months.
  • Four men – aged between 29 and 41 – were charged in July, after they allegedly submitted sham SkillsFuture Credit claims worth S$73,000 from hundreds of individuals who had not attended any courses. This was done through training provider firm Biz HR Solutionz, which was subsequently suspended from getting government funding under the scheme. The case is still ongoing.
  • In January, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) discovered that 4,400 individuals had submitted false claims, encashing their SkillsFuture Credit without attending any courses. The bogus claims, which amounted to some S$2.2 million, were detected after SSG's data analytics system found thousands of claims flooding in for the same course. Investigations showed that the individuals acted independently and did not conspire with the training provider.
  • A magician, S Chandran, was charged in January with 58 counts under the Income Tax Act for making fraudulent claims under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme. Between June 2013 and November 2014, he allegedly helped 49 claimants to falsely obtain cash payouts amounting to S$1.1 million in total under the scheme. Chandran had allegedly acted as a PIC broker and received about S$400,000 from the payouts. The case is still ongoing.
  • In 2014, former Ministry of Foreign Affairs protocol chief Lim Cheng Hoe was sentenced to 15 months' jail, after he had cheated the Government of nearly S$89,000 over five years, by overstating expense claims for boxes of pineapple tarts and bottles of wine. They were bought as gifts for official overseas trips and visits.
  • In 2011, two former Singapore Land Authority (SLA) officers were jailed for cheating the organisation of S$12.5 million. Koh Seah Wee and Lim Chai Meng submitted false invoices over two years through various IT firms for fictitious maintenance services and goods that were never needed or delivered. Koh, SLA's former deputy director of technology and infrastructure, was jailed 22 years, while former manager Lim received a 15-year prison sentence.

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Was SkillsFuture Scam A Case Of Criminal Masterminds Or A Flaw In The System?

They’re not the only ones.

While $40 million does make it the largest amount ever cheated, it is perhaps more surprising that this wasn’t the first time SSG had been cheated of their money:
  • In January, a total of 4,400 individuals were found to have submitted false claims by cashing in their credits but not actually attending any courses. Hilariously, the system detected thousands of claims flooding for the exact same course but revealed that everyone involved had actually acted independently. A total of $2.2 million was given out.
  • In July, four men were charged for submitted fake SSG claims worth $73,000 from hundreds of people who didn’t actually attend any courses. The case is still currently ongoing investigations.
  • A duo was sentenced on Tuesday (19 Nov) for submitting fake claims for courses that didn’t exist. They successfully defrauded nearly $20,000.
Here are examples of previous cases which grabbed the headlines in recent years:

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Second Flight Delay In Two Days

Update 27 Mar 2019: Latest S’pore to Taipei Scoot flight incident is 12th major disruption in 5 months
Oxygen masks deployed by pilots as precautionary measure

Scoot has revealed that the activation of oxygen masks on board flight TR996 on Sunday, March 24 was initiated by its pilots. Flight TR996 was travelling from Singapore to Taipei when it experienced abnormal cabin pressure during descent.

Passengers were not informed about the exact nature of the difficulties until now, two days after the incident occurred.

CNA reported this latest incident is the 12th known major flight disruption caused by aircraft technical issues that Scoot has experienced in five months since November 2018.

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SIA and CAAS should look into long flight delays by Scoot

related: S'pore-bound Scoot flight from Greece delayed over 2 days

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Technical issue delays second Scoot flight in two days, this time by 29 hours

Barely a day after a Bangkok-bound Scoot flight from Changi Airport was delayed by 7 hours, passengers on another flight by the airline were hit by another delay on Mon (Nov 26), this time by 29 hours.

Flight TR869 was scheduled to depart from Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport for Singapore at 4:25pm on Monday, but was retimed to 10:10pm on Tuesday.

The airline said the plane was scheduled to depart from Tokyo for Singapore via Bangkok, when it encountered technical difficulties.

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Technical issue with Scoot plane grounds Bangkok passengers for 29 hours
Scoot is the low-cost arm of Singapore Airlines. (File photo: AFP/Roslan Rahman)

Scoot passengers in Bangkok who were due to depart for Singapore on Monday (Nov 26) were hit with a 29-hr delay after their aircraft encountered technical difficulties.

