British Expat Banker Apologises For Poor Judgment

Anton Casey fired by employer Crossinvest Asia
A day after Mr Anton Casey left Singapore for Perth with his family, his company, Crossinvest Asia has announced that the senior wealth manager is no longer its employee. FOTO: COURTESY OF BERNICE WONG

In a statement on its FaceBook page late Friday night, it said it is deeply concerned that Mr Casey's recent remarks on social media have caused great distress among Singaporeans. "Those comments go against our core corporate and family values that are based on trust, mutual understanding and are respectful of diversity," said the statement.

It said Crossinvest Asia is a family business and Mr Casey's comments "do not represent the culture that we have built over many years". "Accordingly, Crossinvest Asia & Mr Casey have parted ways with immediate effect," it added.

The Straits Times reported today that he & his family left Singapore for Perth on Friday. Mr Casey said it was because of "threats made towards my family". In an email response to The Straits Times, he apologised to the people of Singapore again and offered to do community work "to make amends for my mistakes".

I need to wash off the stench of public transport used by the poor
Miss Singapore Bernice Wong (left), the wife of Mr Casey, alongside Miss Slovac Republic Petra Mokrosova, Miss Slovenia Polona Bas and Miss South Africa Cindy Nell at the 2003 Miss Universe beauty contest in Panama City

Mr Casey, a former London stockbroker, previously worked for HSBC and is married to Bernice Wong, 35, who won the Miss Singapore Universe contest in 2003. The couple married in 2008.

Details of his online gaffes were featured in the local media and on websites and internet forums.

Mr Casey was said to have gone into hiding and spoken to police because of the abuse he was receiving.

Anton Casey goes for online makeover

Briton Anton Casey, who fled to Australia in January after being slammed for denigrating public transport commuters, has made headlines again - this time on purpose.

In what appears to be a bid for an online makeover, the 39-year-old is believed to have posted a video resume of himself on YouTube two weeks ago.

The voice-over points to Mr Casey's "great success" as well as his "deep passion for mentoring" in the 75-second clip which consists of a series of photos, including one of Marina Bay.

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Post-Casey, what expats must do

The Anton Casey saga spurred a public uproar with netizens responding angrily, displaying their unhappiness. A Singapore-based British wealth manager published a series of messages mocking ‘poor’ Singaporeans on his Facebook. The wealth manager eventually apologised through a PR company but his move was deemed insincere. He even received death threats made against his family, prompting him to flee to Australia after his firm fired him.

Not too long ago, Oliver Desbarres, a senior employee from Barclays berated, threatened and threw a metal sheet at a group of construction workers building a house next to his. He was immediately fired from his bank after a video of him went viral on cyberspace. Then there is the Australian expat cyclist who ran into a heated argument on two unrelated incidents. In one he was caught acting aggressively and spewing bile from his mouth at a female driver. He was captured on a camera footage shouting and banging on the lady’s car.

I have personally witnessed expatriates misbehaving in public spaces. I signed up for a charitable run recently where I witnessed cyclists reprimanding the runners to ‘f*** off’ on two separate occasions. In both incidents, the aggressors were middle-aged Caucasian men on the cycling track. During my undergraduate days, I worked in social networking events and encountered snobbish expats behaving distastefully. Many have questioned if this is the kind of talent we want in Singapore where some foreigners exhibit unruly behaviour that irks locals.

Cure for Anton Casey is to befriend Singaporeans less well-off than him: Hri Kumar
The incident also saw him and his employer, wealth management firm Crossinvest Asia, part ways

The cure for people who gained notoriety after making offensive remarks on the Internet, such as Mr Anton Casey, is to get to know and befriend Singaporeans, Member of Parliament Hri Kumar said in a Facebook post on Thursday.

Mr Casey, a British permanent resident here, had referred to users of public transport as "poor people" in a Facebook post in January, adding that he will wash "the stench of public transport" off himself. His remarks began circulating shortly after, sparking outrage among locals. He subsequently left Singapore for Perth, after claiming that threats had been made towards his family.

Mr Hri Kumar believes that the former wealth manager would not have made those remarks if he had Singaporean friends "who are less well off than he is".

