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From Sim Teo Wong to Indranee

Mother Tongue language exposure of children is varied, says Sim Ann

Minister of State for Education Sim Ann said many pre-school organisations are interested in strengthening a child's grasp of the Mother Tongue

The Mother Tongue language exposure of children in Singapore is varied, says Minister of State for Education Sim Ann. She said many pre-school organisations are interested in strengthening a child's grasp of the Mother Tongue.

Ms Sim said: "We have children who primarily speak English at home, and have not enough exposure to the Mother Tongue language in the home environment, but we also have children who experience the opposite.

Trying to create a good environment for them to learn both English and Mother Tongue language, I think is important to bear in mind this variance in the landscape."

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Many partners needed to improve information literacy: Sim Ann

Ms Sim Ann, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Communications and Information, and Education. Improving the public's information literacy requires co-operation with many different partners, said Ms Sim Ann on Thursday, Aug 15, 2013. -- ST FILE PHOTO: SEAH KWANG PENG

Improving the public's information literacy requires co-operation with many different partners, said Ms Sim Ann, senior parliamentary secretary for communications and information, on Thursday morning. She was speaking at the launch of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions Satellite Meeting on Information Literacy and Reference Services, a discussion session which is part of a larger library conference being held here.

The Internet age has been hugely beneficial, but also raised questions about how to rate the credibility and authenticity of sources, said Ms Sim. "Hence, it is important to equip our people, especially the next generation, with the skills to be discerning users of information."

To that end, the National Library Board works closely with the Education Ministry to teach info-literacy through the school curriculum for students aged nine to 18. More than 2,000 teachers have been trained to teach this since the programme began last year.

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Of wrongful pride and prejudice

Local-foreigner relations can be dicey, to say the least

I see this in my work as a Member of Parliament. It is not unusual for residents, complaining about noise or litter created by their neighbours, to whisper to me in lowered tones: "You know, they are foreigners." Sometimes they are; frequently they are not.

Any community dispute where one party is a Permanent Resident or a foreigner is likely to have an invidious dimension. It takes all the tact and skill one can summon to keep both sides focused on the actual problem, and not let identity conflict cloud the issue. That is easier said than done, and I for one don't always succeed.

Recently, I was asked to adjudicate between two households quarrelling over corridor space.

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What we are seeking to bring forth is the argument that the foreign labour and immigration policies of the PAP have been deeply flawed: it has failed to inject an element of sensibility, proportion and sensitivity to our social fabric.

Most crucially, it has failed to place Singaporeans first.Now does that surprise you, Sim Ann? It probably does given the propensity of PAP MPs to group think.

But Sim Ann, given the many false accusations you have levelled at Gerald and the Workers Party in addition to your own culpability - as an erstwhile top civil servant - in many of the misguided policies of the PAP, maybe the title of your article "Of Wrongful Pride and Prejudice" was really referring to you.

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Dialogue Session With Minister Of State Sim Ann
I'm on the extreme left, while MOS Sim Ann is second from the right

I recently had the privilege of discussing the future of Singapore’s education system with Minister of State for Education, Sim Ann.

The participants invited to the dialogue session included a few other bloggers who write regularly about issues related to education.

It was encouraging to hear Sim Ann’s plans for the coming years, which are focused on student-centric and values-based programs.

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Better educated S’poreans are now opposing for the sake of opposing

Sr. Parl. Sec. Sim Ann has spoken of online comments that ‘spew hate and prejudice against individuals or groups’. Had her radar been better tuned, she would have come to the realization that a sizeable number of the better educated Singaporeans and intellects are so disillusioned with many of the Government’s marginal or adverse policies that they pour their disenchantment onto the Internet.

What has happened to the psyche of the nation? Surely the Prime Minister and his Ministerial colleagues are aware of the malaise. And in calling for a National conversation he has added fuel to this latent fire of hatred.

Despair, despair, despair. It is the Government’s attitude in many ways that add to the miseries of Singaporeans (high cost of living, overcrowding, expensive housing, employment competition, lower wages, education policies favoring foreigners, etc.) to such extent that these educated Singaporeans now simply oppose for the sake of opposing. The build-up and surge of opposition to the Government has been going on for some time after GE2011 and this must be a worrying trend and a cause of concern for any serious Government.

