Thursday, 16 January 2014

"This is how we do it in India"

Gynaecologist told patient 'this is how we do it in India' when he groped her breasts during three years of treatments

BMI Edgbaston Hospital
BMI Edgbaston Hospital where Dr Arun worked. The married practitioner denied he was at fault

A gynaecologist who stood behind a patient and groped her breasts claimed it was how he had been taught to do an examination at medical school in India.

Dr Angamathu Arunkalaivanan put the woman through ‘three years of hell’ after he carried out a ‘sexually motivated’ examination during an appointment at a private hospital.

The married practitioner, who goes by the name of Dr Arun, denied he was at fault and insisted it was how he had been instructed to check breasts while training in Madras.

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Gynaecologist to patient: This is how we do it in India

Dr Angamathu Arunkalaivanan

The panel was told how during the consultation in October 2010 at BMI The Edgbaston Hospital in Birmingham, Dr Arun asked the woman to lift up her top and bra, before cupping and squeezing her breasts with both hands from behind. Patient A told the hearing she still ‘beats herself up’ for allowing herself to be ‘sexually assaulted’.

She said: ‘I left the room that day and I just ... it just felt so wrong. I could just not get the examination out of my head and I actually said, “What just happened in there?”

Describing the doctor’s response to her complaint, she added: ‘He didn’t deny anything I said. He said that’s how he was taught in India.’ She told the panel she was so disturbed she could not even bring herself to tell her husband.

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India Rape Shame: 51-year-old Danish tourist gang-raped and robbed in New Delhi, 15 Jan 2014
A Danish tourist was gang-raped near a popular shopping area in New Delhi after she stopped to ask for directions in the latest case to draw attention to the scourge of violence against women in India, police said today.

The 51-year-old woman was also robbed and beaten in the attack, which happened yesterday afternoon or early evening near Connaught Place, police spokesman Rajan Bhagat said.The woman had lost her way and was trying to get back to her hotel, he said. She approached a group of men for directions, but they lured her to a secluded area where they raped her at knife-point, according to the Press Trust of India news agency. Full story

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Indian teenager gang-raped and burned alive

Indian activists stage a protest in Kolkata in August 2013, against rape
Indian activists stage a protest in Kolkata in August 2013, against rape

An Indian teenager was gang-raped in two separate attacks and then died after being set on fire, sparking protests in the eastern city of Kolkata, police said on Thursday.

The 16-year-old was assaulted first on October 26 and then again the day after by a group of more than six men near her family's home in Madhyagram town, about 25 kilometres (15 miles) north of Kolkata.

The second rape occurred as she was returning home after reporting the first attack at a police station.

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4 Indians jailed in Singapore for contraband cigarettes dealing

4 Indians jailed in Singapore for contraband cigarettes dealing

Four Indian-origin men in Singapore were today handed down prison sentences of up to three years for dealing in contraband cigarettes worth 1.4 million Singapore dollars.

The Singapore Customs officers arrested the four men last Saturday with 14,999 cartons of contraband cigarettes.

They had evaded SGD 1.1 million of duty and Goods and Services Tax on the cigarettes.

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Singapore hires Delhi firm to verify documents of Indians

Singapore has hired a New Delhi-based firm to ferret out Indians who present fake documents in their work permit applications.

Manpower ministry has hired Dataflow Services last month to conduct random checks on education certificates, employment history and scrutinise births and marriage certificates of Indian nationals working in Singapore, The Straits Times reported.

Citing sources, the Singapore daily said Dataflow was on a one-year contract and was expected to conduct 500 to 600 checks a year, taking not more than four weeks on each case. The cost of each check would be about 100 Singapore dollars

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NEW DELHI—Managers of an IT company in New Delhi were puzzled as they sifted through a pile of CVs — as many as 30 job seekers claimed to have worked previously for the same employer.

Unwilling to take any chances, the managers approached a firm of professional sleuths that specializes in screening background information given by prospective employees.

What emerged left them stunned. The “employer” turned out to be an owner of a dingy one-room mobile repair shop who was pretending to be an HR manager of a fake IT firm.


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Fake CVs: Firms increase check points

(Forging qualifications,…)

BANGALORE: With candidates of questionable background swamping the job market, enterprises are now beefing up their security thresholds by adding more layers to the hiring process.

A number of players, including big ones like KPMG and Hong Kong-based Quest Research, have stepped in to make the recruitment procedure for companies more stringent with compulsory pre-employment screening, background checks, including criminal record checks and credential validation and verification.