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The Last Word

"Thank you awesome Scoot community for the overwhelming response. The Amazingly Cheap (AC) Escape to Perth sale sold out in half a day." - Scoot Facebook, 26 Jan 2014

Budget carrier Scoot's "Escape Plan: Fly to Perth Cheap Cheap, Poor or not!" promotional offer was quickly snapped up, faster than bak kwa sales at Chinatown, even though tar and feathers were not permitted as carry-on luggage.

The accompanying copy said it all: ""Hmm... we heard that Perth has become the destination of choice for an escape. So we decided to work overtime to bring you The great A.C Perth Escape Sale! (A.C for Amazingly Cheap of course.)"

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SIA-owned Scoot jumps on Anton Casey bandwagon to promote it's flights to Perth

Related: Scoot also jumped on the Anton bandwagon - HardwarezoneForum

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How Anton Casey is making life tough for arrogant expat bankers in Singapore

If you’re an expat banker in Singapore, you are strongly advised to keep a low profile over the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays – above all, avoid any behaviour that could mark you out as arrogant or out of touch with local Singaporeans.

Blame Anton Casey, a British wealth manager who works for boutique firm Crossinvest in Singapore. Casey is facing a torrent of online abuse this week from Singaporeans incensed about his offensive Facebook posts – which mock a “retard” taxi driver and the “poor people” who ride underground MRT trains – and his YouTube video, in which he lampoons his local critics for being raised “a wuss”.

His comments, for which he has apologised, are also ill-timed. They are helping to fuel the fire of anti-immigrant sentiment in wealthy Singapore, where foreigners make up about 40% of the population – a percentage second only to Dubai – and are sometimes derided for taking jobs away from locals. Anger boiled over into a rare public protest against government population-growth plans in February last year.

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Banker who sneered at 'stench of poor' loses job and flees Singapore - via economy class
Anger: Singaporeans were infuriated by Anton Casey's comments about the 'stench of public transport'
Anger: Singaporeans were infuriated by Anton Casey's comments about the 'stench of public transport'

The British banker who sparked outrage in Singapore with his sneering comments about 'poor people' has lost his job and been forced to flee the country.

Anton Casey received death threats after his Facebook remarks about the 'stench of public transport' were reposted on websites and forums around the world.

Locals were infuriated and a petition was launched to have Casey deported.

related: Who is Singapore Fat Cat Anton Casey and Why Does He Hate Poor People?

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S’porean lodges police report against Anton Casey

A Singaporean has made a police report against British citizen and Singapore permanent resident (PR) Anton Casey for his by-now-infamous crass remarks on Facebook (‘Briton belittles people taking public transport‘).

The report was made on 22 January 2014 at Paya Lebar NPP in Hougang.

It is not known how the police will be treating (this rich and welcomed Foreign Talent) Anton Casey’s case.

related: Police have confirmed to The Straits Times that a police report against Mr Casey's comments was made on Wednesday

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I have been asked what I thought of Mr Anton Casey and his statements. Like many Singaporeans, I am terribly upset and offended by what he has posted. Deeply offensive, wrong, and unacceptable.

Those who have done well in life should always be looking out for others - especially the less well-off or needy. It is basic human decency. Instead Mr Casey showed contempt. Having money and a Porsche, does not automatically mean that one is superior. Character is important.

I am glad the community has come together to condemn what he has said.


“Poor people” comments by Anton Casey "deeply offensive": Shanmugam
Singaporean minister raps ‘offensive’ expat S’pore govt
Deeply offensive, wrong and unacceptable: Shanmugam
Singapore FM slams 'deeply offensive' remarks by British expat
British expat Anton Casey's posts 'deeply offensive': Shanmugam

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Anton Casey saga makes world news

Briton Anton Casey who earlier posted Facebook messages belittling people taking public transportation in Singapore, has made news all over the world (‘Briton belittles people taking public transport‘).

Major news agencies in the UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Ireland, South Africa and Malaysia are carrying news about Anton Casey and his derogatory Facebook comments against commuters in Singapore.