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What is PAP MP Sim Ann trying to insinuate with her "joke" on Facebook?

Ms Sim Ann posted the following joke on her Facebook page, after the media conference for the launch of 'Our Singapore Committee' yesterday (8 Sep)]:
After attending the media conference for the launch of Our Singapore Committee this morning, I met a friend.

Friend: Media conference huh? So what did you say?

Me: I said that I look forward to conversing with fellow Singaporeans, especially on the things we could all do with a little more of – kindness, love, humour.

Friend: Humour got what use? You all better spend time doing something more useful.

Me: Ok, such as…?

Friend: Such as slaying sacred cows.

Me: Sacred cows?

Friend: Yah. Start with slaying these two. Cow-peh and Cow-bu.
  1. Another PAP MP insults us again..WTF!! - Hardwarezone Forum
  2. Sim Ann takes a dig at Sporeans: Slay the ‘cow peh cow bu’ - Temasek Times
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PAP MP Sim Ann attacks netizens for making ‘hate speech’ against foreigners

When NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu scolds Singaporeans ‘dogs’ online, not a single minister or MP stepped forward to condemn him. Instead, Singaporeans were asked to ‘reflect’ on their own actions by PAP MP Baey Yam Keng.

However, when Singaporeans complain about foreigners online, they are labeled as being ‘xenophobic’ in a desperate attempt to deflect public attention and criticisms from the government’s failed immigration policies.

In a lengthy editorial published in a propaganda paper owned by the state, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Law Sim Ann lashed out at online comments that “spew hate and prejudice against individuals or groups,” describing them as ‘hate speech’

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I am against hate speech of all kinds: Sim Ann

The following is a reply from MP Sim Ann to Mrs Lina Chiam's statement which we published here earlier.

I refer to the letter "Govt should change rhetoric on xenophobia" by Mrs Lina Chiam, NCMP of the Singapore People's Party.

I believe Mrs Chiam is alluding to my article in the Straits Times, "Of Wrongful Pride and Prejudice".

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She is the first pregnant MP

SHE is Singapore's first pregnant Member of Parliament (MP). And she may soon be the first political office bearer to go on maternity leave.
Newly elected MP and now Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Education Sim Ann, 36, announced on her Facebook fan page yesterday that she was expecting her third child.
In a note entitled "Something to share with my friends", she said she is due to deliver in late November.

related: Sim Ann gives birth to baby boy, 1st MP to do so while in office
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How to better support families: Josephine Teo
One of the priorities of Budget 2014 is to better support families, said Senior Minister of State for Finance Josephine Teo

She said this would include healthcare and supporting the efforts families are making towards their children's education - from preschool to tertiary levels.

Mrs Teo said: "In recent budgets and even in the National Day rally two years ago, Prime Minister had spoken about how we were putting in much more effort to organise our pre-school sector in a way that meets today's needs so I think some initial progress has been made in these areas and we will build on them."

She added: "Whilst supporting families includes helping where education is concerned, I think one other important aspect is how we can help with healthcare because that is always a concern where families with seniors are concerned.

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The latest gaffes to come out from the PAP comedy soundbox belong to Josephine Teo, the Senior Minister of State for Transport and Finance.

Here are some noteworthy ones from her recent interview with the PAP-run "Singapolitics":

On free MRT travel:
"People weren’t necessarily shifting because they wanted to save $1.25. (It) allowed them a lifestyle change. One lady I spoke to comes into the office earlier (and) goes home earlier: “Now I have more time to cook dinner and spend with my family. I’m enjoying it a lot.”
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I read this interview with our Senior Minister of State for Transport and Finance Josephine Teo. She talks about the annual Budget, her work as an MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC and personal life.

I was disturbed when i read that "Sometimes they also scratch their heads and say: “Why are people so angry?”

I am disappointed that despite being paid million dollars salary for their outstanding resume, organizing so many committees to look into the problems and netizens giving them feedback online via social media they are still wondering why Singaporeans are "so angry"?

related: Josephine Teo: 'I’d have had four kids if not for politics'

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Josephine Teo: 'I’d have had four kids if not for politics'

That’s why our ability to respond when things don’t go as well as we would like them to, has been affected. Sometimes we also scratch our heads and say: “Why are people so angry?”