Flight TR869 was due to depart Don Mueang Airport International Airport at 4.25pm on Monday, but was rescheduled to 10.10pm the next day. In response to a query from Channel NewsAsia, Scoot said the plane was scheduled to depart Tokyo for Singapore via Bangkok on Monday when it encountered technical difficulties.

This comes a day after a Scoot flight from Singapore to Bangkok was delayed for nearly 7 hours due to a technical issue.

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Scoot passengers stranded at Changi Airport for 7 hours due to technical issue
Scoot passengers bound for Bangkok, Thailand prepare to board the aircraft around 6 hours after the scheduled departure time. (Photo: Kenneth Loo)

Travellers bound for Bangkok on Scoot airlines flight TR616 were stranded for almost 7 hours at Changi Airport Terminal 2 on Sunday (Nov 25) after their flight was delayed.

The aircraft was scheduled to depart Singapore at 5.30pm, but eventually left at 12.28am.

In response to Channel NewsAsia's queries, Scoot said the delay was due to a technical issue with the "aircraft nose gear door".

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Spate of Scoot 'flight disruptions'
Spate of Teacher-Student Misconduct
Spate of SingPost 'service failures'
Spate of Data Breaches In Singapore
Spate of Fire break outs
Spate of MOH's slip-ups
Spate ofood poisoning cases
Spate of child abuse cases
Spate of molestation and outrage of modesty
Spate of MRT disruptions
Spate of e-bike accidents
Spate of cars flipping over
Spate of vehicles on fire
Spate of facade cladding falling off
Spate of Escalator accidents
Spate of lift accidents
Latest Scoot flight incident is 12th major disruption in 5 months
Second Flight Delay In Two Days
World's Best Airline 2019


If you see just one tiger, look harder!

Look at the stripes of the tiger spelling out the words "THE HIDDEN TIGER". A closer look at the tiger's front leg, body and hind leg reveals the "second tiger".


Inspiring Life Quotes

Heavy rains remind us of challenges in life.  Never ask for a lighter rain, just ask for a better umbrella. - That is the attitude!

Life is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship. It's not how we care in the beginning, but how much we care till the very end.

Some people always throw stones in your path. It depends on what you make with them; a Wall or a Bridge? - Remember you are the architect of your life.

Search for a good heart, but don't search for a beautiful face, coz beautiful things are not always good, but good things are always beautiful.

It’s not important to hold all the good cards in life, but it’s important how well you play with the cards you hold.

Forgive people but that doesn't mean you accept their behavior or trust them. You forgive them for yourself, so you can let go and move on with your life.



Second case of mass gastroenteritis this month

Update 5 Dec 2018: Dozens ill after wedding banquet: Mandarin Orchard Singapore investigated for food poisoning cases

Dozens of people are understood to have fallen ill after attending a wedding lunch banquet at the Grand Ballroom of Mandarin Orchard Singapore on Sunday.

Mr Jeffrey Sivalingam, 61, the father of the bride, told The New Paper yesterday an 8-course meal had been catered for more than 400 guests.

After contacting them yesterday, the retiree said many of them had told him about falling ill after the banquet. "About 4 people from each table fell ill as well as some entire tables," he said.

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131 fall ill in third mass food-poisoning case this month

In the third case of mass food poisoning this month, 131 people – including kindergarten pupils and teachers – fell ill on Monday (26 November) after consuming food from a caterer while attending a learning camp.

In a joint statement released on Tuesday, the National Environment Agency (NEA), Ministry of Health (MOH) and Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) said they are investigating an outbreak of gastroenteritis – inflammation of the stomach and intestines which causes vomiting and diarrhoea. The outbreak was traced to the consumption of food prepared by FoodTalks Caterer & Manufacturer, located at Shimei East Kitchen along Bedok North Street 5. The three authorities carried out a joint inspection of the premises on Tuesday, with food and environmental samples taken for testing and food handlers being sent for stool screening.