Full Coverage:
Saudi Gazette: British expat's 'poor people' remark sparks outrage in S'pore
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Gulf Times: Expat banker faces fury for mocking poor in Singapore
Metro: Fury at sneering ex-pat banker who 'thinks he is king'
Google: Real Time Coverage

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Casey helps put S’pore on world map with much less cost

Instead of blowing $387 million on the Youth Olympic Games - which Vivian Balakrishnan threatened to do all over again - to put Singapore on the world map, Casey achieved much more with less expenditure. The publicity generated exceed even the F-1 night race fever, with free coverage in:

Daily Mail
The Independent
London Evening Standard
The Times
The Telegraph
The Australian AU News
Gulf Times
Arab News
The UAE National
South Africa Independent Online
The Times of India
South China Morning Post
HK Standard

Don't be surprised if a National Day Award is already lined up, and wife and kid will be featured at the National Day Rally speech. Then again, you may beg to differ with the PM's attitude with which we must approach the Anton contribution. In that case, remember the Indonesian president's book title - "Selalu Ada Pilihan".

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Anton Casey's comments on "poor people" in Singapore make headlines in British press

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Anton Casey, British Businessman, Apologises For Mocking Posts About 'Poor People' In Singapore
Anton Casey is married to former Miss Singapore, Bernice Wong

As Singaporeans spread the distasteful pictures across social media, more posts were unearthed, including a picture of a taxi driver wearing arm warmers and gloves, who he called a "retard", adding: “After 11 years residency I am still trying to understand these people.”

As the fury mounted, a YouTube clip of Casey emerged, where he appeared to taunt his critics as "wusses".

Christophe Audergon, managing director of Crossinvest Asia, said: “We are investigating the comments made by our employee and will take appropriate action once we are in possession of all the facts.”

Anton Casey’s employer “investigating” his comments

The employer of Mr Anton Casey, whose Facebook postings have caused outrage among Singaporeans (and others), has said that Casey’s comments “were made in poor taste.”

Mr Casey’s firm Crossinvest Asia is investigating his comments and is set to take “appropriate action” once the review is completed, British newspaper, The Independent reported.

In a statement, Managing director Christophe Audergon said: “Crossinvest does not condone the comments. We believe they were made in poor taste.”

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Open letter to HSBC S’pore on Anton Casey

Dear Sirs, I am a long-time shareholder (since 1984) and a client (since 1981), and am someone who has had friends working there: locals and international officers, and am writing this letter more in sorrow than anger.

I hope HSBC does the right thing by S’poreans especially its local customers, and moves on the FT (where T stands for Trash not Talent) by the name of Anton Casey out of the bank. His so-called attempt at humour does not reflect well on the bank because he is holding a senior position in wealth management.

One would be reasonable in wondering of the quality and discretion of HSBC’s management when such a senior executive exercises such an appalling lack of judgement and sensitivity.  Especially since HSBC prides itself on being the “global local bank”.

related: The Worst Local Bank

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Expat Anton Casey apologises for 'poor' remarks about commuters

A BRITISH expat who referred to public transport commuters in Singapore as "poor people" in a Facebook post has apologised for his remarks.

Wealth manager Anton Casey, 39, said in a statement last night: "I deeply regret having offended and disrespected the people of Singapore.

"I wish for nothing more than to be forgiven for my poor judgment and given a second chance to rebuild the trust people have had in me as a resident of this wonderful country."

British expat's 'poor people' remark sparks outrage in Singapore
British expat Anton Casey on anti-Singaporean Facebook posts: Please forgive me
British banker forced to apologise after 'poor people' comments spark furore in S'pore
Expat Anton Casey sorry for 'poor' transport call in Singapore
British expat banker causes uproar after mocking "poor people" calling taxi driver "retard"
British banker: I need to wash off the stench of public transport used by the poor
Former Miss S’pore Universe’s husband’s anti-social rant results in massive backlash
Anton Casey, British Businessman, Apologises For Mocking Posts About 'Poor People'
Banker feels stench of public invective
'Daddy, who are all these poor people?' How Anton Casey's FB comments dissed S'poreS’poreans touched by British expat Anton Casey’s heartfelt apology
The Anton Casey & Bernice Wong story
Anton Casey: Fear and Loathing of Singapore's Arrogant Westerners
Where has all our empathy gone?
To make principles matter, they have to be applied across the board

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What You Say Online Can Affect You: Indranee

Take care what you put online - that is one of the key lessons which can be drawn from the ongoing furore involving Mr Anton Casey's Facebook posts.