I had dinner with a well-regarded government leader from our region. This person comes to Singapore for private short breaks. I asked this person: “Why do you come?” (He said): “To be encouraged and to be inspired.” People always say you must appreciate your own home.

There’s truth in that.
related: Josephine Teo: ‘Free MRT rides has allowed lifestyle change’

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Josephine Teo: ‘Why are people so angry?’

If Singapore is the near-utopia Ms Teo thinks it is, why are so many Singaporeans so angry?

Ms Teo seems to blame “angry Singaporeans” for interfering with the government’s ability to govern Singapore. According to her, the government’s ability to rectify things is affected, presumably by noisy, angry Singaporeans.

Is Ms Teo right to say angry Singaporeans stymie the government? Do they cramp the government’s style?

It is true Singaporeans have become increasingly angry with the government in recent years. They have lamented the government’s policies (e.g. 6.9 million Population White Paper), lack of foresight (e.g. Little India riot), unpreparedness (e.g. haze) and poor governance (e.g. ridiculously high public housing prices, shortage of hospital beds).

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Do we have a good country?

Josephine Teo shared her chit chat with a foreign leader who came here quite often. And this was what she commented. ‘ I had dinner with a well-regarded government leader from our region. This person comes to Singapore for private short breaks. I asked this person: “Why do you come?” (He said): “To be encouraged and to be inspired.” People always say you must appreciate your own home. There’s truth in that.’

I fully agree with her that we have built a great place to live in. And why are Singaporeans so angry, she asked. I won’t want to comment why she asked such a question. It is like some MP asking, why got poor people in Singapore meh? Ignorance, living in cloud nine, refusing to come to terms with what is around her, and worse, thinking that all Singaporeans are bathing in a lap of luxury like her is simply unbelieveable.

A politician is supposed to be well connected with the people, understands the people and their aspirations and their woes and concern.  Ok, enough of that. Now, why are Singaporeans angry? Why do I sound angry about the happenings and policies affecting the people when we live in a city that is an inspiration to many leaders around the world?

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Marina Coastal Expressway "toughest tunnelling project": Josephine Teo

The new Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) has been described as arguably "the toughest tunnelling project" the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has undertaken.

Senior Minister of State for Transport Josephine Teo said this at the opening ceremony of the S$4.3-billion expressway on Saturday.

The MCE is set to open to vehicular traffic at 9am on Sunday. It's almost five years in the making and now, Singapore's 10th expressway is ready for operations.

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Jos keeps on talking cock

Josephine Teo, Senior Minister of State for Transport:
“We cannot have the attitude that everything will be perfect from Day One. If we go in with that attitude, it can only mean that we have to build in a lot of redundancy.”
As someone who once upon a time reported directly to people who reported directly to LKY and Dr Goh, I can safely say that they all expected things to be perfect from Day 1. So now Ms Teo implying  that because of their exacting standards, they were encouraging inefficiencies and wastefulness?

Even before he is dead, LKY gets slimed? Son should give Jos a tight slap to show his filial piety this CNY. Co-driver too busy looking at bank statements and feeling happy.


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Josephine Teo takes issue with Workers' Party's comments on public transport fares

The Workers' Party (WP) statement on the public transport fare hike drew a swift response from Senior Minister of State for Transport Josephine Teo on Friday.

The Workers' Party never misses an opportunity to pander and its response to the fare review exercise was, to a large extent, predictable.
First, they claimed credit for the concessions. That's always easy. Except someone else did the real work of sorting out the math and getting the balance right. 
Then, it criticises the Government, for directly funding programmes like the Bus Services Enhancement Programme. 
It also opposes operators getting more fares through the adjustment
related: WP urges govt to delay fare hikes; Josephine Teo replies

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Preparations for 2015 SEA Games underway: Lawrence Wong
Preparations for 2015 SEA Games underway: Lawrence Wong
The Singapore segment during the 27th SEA Games closing ceremony in Naypyidaw on Saturday. Creating a good athlete and spectator experience will be key for the Singapore SEA Games Organising Committee, when the Republic hosts the Games in 2015. Photo: WEE TECK HIAN

The organisers of the 28th Southeast Asian Games to be held in Singapore in 2015 have entered a detailed phase of preparations, said Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong.