According to Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao, the food poisoning victims had attended a learning camp organised by Busy Bees Asia. Organisers said that the camp was stopped immediately upon the outbreak of food poisoning. As of Tuesday, 131 cases of gastroenteritis had been reported. None of the victims have been hospitalised.

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Kindergarten students, teachers hit by food poisoning at camp, caterer under investigation
A bento box prepared by FoodTalks Caterer & Manufacturer. On Monday, 131 people — including kindergarten students and teachers — were hit by gastroenteritis, although none were hospitalised

In the 3rd major case of food poisoning this month, children & teachers at a learning camp fell ill on Monday (Nov 26) after they consumed food prepared by FoodTalks Caterer and Manufacturer.

A total of 131 people — including kindergarten students and teachers — were hit by gastroenteritis, although none were hospitalised.

The camp, which was organised by Learning Horizon, a subsidiary of global childcare chain Busy Bees, was immediately suspended after the food safety incident.

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NEA suspends licence of Tung Lok Catering at Singapore Expo after reports of illnesses

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has suspended the licence of the catering arm of well-known Chinese restaurant group Tung Lok at Max Atria@Singapore Expo until further notice. The suspension, announced on NEA’s website on Friday (23 November), came after cases of gastroenteritis – inflammation of the stomach and intestines which causes vomiting and diarrhoea – were traced to the consumption of food from Tung Lok Catering at 1 Expo Drive.

In response to queries by The Straits Times, the authorities said that 190 people had reported symptoms of gastroenteritis as of Friday. None were hospitalised.

This is the second case of mass gastroenteritis cases traced to catered food this month. On 9 November, NEA announced the licence suspension of Spize Restaurant at River Valley Road after 81 cases of gastroenteritis were traced to bento-box meals prepared by the Asian fusion restaurant for an event. A 38-year-old man died after suffering the illness.

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NEA suspends TungLok Catering at Singapore Expo after at least 190 people fall ill
The National Environment Agency said the suspension of TungLok Catering's licence, which is in the interest of public health, will be until further notice. PHOTO: FACEBOOK / TUNGLOK EVENTS & CATERING

The catering arm of well-known restaurant group TungLok had its licence at the Max Atria at Singapore Expo suspended on Fri (Nov 23) after 190 people reportedly fell ill from eating food prepared at its premises.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said in a notice on its website on Friday that it is working with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) to investigate multiple cases of gastroenteritis traced to the consumption of food from TungLok Catering at 1 Expo Drive.

In response to queries by The Straits Times, the authorities said on Saturday that a total of 190 people had reported symptoms of gastroenteritis as of Friday.

Update: 131 people down with gastroenteritis after consuming food from FoodTalks

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NEA suspends licence of TungLok Catering at Singapore Expo after 190 people fall ill, including SCDF officers

TungLok Catering's suspension will remain in effect until further notice, says NEA. (Photo: Facebook / TungLok Events & Catering)

The catering arm of well-known restaurant group TungLok has had its licence at Max Atria @ Singapore Expo suspended, after 190 people fell ill with symptoms of gastroenteritis.

Officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) were among those who fell ill.

None of the cases were hospitalised, said the Health Ministry, the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) in a joint response to Channel NewsAsia's queries on Sat (Nov 24).

Update: Children, teachers fall ill after food poisoning incident at camp, caterer under investigation

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Man dies after gastroenteritis outbreak at Spize Restaurant at River Valley
The Spize Restaurant outlet at River Valley Road is suspended amid a gastroenteritis outbreak. (PHOTO: Spize @ River Valley Facebook page)

The gastroenteritis outbreak at the River Valley outlet of popular Asian fusion restaurant Spize saw its first fatality on Wednesday (14 November).

Fadli Salleh, 38, had been in critical condition in the intensive care unit of Sengkang General Hospital after eating bento-box meals prepared by Spize’s River Valley outlet for an event on 6 November. Fadli was married with 2 young children.

A total of 72 people suffered gastroenteritis – inflammation of the stomach and intestines – allegedly after consuming food from Spize, growing from an initial news report of 49 cases. The Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Wednesday that nine people remained in hospital in stable condition, while 36 had been discharged.

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Sats Singapore officer dies after eating food from Spize

A Sats Singapore officer died last night after eating tainted food from Spize last week.