Speaking on the sidelines of a community event to the Straits Times, Senior Minister of State for Law and Education Indranee Rajah said that with the spread of social media, people need to be mindful of what they say on the Internet, which has a global audience. She is the latest politician to weigh in on the uproar, which was sparked after the senior wealth manager called the public transport here smelly and its users “poor people.”

She said she was "appalled" by Mr Casey's comments, which she noted were "truly objectionable" because they showed "his complete lack of empathy or identification with other people living here". "Wealth does not make you a better person," she added.

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The PR Case For Casey

So Singapore’s most reviled expat Anton Casey has hired Fulford, a public relations firm, to burnish his tattered image. His “case’’ has made headlines in the United Kingdom so that his home country knows what a loud lout he’s been in Singapore. Even his company has come out to distance itself from him. Since he has apologised etc and we good Singaporeans should really move on but can’t seem to, here’s some unsolicited advice for his PR firm to help out their client.

a) Give a back story. Hopefully, he grew up poor in some back alley and made good. A rags to riches story which Singaporeans always like to read about because that’s what we want to go through too. Then somehow he forgot his “roots’’ and lost his way. Now he’s seen the light. Wonderful fairy-tale. Grimm-like.

b) Get his clients to give testimonials of his good behaviour. Like how he offered a client a lift in his Porsche when the client’s Ferrari was in the workshop.

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Casey apologises but gets PR firm and lawyers to hound Singaporeans

If someone is really apologetic and sorry about what he has done, would he engage a PR firm to front his apology and get his lawyers to go after those who shared and posted the hate that he spread? Obviously, not. Anton Casey even claims that his FB was hacked and the video was taken out of context. Looks like this British FT never learn his lesson.

Fulford Public Relations is a British firm ran by Brits who might just work for money, or sympathise with their fellow countrymen, or both. Fulford is not cheap just by looking at the kind of clients who engage them, StanChart bank, Courts, Evian, and various government agencies.

What's more convenient for Anton Casey, the Fulford office is located just besides Crossinvest Asia, one at 76B and the other at 75B Amoy Street. Just gather at the local pub over beer, like what Brits expats like to do.

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Netizens don’t buy Casey’s apology & want him deported

TRE has received the above screengrab that shows disgraced Briton Anton Casey insulting a Singaporean taxi driver (http://mothership.sg/2014/01/former-miss-spore-universes-husbands-anti-social-facebook-rant-results-in-massive-online-backlash/).

It looks like Anton Casey’s bad attitude and arrogance is not a one-off attempt at being humorous but an ingrained attitude of white supremacy, arrogance and an over-inflated ego.

TRE readers are clearly still angry with Mr Casey’s Facebook comments despite his public apology to the “people of Singapore” made through a public relations company (‘Briton Anton Casey apologises to the people of S’pore‘).

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Expat apologising for insensitive remark: Not personal enough?

Expatriate Anton Casey (above), 39, has sparked much criticism for labelling public transport commuters here as “poor people”.

He has said “sorry”.

But he did it through his public relations (PR) firm. Now people are questioning why he had hired a PR firm to issue a statement of apology on his behalf rather than apologise himself.

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Jim Armitage: Expat who mocked the poor in Singapore is not unique

Singaporeans may be angry at the fund manager Anton Casey for his loathing of the ordinary folks on their island. But they shouldn't be surprised.

Because their government has created a country that sells itself to Westerners almost entirely with the lure of paying little or no income tax. Such a compact will always attract the type of expat for whom, like the late Margaret Thatcher, the concept of society and the shared endeavour that goes with it, is a nonsense. Why should I pay for other people's healthcare /education /public transport when I don't use it myself?

Anton Casey may flee Singapore after having his views aired in public, but he will surely leave many more like him behind.

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Fury at sneering ex-pat banker who ‘thinks he is king
A wealthy British banker has been sent death threats after mocking ‘poor people’ and branding a cabbie a ‘retard’ in Singapore

Expat fund manager Anton Casey, who is married to former Miss Singapore Universe Bernice Wong, prompted anger by posting comments on Facebook about the ‘stench of public transport’.