He also said that some 15,000 volunteers will be roped in for the event.

In just 18 months’ time, Singapore will play host to the region’s biggest sporting spectacle, and organisers will begin to announce details of the event from mid-February next year.

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Lawrence Wong welcomes Fandi Ahmad as LionsXII head coach

Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong has welcomed Fandi Ahmad as the new head coach of the LionsXII.

Posting on his Facebook page late on Saturday night, Mr Wong said: "We now have a strong coaching team for Singapore football, with Bernd Stange as national coach, Aide Iskandar in charge of the Young Lions, and Fandi overseeing the LionsXII."

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) announced on Saturday night the appointment of former Singapore international Fandi as Lions XII head coach.

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Singapore must be careful not to get into debt: Lawrence Wong

Acting Culture, Community and Youth Minister Lawrence Wong has cautioned against getting Singapore into debt, even as the government ramps up social assistance.

He said state spending has to be kept sustainable to avoid passing the burden to future generations.

Mr Wong was addressing calls for more subsidies in various areas. The calls were made by Joo Chiat residents at a community dialogue on Sunday.

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Lawrence Wong: 'After PAP resolution, time for action'

It’s not so much concessions that have been extracted or moving under pressure, but it’s just a reflection of where we are in terms of our development.

People say you are shifting left. But if you look at it, we’ve always been a party that’s a democratic socialist party. Our view has always been to have a fair and just society.

When we first started, we used a market-driven approach to achieve that, despite the statist approach that was more popular at the time. It’s become more challenging now, because of external factors like globalisation and technological advances, but also because our population is ageing.

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Minister weighs in on recent online criticism of authorities

Senior Minister of State for Education and Information, Communications and the Arts Lawrence Wong says he’s been watching certain incidents unfold online recently “with some heaviness in my heart.”

Posting on his Facebook page, the minister referred to the criticisms thrown at authorities over the recent British royal couple’s visit to Queenstown. The online community here had mocked the efforts of the authorities claiming that the event was overtly orchestrated.

The minister also highlighted the recent MediaCorp TV forum with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong where certain guests on the show were criticised for having affiliations with the ruling party.

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Lawrence Wong’s heaviness of the heart

The most symbolic image of ‘politicising’ used to happen right before the very eyes of every Singaporean; the seating arrangements and attires of the PAP and Opposition parties at our National Day Parades.

That was before the ruling party decided to ditch the all-white dress this year. So if PAP ministers like Wong wag a stern finger at you for being the source of ‘polarisation’, you could jolly well show him parade shots of NDP VIP stands in the past and say ‘Hey you guys started it first’, and point to that invisible WEDGE between PAP and WP members.

You may also cite the PA’s ‘disinvite’ of MP Chen Show Mao from a hungry ghost dinner last year. Not to mention the PAP’s ‘preferential’ treatment towards their own GRCs compared to, say, Hougang. NDPs, Seventh month, housing estates, all ‘politicised’ by none other than the PAP and their chums, like how we used to invite only the boys with the cool toys to our houses and ignore the rest. Real mature, guys.

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Lawrence Wong says nice things, but let’s move forward also lah

Read the entire note on Facebook here:
"No one was invited because of his or her political affiliation. But it so happens that among the group of 50, a handful were PAP members. They were a small minority. But on the internet, there was a campaign targeted against these PAP members, with their names being singled out and attacked, and their phone numbers publicised online."
“It so happened”? Sounds so cute and dainty! Why didn’t “it so happen” that “a handful” were Opposition members, then? There were bloggers who were ceremoniously uninvited, so clearly there’s some sort of vetting process going on. If you “didn’t want it to be partisan”, then leave out anybody who has any political affiliations. Otherwise, seek a fair distribution or representation. I find it hard (or sad) to believe that everybody involved in the vetting process was that ignorant.

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Lawrence Wong engages citizens in "live" webchat

Senior Minister of State for Education and Information, Communications and the Arts, Lawrence Wong, took part in an online 'live' webchat by Channel NewsAsia - on issues raised during the programme, "A Conversation with PM Lee".

The webchat in the Channel NewsAsia newsroom with Mr Wong, which was fronted by online editor Ken Teh, builds on the momentum started on the TV forum.

