Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Glue fails to hold stools causing elderly man to fall

Elderly man injured after chair gives way at newly upgraded Teck Ghee hawker centre
Spots of blood can be seen next to the man, who is sitting on the ground next to the seat of a chair that appears to have fallen apart from its base. PHOTO: TAN PAUL/FACEBOOK

A 70-yr-old man who was having a meal at Teck Ghee Square hawker centre on Sunday night (Jun 2) suffered injuries to his head after the chair he was seated on came apart, causing him to fall.

Photos of the incident have been circulating on Facebook and online discussion forum Reddit since late on Sunday night.

Spots of blood can be seen next to the man, who is sitting on the ground next to the seat of a chair that appears to have fallen apart from its base. A younger man is seen applying something to the back of the victim's head, presumably to stop him from bleeding.

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AMK Town Council conducts re-checks after elderly man falls off shoddily-made chair at hawker centre
Many complained that the top of the seat appeared to be glued on

A photo of an elderly man who fell off a chair in Teck Ghee Square Market and Hawker Centre is making its rounds online.

The post was uploaded to Facebook on June 2 by Tan Paul, who pointed out that the hawker centre was renovated just two months ago. A younger man was seen holding either a cloth or tissues to the victim’s head, presumably due to a head injury.

Blood was also on the ground. Behind the older man, a chair’s rounded seat lies separated from its main structure.

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Elderly man, 70, hurt as hawker centre seat comes apart

In response to queries, the Ang Mo Kio Town Council yesterday said it was alerted to the incident on Sunday night and is investigating. "We have not been able to establish the identity of the elderly man but we are doing all we can to reach out to his family members," a town council spokesman said.

The spokesman said that all the stools at the hawker centre, numbering close to 600, and tables are being checked to ensure that they are secure and meet standard safety requirements. "Each seat is secured to the metal base using four screws as well as 'max bond' glue," the spokesman added.

The incident happened just two days after Teck Ghee Square market and hawker centre reopened after a two-month closure.

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AMKTC investigating after 70-year-old falls off new hawker centre seat, taken to hospital
A photo circulating on social media appears to show the old man sitting on the floor after falling off his seat. (Photo: Facebook / Tan Paul)

Ang Mo Kio Town Council is investigating after a 70-yr-old man fell off a newly-installed hawker centre chair and was taken to hospital, 8world News reported.

The incident happened on Sunday (Jun 2) night at Teck Ghee Square hawker centre - the second day of the hawker centre's re-opening after renovations, according to the report.

The man was having a meal when his seat suddenly came off the base, causing him to fall backwards and hurt his head, the report added. He was eventually taken to hospital.

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Netizens outraged by “shoddy” renovation at Teck Ghee Square hawker centre following elderly man’s injuries after falling from disintegrated chair

Only a couple of days after the Teck Ghee Square hawker centre was reopened following a two-month renovation, a photograph depicting a 70-year-old man sitting on the ground after falling from a chair made its rounds online on Sun (2 Jun).

Blood can be seen next to the elderly man as a result of the head injuries he had sustained, due to the chair having fallen apart from its base.

Another man is seen placing a tissue or a piece of cloth in an attempt to stop the bleeding on the elderly man’s head, as seen in the photograph posted by Ang Moh Kio resident Tan Paul’s via Facebook the same day.

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Glue fails to hold stools at Teck Ghee market, causing elderly man to fall

The stools at the market were reportedly glued together, and not bolted together. The top of the seat had peeled off, reportedly causing an elderly man to fall off and injure himself in the process.

A social media post earlier today showed that the top of the seat was held together with glue. According to another netizen who shared photos of the area a few hours after the incident, workers were seen bolting the top of the seat back to the bottom of the stool.

Netizens also had a lot to say on the manner and were outraged at the poor workmanship of the recently-renovated market. /TISG

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Tan Paul Yesterday at 08:11

After 2mths of renovation, juz 2days, tis is Wat happen, tis pity old man fall off frm e chair!!

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All Singapore Stuff Yesterday at 18:06

<Reader's Contribution by Helen>

Poor uncle fell off the chair at AMK teck ghee market because it was GLUED on and not securely fixed on properly!

LHL..ur ward leh! U can accept dis kind of shoddy job?

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Ang Mo Kio Town Council 27 March

Please note that Teck Ghee Square Market and Food Centre at Blk 409 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 will be closed from 1 April 2019 to 31 May 2019 for Repairs, Redecoration and Upgrading Works.

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