Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Last Kampong in Singapore

About The Last Kampong - Lorong Buangkok
As the last surviving kampong on the mainland, Kampong Buangkok serves as a juxtaposition against the modern cosmopolitan city, highlighting the camaraderie and kampong spirit that is paradoxically absent in today's world

In cosmopolitan Singapore, everyone and everything is hectic and fast-paced. Yet in a corner of Singapore, exists a place where time slows down to a peaceful pace, and residents enjoy a simple yet relaxing lifestyle, content with their status quo.

This xanadu of greenery and nostalgia exists in the North-Eastern part of Singapore. Established in 1956, Kampong Lorong Buangkok is the last surviving kampong (Malay term for village) on Singapore's mainland. The kampong was also known as Selak Kain, which meant 'hitching up one's skirt' as people used to hitch their skirts up to wade through floods whenever the kampong experienced flash floods in the 20th century

The land was first acquired by Mr Sng Teow Hoon, a traditional Chinese medicine seller, who rented out land for people to build homes. It was later handed down to his children, one of whom is Miss Sng Mui Hong, who is currently still living in the kampong. Kampong Buangkok used to house about 40 familes, but has since shrunk to the size of approximately two soccer fields with less than 30 families now. Each family pays a token sum of less than $30 to Miss Sng as monthly rent.

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The Singapore Daily:

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