The 39-year-old uploaded a picture on Sunday of his five-year-old son on a metro train, with the caption ‘Daddy, where is your car & who are all these poor people?’. A second image showed the boy waving from inside a Porsche, with the message: ‘Normal service can resume, once I have washed the stench of public transport off me.’

Another post mocked the taxi driver for wearing mittens in hot weather. ‘After 11 years residency, I am still trying to understand these people,’ it said.

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Banker feels stench of public invective

A Porsche-driving British wealth manager in Singapore who referred to public transport commuters as "poor people" has apologized after his Facebook posts sparked an uproar.

Anton Casey, 39, who is married to a former Singapore beauty queen, had referred to washing "the stench of public transport off me."

Furious internet users lashed out at Casey, a Singapore permanent resident, with many subjecting him and his family to verbal abuse.

Expat banker faces fury for mocking poor in Singapore

A British wealth fund manager has been forced into hiding in Singapore after he apparently mocked “poor people” who used public transport and called a cabbie a “retard”.

To make matters worse, former London banker Anton Casey, 39, said in a YouTube video: “I don’t mean to offend anyone. Don’t be angry at me. Be angry with your mum and dad for raising you a wuss.”

Porsche-driving Casey, who has a five-year-old son with his wife, Miss Singapore 2003 Bernice Wong, claims his family have received death threats and has gone to the police.

Death threats for British banker who joked about smell of Singapore’s poor
Anton Casey and Bernice Wong
Anton Casey, who referred to a cabbie as 'a retard', with his wife, Bernice Wong

A few days ago, he was just another well-heeled expatriate financier flourishing in a profession that requires absolute discretion — advising Asian plutocrats on how to get richer.

Now a British banker based in Singapore has been forced into issuing a public apology after provoking a storm of protest by calling commuters “poor”, complaining about the “stench” of public transport and labelling a local cabbie “a retard”.

Anton Casey, whose incendiary observations were originally pasted on his private Facebook account, apologised yesterday for "offending and disrespecting" the people of Singapore.

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British expat causes uproar in Singapore after mocking locals

A British businessman has issued an apology after receiving death threats in Singapore for mocking "poor people" and calling a taxi driver a "retard" in a series of abusive remarks

Anton Casey, a fund manager married to a former Miss Singapore, has caused an uproar in the country after posting a picture of his son sitting on a train on Facebook with the caption: "Daddy, where is your car & who are all these poor people?"

Another photo shows the five-year-old in his Porsche, with an equally offensive caption: "Ahhhh reunited with my baby. Normal service can resume, once I have washed the stench of public transport off me."

In a separate Facebook post, the former London stockbroker insulted a local cabbie for wearing a towel on his lap and hand warmers while driving.

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Expat who said ONLY POOR & STINKING PEOPLE use the MRT is the husband of ex-Miss S'pore

Two Facebook posts complaining about MRT commuters have lit up social media this week, prompting some netizens to dig up personal details of the Briton who made them.

In the posts, the writer called MRT riders "poor people" and also mentioned him washing off "the stench of public transport".

They were posted by Mr Anton Casey, a senior wealth manager who lives here with his Singaporean wife, former Miss Singapore Bernice Wong, and their son.

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Porsche-driving British expat causes outrage over ‘poor people’ Facebook comments

A Porsche-driving British wealth manager in Singapore who referred to public transport commuters as “poor people” has apologised after his Facebook posts sparked an online furore.

Anton Casey, a 39-year-old senior wealth manager in the financial sector, had also referred to washing “the stench of public transport off me” in one of his posts on the social network.

Furious online readers flooded websites on which his remarks were posted with comments, many of which subjected him and his family to verbal abuse.

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Expat Anton Casey sorry for 'poor' transport call in Singapore

A PORSCHE-DRIVING British wealth manager in Singapore who referred to public transport commuters as "poor people'' has apologised.

Anton Casey, a 39-year-old who is married to a former Miss Singapore Universe Bernice Wong, had also referred to washing "the stench of public transport off me'' in one of his posts on the social network.

Furious internet users lashed out at Mr Casey, a Singapore permanent resident, with many subjecting him and his family to verbal abuse.