One participant wanted to know what was the target population size for Singapore; while another wanted to know what is being done to enable Singapore students to compete better.

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Singapore: Complaints, politics and Lawrence Wong

Billed as part of the national conversation – an exercise trumpeted as inclusive and participatory – the forum started off on completely the wrong foot when bloggers weredropped from the invite list (disclaimer: I was one of them). That decision in itself suggested that certain voices were not welcome in the “conversation”. It was then discovered that over 10% of those who attended the forum were members of the PAP.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to understand why people are unhappy.

Mr Wong depicts the PAP members who attended the forum as well-meaning Singaporeans sincere in helping the country improve. And I don’t doubt that they are. But other Singaporeans, like the bloggers, were intentionally excluded. Why? Are we not also well-meaning Singaporeans interested in the progress of the nation? Or are some good intentions more valid than others?

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Shame on you, Indranee!

Ms Indranee, May I ask you a question. If your intention is to go meet Mr Koh to encourage him to stay on working in the stall, you can always do it quietly. Why the need to after visiting him, pose a pic together with him, with a big big smile on your face (notice that Mr Koh is not smiling), then post it on your facebook?

If your intention is to reprimand Miss S’pore finalist, there is no need to. She has already apologised and removed her facebook posting, long before you go visited Mr Koh. I dare say this incident will probably cause her not winning Miss S’pore, which I think is already a very good “punishment” for her.

So, what is your intention then?

Holey Moley! Man Mocked by Ms S'pore Finalist Over Holey T-Shirt

What You Say Online Can Affect You: Indranee

Take care what you put online - that is one of the key lessons which can be drawn from the ongoing furore involving Mr Anton Casey's Facebook posts.

Speaking on the sidelines of a community event to the Straits Times, Senior Minister of State for Law and Education Indranee Rajah said that with the spread of social media, people need to be mindful of what they say on the Internet, which has a global audience. She is the latest politician to weigh in on the uproar, which was sparked after the senior wealth manager called the public transport here smelly and its users “poor people.”

She said she was "appalled" by Mr Casey's comments, which she noted were "truly objectionable" because they showed "his complete lack of empathy or identification with other people living here". "Wealth does not make you a better person," she added.

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Funding for legal aid could rise: Indranee

The Government may increase funding for legal aid in non-capital criminal cases, by giving more money to groups that run pro bono legal aid programmes.

This was revealed by Senior Minister of State for Law Indranee Rajah on Tuesday, while she was replying to a question by Mountbatten MP Lim Biow Chuan on legal aid for criminal cases.
“We’ve decided the Government should do more in the provision of legal aid compared to the position hitherto...(but) while we make this move we need to be careful of how we do this as monies come from finite pool,” she said.

To that end, Singapore should learn from the experiences of other countries to develop a system that is sustainable, she added.

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The Emo Memo

Singaporeans emotionless? Try asking about PSLE, or race or foreign workers

I woke up on Friday morning to the news that in the World according to Gallup, Singapore is the planet's most emotionless society. As a Singaporean, I was surprised. (Oops - that's an emotion! Shouldn't have felt that!)

You have to wonder, how on earth did the Gallup Survey arrive at this conclusion?

Straits Times reported that the survey participants were asked questions such as:
"Did you smile or laugh a lot yesterday?" and if they experienced feelings of enjoyment, physical pain, worry, stress or anger the previous day. Apparently nearly four in ten surveyed in Singapore said they did not experience any positive or negative emotions the day before.
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WP “straddling both sides of the fence” on hijab issue: Indranee

Ms Indranee said the Workers' Party and National Solidarity Party have presented the hijab issue "in a simple, straightforward matter, with no trade-offs or downsides”. -- ST FILE PHOTO

Senior Minister of State for Law and Education Indranee Rajah has criticised the Workers’ Party (WP) for not taking a clear position on the hijab issue.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, she said they may sound sympathetic but actually “straddle both sides of the fence and merely calls for public dialogue”.

“This does little to help resolve a delicate and difficult national issue and runs the danger of encouraging groups, including those from other communities, to take rhetorical positions and make public demands which they may then find difficult to move from,” she said.