Mr Fadli Salleh, 38, a father of 2 young children, was warded in the intensive care unit (ICU) of Sengkang General Hospital after the food poisoning.

It was previously reported that his lungs & kidneys had been affected.

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Spize food poisoning: Number of cases hits 81
Spize's River Valley outlet has been suspended until further notice, and staff there have not been redeployed. ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN

The Health Ministry said yesterday it has linked 9 more cases of food poisoning to food catered from the River Valley branch of restaurant Spize, bringing the total to 81 people. This comes as the one person who died, 38-yr-old Fadli Salleh, was buried yesterday.

His family declined to speak to reporters. The Sats officer and father of two had been in critical condition at Sengkang General Hospital's intensive care unit.

Like others who fell ill, Mr Fadli had eaten a bento box prepared by Spize's River Valley outlet for a Deepavali celebration organised by security company Brink's Singapore and held on its premises at Kaki Bukit on Nov 6.

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Spate of food poisoning cases
Bug or contaminated source may be the cause

In the span of less than 3 weeks, Singapore has been hit with a spate of mass food poisonings, affecting over 400 people in all.

While food hygiene lapses could be one cause, Dr Chia Shi-Lu, chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Health, told The New Paper yesterday the scale & proximity (in terms of time) of the incidences could very well point to something like a bug or contaminated source.

He added that while investigations were still ongoing and he could not say for sure what the cause might be, the fact that there were multiple incidences despite the rigorous food hygiene standards might indicate that it could be something more worrying than just hygiene.

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'Tissue and Cardboard' Sellers

Ex-GIC chief economist Yeoh Lam Keong talks about SG’s elderly shame: Tissue and Cardboard Sellers at Midnight

Yeoh Lam Keong, former chief economist of GIC, and current adjunct professor at National University of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew School of Policy, weighed in on a rather heavy issue plaguing Singaporeans – the number of elderly homeless or having to sell tissue packets or collect cardboard boxes for a living.

In a Facebook post on Friday, November 9, Yeoh shared the story of an elderly tissue seller. He titled his post, “Singapore’s Elderly Shame : Tissue and Cardboard Sellers at Midnight”.

In his post, he shared the story of Lim, who “would leave her home at 5.30pm each day to sell her tissue papers. It is a cooler time of day. She would only go home close to midnight. She makes about $10 or slightly more daily, just enough for her personal expenses”.

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Lam Keong Yeoh 9 November at 00:01
Singapore’s Elderly Shame : Tissue and Cardboard Sellers at Midnight

The Silver Support Scheme currently pays the elderly poor the miserly sum of around $200 a month

Raising it another $600 would cost an additional $1bn annually or about of 0.2% GDP rising to around 0.6% of GDP by 2050 as our population ages.

The modest fiscal cost that we, unlike the cardboard collector in the real story below, refuse to pay so that seniors like them can have a more dignified retirement.

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Tissue seller at midnight

We were having a late supper at a 24-hour food court in Hougang on Thursday. It was about 11:30pm when an elderly woman approached us. “Want to buy tissue?” she asked in Hokkien. The voice sounded familiar to me. I turned around and indeed it was the same elderly lady whom I have seen in other parts of Hougang at other times, peddling her tissue packs at the neighbourhood coffeeshops.

She didn’t wait for a reply. “2 packets for S$1.20,” she said in the local dialect, Hokkien, as she laid the 2 tissue packs on the table. I reached into my wallet and gave her a S$2 note. “You are working late,” I said to her, as she took the money and place it in her purse. “I just came out of the hospital,” she replied. “The other day I fainted and fell. They called an ambulance and sent me to the hospital.”

She had been doing one of her rounds at the coffeeshops when it happened, three weeks ago. “Tan Tock Seng Hospital,” she offered. “I had to stay there for three weeks and was only discharged three days ago.”