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Idiocy has nothing to do with nationality

Mr Anton Casey, the Brit who’s become an overnight sensation with his stinky remarks about Singapore’s MRT train commuters, has been receiving much online flak.

So much so that he and his wife, former Miss Singapore Universe Bernice Wong, have removed their social media profiles.

Still, netizens have managed to dig up stuff on him and his family.

related: Sorry, I Had Poor Judgment

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Go Home, Mr Casey

The (ongoing) saga involving Anton Casey is unfortunate. But the blame, if he is looking for it, lies squarely on his shoulders.

I think Singaporeans are a very kind and hardworking people. We have collectively built up this country into what it is today – the envy of many, not only from so-called “third world” countries but also those in “first world” countries such as Mr Casey’s United Kingdom.

Singaporeans also understand that foreigners have contributed to our success, which some described as a “miracle”, economic and all. Indeed, throughout our short 48-year history, we have always welcomed and work and lived with our foreign friends. And we continue to welcome them, political consequences notwithstanding but that is another matter. And we are rather proud, in a good positive way, that so many from all parts of the world want to come here, be it for work or for play, or even to become “one of us” as citizens.

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He pulled my sleeve and told me to boldly cross the busy street when we were Hong Kong, telling me that he is "Kwai Lo" (Hong Kong term for expat) and nobody will dare run him down. And he was right. The van screeched to a halt and we made it across the street safely. I turned to apologize to the driver but he just waddled off. I was shocked that he was so confident that he would get the same treatment in any Asian country, since he has worked in Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore. For the first time, I regretted employing him as our CFO.

That evening, we had dinner and I apologized that he waited for five minutes and mentioned it was bad manners. He told me he expected no manners or etiquette from Chinese, since we spit into the bowls we eat out of. Though I was angry, I just smiled politely. And that is the problem. Because we choose to be polite, people like him think we are stupid. Because we are not confrontational, we are weak. That was the last C-level Brit I have ever employed when I was running my companies.

At our annual meeting a few years back, our outgoing President made a remark that set everyone in the room laughing. His remark was, "Singaporeans can't write." I wasn't sure if that was a joke or a criticism. And when he said that, I looked around the room to search for some kind of reaction, since it was a room full of academics who depended on their writing to make a living. But they just laughed, as politely as I did when I was told I had no table etiquette even before I started sat at the table.

British expat, husband of former Miss Singapore, apologises for calling commuters "poor people"

An expatriate who referred to commuters on public transport as "poor people" in his Facebook post has apologised on Tuesday in a statement sent to the press.

British national Anton Casey, who is married to former Miss Singapore Universe Bernice Wong, added that he and his family had received death threats and that he had exercised "poor judgment" in his earlier comments.

In a statement issued through Fulford Public Relations, he said: "I would like to extend a sincere apology to the people of Singapore."

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British expat Anton Casey on anti-Singaporean Facebook posts: Please forgive me
British national and private wealth manager Anton Casey.

A private wealth manager in Singapore who sparked outrage online for referring to public transport commuters as "poor people" has apologised.

In a statement issued through Fulford Public Relations on Tuesday, British national Anton Casey said, "I deeply regret having offended and disrespected the people of Singapore. I have the highest respect and regard for Singapore and the good people of Singapore; this is my home."

Several of Casey's comments caused public outrage when screengrabs of his Facebook posts surfaced on various Singapore websites and forums on Monday.

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"Poor People" of Singapore, let's go have a beer!

Well played, The Tuckshop, for your beer special in "honour" of Anton Casey, the British national and private wealth manager in Singapore who referred to public transport commuters as "poor people" who contribute to the "stench of public transport".

Anton, who is a Senior Wealth Manager with Crossinvest Asia, has since apologized through his PR agency.

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Statement from Anton Casey

Dear sir, for your immediate publication on SgTalk

I would like to extend a sincere apology to the people of Singapore. In the past 24 hours due to a recent chain of events, which include my misguided attempt at humour, a security breach of my personal Facebook page and the misuse of an old video by unknown sources, my family, especially, my five-year-old son has suffered extreme emotional and verbal abuse online.

It must be made extremely clear that a YouTube video of me, with my son in the background was not posted in response to any recent events. This video was made weeks prior and has been misused to portray me as unrepentant. Police investigation into this matter, including receiving death threats, is ongoing.

