Friday, 13 November 2015

Tainted Big Breakfast

Update 24 Jul 2016: White worms found again in McDonald’s meal, restaurant looking into fresh complaint

Facebook user Angela Qiqi shared some videos and pictures of white worms in her McDonald’s meal. Angela said that the incident happened in the fast food chain’s outlet in West Coast Park. She only discovered the worms after she finished her fillet-o-fish sandwich. The worms were alive and crawling in the videos she shared.

Angela claimed that the McDonald’s staff appeared nonchalant when she reported the matter to them, and tried to solve the problem by giving her a refund for the meal.

She further said: “(I) already told the staff there to check their kitchen and food so that it won’t affect others, but they don’t seem to take it seriously. They still operate as usual and didn’t seem any action taken at all… Quite disappointed

Worms found on Big Breakfast sausage patty were 2 to 3 days old, McDonald's lab results conclude
The worms seen on a McDonald's sausage patty in a video taken by a customer were two to three days old, the fast food chain said on Tuesday (Oct 27)

These were the results of laboratory tests after investigations by McDonald's.

Earlier this week, Stomper Kai alerted Stomp to IT freelancer Jasper Lee's find in his Big Breakfast. Mr Lee took a video showing where white worms were supposedly seen crawling on top of the sausage patty.

Lee said that he spotted worms in the Big Breakfast set which was delivered to his home last Tuesday (Oct 20) from a nearby outlet at Block 208, Hougang Street 21.

McDonald's Singapore found no evidence of pests on premises linked to worms claim
McDonald's investigating case of worms found in customer's Big Breakfast meal

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5 McDonald’s Menu Items In Singapore That Came With Free Insects
*Disclaimer: click the x button on the top right hand corner if you’re eating now. We will not be responsible if you do a merlion while munching on your McSpicy

As a fast food nation, we love our fast food.

McSpicy, McChicken, McWings, anything goes.

The best thing? McD’s at readily available and accessible islandwide, even if your craving calls at 3am in the morning.

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Another Worm Found in MacDonald’s Burger, This Time a McSpicy!
Time to pay more attention to what’s between your buns from MacDonald’s?

A worm has been found in another burger bought from the fast food chain in Singapore.

Twitter user BannyEvans uploaded this picture, saying that he was eating a McSpicy burger when he found the worm.

Fortunately for him, the worm looks to have its whole body intact.

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Yesterday morning (20 October 2015), IT freelancer Jasper Lee got a nasty surprise as he tucked into the Big Breakfast set which he ordered through McDelivery. He had taken a few bites before spotting something moving on his sausage patty. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be worms. Jasper lost his appetite after that and made a complaint with McDonalds over the disgusting incident.

This tainted Big Breakfast set was delivered from a nearby McDonalds outlet at Block 208 Hougang Street 21. McDonalds staff has been in touch with Mr Lee and were prompt in taking the food remains for lab testing. Jasper speculates that the maggots or worms may have come from the scrambled eggs as when he cut into it, there were quite a number of worms crawling in it.

McDonald's Singapore Director of Operations, Patricia Yong said:
"Let me emphasise that food quality and safety are our top priority and we take all customer feedback very seriously...At the moment, we are doing everything we can to establish the facts of the matter."
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