Tuesday, 14 January 2014

4 ways to take better care of your smartphone battery

  1. Keep it above 50% as far as possible and don’t charge it to 100%Limer writes that going from 100% to flat is harmful to your phone’s battery if you do it too often, although it is wise to do a full discharge about once a month for “calibration”.
  2. Once it’s done charging, take it offWhen a fully-charged Lithium-ion battery is left on the charger, it is slowly degraded, so watch the battery meter while charging — in fact, take it off before it hits 100%. Limer advises that you should plug your phone in to charge at about 40%, and let it run up to about 80% before taking it off.
  3. Heat is your phone battery’s worst enemyTry to keep your phone cool, writes Limer, because heat degrades its battery much more quickly, whether it’s being used or not.
  4. That portable battery pack? It’s bad for your phone tooIn line with the above point about heat, portable battery packs generate a large amount of waste heat, which in turn serves as a toaster for your phone’s battery (!). Best to stick with wall chargers, Limer advises.
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