I have offended and disrespected the people of Singapore, my family - especially my five-year-old son. He is an innocent party to this unfortunate and extremely stressful situation. I wish for nothing more than to be forgiven for my poor judgement and given a second chance to rebuild the trust people had in me as a resident of this City – specifically for my family. Regards,

Anton S Casey

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Anton Casey's apology and response / follow up.

What do you guys think? Do you think that he is sincerely sorry or is he apologizing to try to protect his son and wife from further abuse and harassment? It can be pretty extreme - death threats, good grief. By all means criticize Anton Casey if you want and judge him by what he has said and done - but to drag his disabled son into the matter is simply too low. I have found too many cruel remarks by Singaporeans on social media mocking his disabled son and I'm like really? Is that how low you Singaporeans will stoop - will you attack and mock a disabled young child? That makes you guys far worse than Anton Casey.

Leave his son alone.

Personally, I feel sorry for him because I know what it is like to be the victim of a vicious hate campaign, where people you don't know suddenly lash out at you. In my case, this was when I gave an interview to the BBC last year about why I left Singapore for the UK and oooh boy, what followed was unreal. I would get thousands of hits on my Linkedin page from Singaporeans and even my sister received thousands of hits on her Linkedin page - now my Linkedin page is in the public domain, like my blog.  But there's an element of lr lang jiat pa boh tai tji chor si boh? ("are you guys really so bored?") to it, it takes the Hokkien concept of boh liao to whole new level. I would love it if these people just came to my blog and engaged me here - but they prefer to make up crazy shit about me. Where do I begin? How does one even begin to respond to people like that? 

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Proud of my 'poor' Singaporean stench

When members of the public asked him why he made those remarks, he apparently deleted his Facebook accountand later posted an apology with a clarification <HERE>.

Although I am shocked by the Briton's remarks, I am not totally surprised. Let me tell you why.

With COEs hovering over the $70,000 mark, and with financing restrictions on motor vehicle loans, it certainly looks like eventually, only the rich would be able to afford and drive cars in Singapore. Already 63 percent of Singaporeans take the public transport now. The Government wants to increase this to 70 percent.

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SMRT Stinks

Like thousands of others, resident foreign talent Casey has a bitch about Singapore's public transportation system. No, it's not about the fare hike and the frequency of breakdowns. Casey had to send his Porsche to the workshop and downgrade to an alternative malodorous mode of travel to his day job as Senior Portfolio Manager (Team Leader), HSBC International Banking Centre.

My friend's wife knew it was a bad move her husband bought a Ferrari when she overheard her son's exchange at the kindergarten playground:

"Did you come to school in the sports car?" 
"Nah, we used mom's crappy Japanese SUV."
So who's the retard, father or son?

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Kid who wonders who are all these poor people on the train

Mr. Anton Casey, who drives a Porsche and was feeling upset when he had to take public transport which doesn't smell very good to him. Meanwhile, offspring with his ex Miss-Singapore wife asks: "Who are all these poor people?" on the train.

Anton was running out of patience to "finally wash the stench of public transport off him” after his car is repaired. He an asset management executive at Singapore investment firm drives a Porsche and is very dissatisfied about being on public transport.

The Talented Mr Casey's GCP-wife, Bernice Wong (former Miss Singapore 2003) made some noteworthy comment that Singaporean guys are are childish, baby-ed too much and effeminate.

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Former Miss S’pore Universe’s husband’s anti-social Facebook rant results in massive online backlash

A Facebook user, by the name of Anton Casey, shared a photo — supposedly taken on Jan 19 — of his son taking the train with an unprovoked insult directed at MRT train commuters:

Within minutes, this flame-bait was shared across forums, websites and social media.

It was soon discovered, Anton Casey is the husband of Miss Singapore Universe 2003, Bernice Wong:

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Miss SG’s Foreigner Husband calls commuters that take MRT: “POOR PEOPLE”
What’s your take on this? Do you think it’s fair for us to provide opportunities for this foreign talent and receive such verbal bashings from him?
PS: They have since deleted all their facebook accounts, acknowledging the deed.Update: A public apology from Anton Casey to all netizens.
Would you give him another chance?