The mass recruitment phenomenon in IT/ITeS, BPO, financial services, telecom and retail sectors has led to a spurt of false CVs and fake candidates. TOI had reported that Wipro had been hit again by candidates who had faked a number of their documents.

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Fake certificates widespread in India

TRE reported an article from AFP that job applicants in India are so desperate that they have resorted to all kinds of sophisticated scams to get a job. This is the first 3 para of the article in TRE,

‘AFP published a news report [Link] on 12 Jan highlighting widespread use of fake CVs flooding the Indian job market.

In fact, the scam is so sophisticated that even when companies attempt to call the previous companies listed by the errant job applicant who said he had worked there before, there will be people answering calls and giving illustrious testimony about the person.

Rampant use of fake CVs & certs in Indian job market

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Singapore Indian

An Indian, the husband of a beautician whose decapitated body was found in a canal in Singapore last month, is now on Interpol’s wanted list.

Harvinder Kaur, 34, who used to work as a forklift driver here, had left Singapore via a checkpoint about half an hour before his wife’s body was discovered.

Harvinder, who hails from Haryana, has been charged with Jasvinder Kaur's murder and remanded for psychiatric assessment.

Singapore: Indian wanted for wife's murder
Decapitated Woman Case: Husband on Interpol Wanted List
Indian on Interpol list for wife's murder in Singapore
Singapore Indian

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Indian-origin Singaporean spared the gallows

A Singaporean of Indian origin was today spared the noose after being sentenced to death for drug offences in October 2012.

Subashkaran Pragasam, 29, was re-sentenced instead to life in prison and 15 strokes of the cane by the Singapore High Court under an amended law relating to drug trafficking, The Straits Times reported. Pragasam is the second convicted drug offender to be spared the death sentence. A 30-year-old Malaysian drug trafficker Yong Vui Kong was re-sentenced to life in prison and caning in November last year.

The reprieve for Pragasam follows recently-amended drug laws which give judges the discretion to impose life-terms and caning on drug traffickers, instead of the mandatory death penalty.

Indian-origin man escapes gallows in Singapore
Indian-origin man escapes gallows in Singapore
Indian-origin man escapes gallows in Singapore
Second man escapes death penalty for drug trafficking

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Forgetting Little India is not in India

A crowd of more than 100 people, mostly foreign workers, refused to leave Rex Cinemas at Mackenzie Road, after the theatre cancelled the premiere of a movie on Thursday night, Jan 9, 2014. -- ST PHOTO: YEO SAM JO

No riot this time and perhaps the no alcohol policy helped. People lose their common sense when they drink.

We cannot afford to let these workers forget that Little India is part of Singapore and not their homeland. It is really easy to forget. When we were living in Dubai, the way to experience Singapore is to visit Ikea at Festival City. If not for the Arabic price tags I would occasionally forget that I was not in Singapore. Of course when on holiday overseas one never bother to visit the local Ikea.

We and they too have to accept that living in Singapore you must be very clear why you come here and don't try to replicate India in Singapore. It is our duty and privilege to treat them well and decently. I don't think we want to use them like those in the Gulf States. On the other hand we put ourselves at risk if they forget Little India is not in India and our orderliness apply. In such matters, the small issues are actually the big issues, i.e., we have to persuade and if necessary force them to keep Little India free of litter. When they see how clean and orderly the place is, they will always know this is not India and may be what tomorrow's India could be.
Indian fans refused to leave cinema after movie cancellation
Crowd of 100 refused to leave Rex Cinema after movie premiere was cancelled
Police called in after crowd refuses to leave Rex Cinemas
Crowd of 100 refused to leave Rex Cinema after movie premiere was cancelled
Account of events at Rex Cinema
Crowd of 100 refused to leave Rex Cinema after movie premiere was cancelled
Police called in when crowd of 100 refuses to leave Rex Cinema
Rex cinema incident – what the Straits Times didn’t report

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Man caught sleeping with his pants down at Bugis MRT

A group of male workers were seen sleeping on the floor at Bugis MRT Station in the wee hours of New Year's Day, with one of them seen with his pants down to his ankles, reported readers from Stomp.

According to Stomp contributors Kampong Boys, the group of six to seven men appeared drunk and some of them were lying half-naked at the MRT station after 4am in the morning.

In the photos, the men are sprawled across the floor and sleeping with their arms shedding their eyes from the light. Most of the men pictured were sleeping with no shoes on.

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Singapore riots: A typical India-like situation

Singapore riots: A typical 'Indian case'

The place in Singapore where the recent riots occurred is the epicentre for all construction workers from South Asia to assemble for weekend fun. They buy drinks from shops around this locality and sit in open fields (cheaper and nobody asks you to leave) talking over the phone to their respective families and friends till midnight. Some construction companies even provide shuttle buses from workers' dormitories from across the island to this place.