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Plight Of The Tissue Peddlers
Old Lady Selling Tissue Paper

I had earlier posted about the PRC man begging (updates below). Curiously, the day after, I met an old lady selling tissue paper outside POMO. I spoke to her at length. She was reluctant to share her personal info but I managed to glean out some. She was going to turn 82 soon. She claimed that both her children didn't give her much hence her need to come out to sell things. She sounded scared to share details even after I assured her of our help because she seemed fearful of her daughter who she claimed had locked her out before. She later said that she was in not too bad a state and only came out to sell occasionally. She also added that she was selling to help someone.

She seemed in good condition and I couldn't determine if she was in financial distress...but at 82 and needing to do this? And with the fragments she shared...I was concerned at her well being from her children.

I asked the authorities to follow up and they found her there after visiting POMO twice. They got more details from her. The assessment is that she doesn't need immediate help but she knows who to follow up with if she does.

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Have you ever Spoken to a Cardboard Uncle or Aunty?
Encik is 82 and has 6 children but doesn't want to depend on them. His wife has some ailments. They are both managing. Our SSO knows of them

How much do we know about the cardboard collectors we see on the street, pushing along loaded trolleys, backs hunched? Recently Minister of Social and Family Development (MSF) Tan Chuan-jin accompanied a group of students to meet box collectors at Jalan Besar. Yet his findings has raised eyebrows among other volunteers.

Reading his post reminded me of a cardboard collector I’d met last year. It was raining when we met her, and she wasn’t going to get very far walking alone pushing her trolley in that downpour, so she agreed to sit down with us at a coffeeshop for a chat.

She’d earned just a couple of dollars that day. She said she wasn’t one of the regular ones because she couldn’t go around collecting cardboard all the time; her husband was sick and needed to be taken to the hospital, and couldn’t be left alone too long when they were at home. His trips to the hospital had become more and more frequent, but it was being deducted from Medisave, she said. Then she dropped the bomb: the last time he’d been to hospital, they’d been told that he had less than $20 left in his Medisave account.

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Hazards being a Cardboard Picker
Death by cardboard collection, more common than…

CARDBOARD collecting isn’t exactly a dangerous activity, but at least three people have died from doing just that over the last two years.

Yesterday (March 30), Madam Poh Ah Gin became the third fatality when a taxi reversed into her at high speed at a carpark in Bedok North Street 2. The 78-year-old was collecting cardboard when the taxi driver lost control of the vehicle while reverse parking and rammed into her twice, killing her.

In November 2014, an 86-year-old woman who had also been collecting cardboard was run down after walking into the blind spot of a bus in Marsiling Lane. Madam Ching Guan Eng was dragged for a short distance, and her trolley and stash of cardboard were stuck under the bus. The coroner ruled her death as an “unfortunate traffic misadventure”.

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Collecting Cardboards from "a form of exercise" to "protecting our environment"
Have you ever Spoken to a Cardboard Uncle or Aunty?

They shared with me that they were surprised by their own findings! The normal perception that all cardboard collectors are people who are unable to take care of themselves financially is not really true. There will be some who do this as their main source of income. Some do so to supplement what they have. Some prefer to earn extra monies, treat it "as a form of exercise" and activity rather than being cooped up at home. They do this to remain independent, so that they can have dignity and not have to ask their families for help.

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When Cardboard Is Gold
NAMELESS: Few care or notice elderly cardboard collectors. More should be done to help these senior citizens

I was staring at the scene where the body of Zheng Yuan Ying, 86, lay pinned under a bus on Wednesday morning. She was killed while making her way to a cardboard-collection point in Marsiling Lane.

It is a grim reminder to me that a job, even as mundane as collecting discarded cardboard, comes with risks.

Barely 20m from where Madam Zheng's body was, three elderly women appeared oblivious that one of their own had been struck down by a vehicle.

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Helping Elderly Cardboard Collectors in Singapore
Have you ever Spoken to a Cardboard Uncle or Aunty?
Hazards being a Cardboard Picker
Collecting Cardboards "form of exercise" & "protecting our environment"
When Cardboard Is Gold
Buskers, Tissue Paper Peddlers, & Street Walkers
Karung Guni: The Rag and Bone Men
'Tissue and Cardboard' Sellers
Plight Of The Tissue Peddlers
Singapore’s Elderly Poor
Golden Year For The Elderlies
Support for the Needy and Elderly
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