Sunday, 8 November 2015

The hybrids of Durians

10 types of durians all S’poreans need to learn how to differentiate one from the other
If you are one of those people who can eat so much durian until they come out of your nose, it is your duty to know exactly what you are putting in your mouth.

So, to help you out with this seemingly impossible endeavour of telling apart one particular type of durian from another, a very helpful person content-ripping thief has put up a handy cut-out-and-keep guide on how to tell different types of durians apart — which turns out to be a guide stolen from The Straits Times here, which he passed off as his own.)

Anyways, here we go (Ah, talk about irony):

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Where to buy durians in Singapore
Juicy and large-seeded Hong Xia durian from Teo Boon Teck
The brown-skinned Hu Lu Wang ("Gourd King") found at Lian Hua Chun
Even non-durian lovers will like this D13 mix from Kean Lye Fruit Trading
Our favourite durian stall, Ah Hung Company, has the most appetising durians, at least we think so
Possibly the best durians for making ice cream can be found at Wonderful Fruit Enterprise

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The ultimate durian taste test

It is durian season! Okay, we know it’s still early (we’ve been told by the durian vendors that a more ideal time to have durians is in mid-June), but there are already quite a few cultivars being sold at the durian stalls – we found 11 in just one night for this taste test. You can’t blame us for being excited about this pungent king of all fruits, can you?

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How to Identify Musang King and D24

Currently, Musang King is like black-market gold. It’s the most sought after, desired and expensive of all the durian varieties, selling for more than twice the price of a more average durian.

That said, it’s also the durian most likely to be faked. That’s right: unscrupulous durian vendors will try to pull a fast one on the naive and sell an average durian under the name and price of the famous Musang King. Luckily, all durian varieties have slightly different shapes, colors, and spikes and you can learn to distinguish a true Musang King from a fake. Here are 5 tips to identify a true Musang King, as taught to us by the Musang Queen herself, Tina Chong. Thanks again, Tina!

The most well-known characteristic of Musang King is it’s deep, turmeric yellow flesh. But Musang King is not the only durian with a dark yellow aril. Check out the picture below. Is it a Musang King or not?
Shell Color
Spike Density and Shape
Visibility of Seams
Stem Length

When looking over a possible Musang King durian, you’re looking for a green-yellow fruit with a long stem, a very visible tan five-pointed star on the bottom, pyramidal spikes without much space between them, and of course that brilliant yellow flesh.

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Wild Durians From East Malaysia - Sabah & Sarawak‏