Friday, 17 June 2016

10 types of people you'll absolutely HATE playing mahjong with

I've grown up in an environment where my friends and family members absolutely LOVE to play mahjong. From stacking the tiles like a pyramid when I was a kid, to slowly sitting at one side observing the adults play, and finally getting my hands dirty with the tiles, mahjong is really an important part of my life.

This love for the game has opened my eyes to many "interesting" characters who sometimes annoy the hell out of me I feel like throwing a few tiles in their faces. If you've played mahjong before, scroll down and you'll know what I'm talking about!

You'll be surprised by the number of "interesting" characters you'll see at a mahjong table:
God Of Gambler
Lazy Bitch
Grumpy Loser
Bladder Problem
Pantang King
Blur Sotong
One Tai Master
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Japanese recruiters use mahjong to find prospects

Think you're good at mahjong? Six Japanese companies have organised mahjong tournaments to find new employees

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