Thursday, 16 June 2016

How to Be A More Confident Online Shopper

You Must Know This When Using Your Card Online
There are a number of basic tips for staying safe online that will help people move from cautious to confident

Despite being avid online shoppers, people in Southeast Asia continue to have security concerns. MasterCard’s first Safety and Security Index, launched in September this year, found that people across the region still feel safer shopping in-store than online.

Within Southeast Asia, 19 percent of people were “paranoid” when shopping online, 68 percent remained “cautious” and only 13 percent felt “confident.” Thais and Vietnamese were the most worried online shoppers, while Indonesians felt the most confident.

As payment technology evolves, it is important to ensure consumers understand how these advances are keeping them safe, and what else they can do to help protect themselves.

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