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Tuition can be counter-productive for students: Indranee

Senior Minister of State for Education Indranee Rajah has said private tuition is not necessary in Singapore's education system. She said tuition can be counter-productive for students who are doing reasonably well in school, creating unnecessary stress.

For those who need additional support, she said there are comprehensive levelling-up programmes. Teachers can also provide remedial lessons.

Separately, Ms Indranee said the tuition industry has not made a significant impact on teacher attrition, with the resignation rate remaining at around 3 percent annually.

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Put student before profit, Indranee urges private schools

Complaints against private schools here have fallen, going by the latest government figures

Still, such schools need to put educational responsibilities, such as the interest of their students, before other goals, said Senior Minister of State for Law and Education Indranee Rajah yesterday.

"Institutions that are not student-centric will lose out in the longer term to those that are," said Ms Indranee, who was speaking at the first Private Education Conference at Biopolis.

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MPs call for closer look at private tuition industry
MPs call for closer look at private tuition industry

The private tuition industry came under the spotlight in Parliament yesterday as several Members of Parliament (MPs) raised questions on how to retain teachers in the Education Service. These teachers may leave for more lucrative roles in the private sector

Responding, Senior Minister of State (Law and Education) Indranee Rajah said that Singapore’s education system is “run on the basis that tuition is not necessary”.

For students who need additional support, “comprehensive levelling-up programmes” are in place to ensure students develop a good foundation in English and mathematics. At the same time, teachers provide remedial and supplementary classes on top of community tuition schemes such as those run by self-help groups.

She also said that the private tuition industry has not made any significant impact on teacher attrition, citing “low” resignation rates of around 3 per cent annually. “In our exit interviews and surveys, joining the tuition industry has not been cited as a major reason for teachers leaving the Education Service,” she added.

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'Tuition not needed under our education system'

There are concerns that a widening income gap gives children from better-off families a head start on their peers through tuition. -- ST PHOTO: NURIA LING

THE prevalence of private tuition suggests that students here cannot succeed without extra coaching outside school.

But Senior Minister of State for Education and Law Indranee Rajah disagrees, arguing that tuition for children who are doing reasonably well is counter-productive, while weak students can get help through existing school programmes.

"Our education system is run on the basis that tuition is not necessary," she said in Parliament, amid concerns that a widening income gap affords children from better-off families opportunities for a head start on their peers through tuition.

related: Why more tuition may not be better

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I have read your Facebook posting on the hijab issue link
You made a very weak attempt to politicise this issue by giving your expected negative take on the NSP and WP.

WP says: “WP believes that a workable consensus is best achieved through public dialogue within the Muslim community, among our communities, and with the government elected by the people.”

The PAP has similarly called for a “constructive dialogue” The PAP’s and WP’s proposals are rather similar so shouldn’t ST headlines read “WP and PAP straddling fence on hijab issue: Indranee”.
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Indranee Rajah heartened by constructive dialogue on hijab issue

Senior Minister of State for Law and Education Indranee Rajah said she is heartened by the way the Singapore government and the Malay community have addressed the recent hijab issue.

She said it was done in a calm and constructive dialogue, even though the issue is a difficult one. In a Facebook post on Wednesday, she said she fully understands the desires of Muslim Singaporeans.

But she said the government also has to carefully consider the impact on racial integration and harmony.

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Being a Minister is so stressful

Being a Minister is so stressful, no wonder they need to be paid higher...

- Lui Tuck Yew worried why MRTs and buses are unreliable and always breakdown
- Yaccob Ibrahim worried why M1 and Singtel are not perform their duties
- Teo Chee Hean worried why civil servants are increasingly corrupt
- Gan Kim Yong worried why there hospitals are short of beds
- Tan Chuan-Jin worried why employers prefer to employ foreigners
- Khaw Boon Wan worried why housing prices are too high
- Ng Eng Hen worried why Citizens not treating others as they would like to be treated
- Lim Hng Kiang worried why SG's FTAs are not working well
- Vivian Bala is worried why NEA cant nail WP for the lapses
- Heng Swee Keat worried why education system is not producing employable citizens
- Chan Chun Sing is worried why there are so many poor citizens in SG
- Lee Hsien Loong worried he feels S'poreans are like a pack of hounds going after him

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