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Poor S’poreans apologise to rich white guy
Singaporeans from all walks of life are apologising profusely to a rich white guy

This after the rich white guy had to take the MRT train with his son and was exposed to foul smells emanating from poor people surrounding him on the public transport.

One local, See Baey Chao, said: “Singaporeans are very sorry the rich white guy has to stay in Singapore.”

“Because if you are really rich and successful, you actually stay in the Bahamas. And not have to work.”

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White man insults singaporeans after calling pple who take the mrt poor

Aww Anton Casey. Why did you delete your Facebook and Twitter? And it seems that you are clearing all traces of your derogatory posts on your social media accounts?

Don't worry, people like you wouldn't be fun to deal directly with. 
The real fun comes with dealing things that matter to you.

Like your job. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW4-jLop5Ws

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Briton Anton Casey’s lawyer writes to TR Emeritus

A Briton, Anton Casey, posted a couple of Facebook photos and messages which went viral yesterday (‘Briton belittles people taking public transport‘, 20 Jan)

With regard to the above matter, Mr Casey has instructed his lawyer to write to TR Emeritus (TRE) today (21 Jan), requesting TRE to take down the 2 Facebook pictures.

His lawyer said that the pictures are Casey’s personal property and they had been taken from his Facebook account without his permission. Apparently, Mr Casey has also made a police report against threats to harm his family:

TRE respects the copyrights of others. Hence, we have taken down the 2 pictures in the article, ‘Briton belittles people taking public transport‘.

As Mr Casey’s lawyer said the matter has been “blown out of all proportions”, TRE has offered Mr Casey a chance to give his side of the story i.e. to clarify the 2 offensive Facebook messages he had posted earlier:

related: Briton Anton Casey apologises to the people of S’pore

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Welcome, Anton Casey, to Social Media

Someone just learned that social media is public, even when it is set to private. The case of Anton Casey has shown that nothing is hidden online.

In response to this event, sites like mothership.sg have tried to be helpful, offeringadvice like “The moral of the story? Always set your Facebook account to private.” Great advice! Online privacy! Of course, that’s utterly impractical. Facebook is not for privacy. If you want privacy, you write your thoughts down in a hard copy diary, in a personal language you invented, with a complex cipher. Then you burn the diary. Then you eat the ashes.

Facebook is for showing off your rants and getting affirmation in return. Facebook is the gamification of popularity. When you want to be publicly private about your latest bitchfit, you go to Facebook and set it to “friends”. Safe, we think.

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British FT Anton Casey is a mf ch**bye kia

I have always respect the freedom of the Internet. You can say what u want but be sure others will also have their piece too. If you are disrespectful and spread your bigotry, be warn the internet public out there will hunt you down. And folks, please stop making police reports for every f*ck thing. The police very busy with Little India right, just let the whole Singapore recognise this f*cked up family. Haha.

So it started with this FB post by Anton Casey who had to take the MRT train with his son because his Porsche was sent into the shop. In gist, he said that poor people take the MRT and that public transport has a certain stench:

With such a ch**bye arrogant attitude, his post started to go viral and people found out that Anton Casey is actually the husband of Bernice Wong, a Miss Singapore Universe winner of 2003. Bernice Wong famously said, "I have never been able to click with local guys. Somehow, our personalities don't add up." Their son, Caelen, is six years old is this year.

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Briton belittles people taking public transport

It is not clear if he was referring to the commuters or the train he took when he said he had to “wash the stench of public transport” off him.

SPH initially published the news today (20 Jan) about the posts made by the foreigner but for some reason, they decided to delete it later:
Fortuitously, some netizens managed to screengrab the article from Stomp before it was deleted:

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The wife of Mr Anton Casey is a former Miss Universe Singapore 2003 winner

She made a controversial statement in the mainstream media a decade ago when she said that Singapore men are sheltered and childish and are not good enough for her.

How do you feel Singaporeans?


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Anton Casey

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Arrogant Crossinvest Banker Anton Casey calls Singaporeans a 'wuss'
"Before we start this journey together it is important for you to understand. I don't mean to offend anyone. Don't be offended, don't be angry at me. Be angry at your mom and dad, for raising you a wuss. Taadaa!"