Now, it's a typical India-like situation. A jay walker gets hit by a bus and was run over. Drunk persons started throwing stuff they could find around to protest it. The driver was admitted to the hospital and later arrested. One story suggests that the person who was hit by the bus was an agent who supplied manpower (hence more emotion). The mob doubled within minutes and then they reportedly toppled a police car with personnel inside and then try to set it ablaze.

These protesters are in Singapore trying to make a living for their families back home, some to pay off their loans while some paying for their land. They work hard for their living but with their drunken rants, they faced fines and imprisonment.

3 Indians allege police abuse in Singapore riot case

Three Indian, facing charges in Singapore court for their alleged roles in December 8 riots here, have filed a formal complaint of police assault with the Internal Affairs Office (IAO) here, The Straits Times reported on Thursday.

The trio are IT product manager Arun Kaliamurthy, 28, who was visiting Singapore as a tourist when he was implicated in the riot, Rajendran Mohan, 25, and Ravi Arun Vengatesh, 24, who were working here but were alleged to have rioted.

The three alleged they were physically assaulted, and subjected to insults and threats, to get them to admit to their roles in the riot, Singapore's worst street violence in 40 years which left 39 Home Team/Police officers injured and 25 government vehicles damaged.

Little India riot: Trio file complaint of police assault
Singapore riot: 3 Indians allege police abuse, file complaint
Three Indians allege police abuse in Singapore riot case
Singapore: 3 allege police abuse in riot case
Little India trio file assault complaint
Alleged rioters file complaint, claim abuse by police

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Indian foreign worker molested 4 women in 10 mins at Compassvale supermarket
The New Paper, 6 Jan 2014
Within the span of 10 minutes, construction worker Ramachandran Balamurugan had molested the four women by stroking their buttocks, thighs and private parts.

According to court documents, he molested the women, aged between 22 to 51, between 10.30am and 10.40am on Nov 17. Full story

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Singapore Air-Tata venture orders 20 Airbus A320s for $1.8 billion

The Tata Group-Singapore Airlines (SIA) joint venture full-service carrier has decided to lease 20 Airbus A320 aircraft in a deal estimated to be around $1.8 billion (Rs 11,358 crore), as it aims to start operations in the second half of this year. The companies have declined to give an official deal value.

Tata-SIA, which applied to the aviation ministry for a no-objection certificate in late December, has received approval from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board to start a passenger airline in India.

“The planes are being leased from a Singapore-based leasing company and are brand new,” Sanjay Singh, a senior Tata-SIA executive, told HT. “The decision to lease Airbus aircraft for the new airline was taken jointly by Tata-SIA in Mumbai,” said Singh.

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Singapore to become hub for Indian diaspora

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, who is on a visit to India from December 3 to 6, called on Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi. (Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

ESM Goh Chok Tong, who is on a visit to India from December 3 to 6, called on Indian PM Manmohan Singh in New Delhi today (4 Dec).

Both ESM Goh and PM Singh reaffirmed the excellent relations between Singapore and India.

They also noted that Singapore and India will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations in 2015, and looked forward to the reciprocal state visits by the presidents of both countries that year.

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Singapore, India And CECA

The India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) seems to have reached a blind alley with the Singapore government’s insistence on maintaining higher standards for Indian banks operating there and constant refusal to give more market access to Indian professionals.

Commerce and industry minister Anand Sharma had recently visited Singapore for the second review of the CECA, which came into effect in August 2005, but the meeting remained inconclusive.

“The issue has been raised strongly by India at each and every round of discussions under the second CECA review. A favourable resolution of this issue is a must-have for India,” the official added

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India, how a big power should behave

India is still fuming mad over what the Americans had done to their consul in New York, Devyani Khobragade. The rough and humiliating handling of the consul were just too much to swallow. Despite several high level protests, the Americans are not backing off and not apologizing. India, an emerging superpower, is not going to take it with hands down.

The latest development to this ugly episode of American bullying is the curtailment of non diplomatic American staff visiting a club at the American embassy in New Delhi. India is putting a stop to this privilege that it had closed an eye for many years. The non diplomats will now not be allowed to enjoy the benefits of the American Community Support Association club.

This is how an emerging power should respond to bullying by the Americans, the Number One superpower. Countries of the world must not allowed themselves to be bullied by the Americans and must react and hit back at the Americans. If the international communities are firm and take concerted actions against the Americans, it would put a stop to their nonsense and bullying tactics.

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