A Confused Singaporean Society


*S: I am a Singaporean*
F: But u look Chinese...

*S: I am a Chinese Singaporean / I am a Singaporean Chinese.*

F: So do u speak Chinese?
*S: Yes, but not fluent.*

F: But u r a Chinese.
*S: I am a Singaporean Chinese, not Chinese from China.*

F: So u r not a Chinese?
*S: I am not Chinese from China.*

F: But your great grand father is from China?
*S: Yes, but I was born in Singapore, so I am a Singaporean Chinese.*

F: So your great grand father speaks Chinese?
*S: He speaks dialect.*

F: Do u speak dialect?
*S: No, I don't.*

F: Why not?
*S: Because our country has a Speak Mandarin campaign that is so successful that the new generation practically do not speak dialect anymore.*

F: So u should speak very fluent Mandarin since it's so successful?
*S: No. That campaign was effective before, but not anymore.*

F: Why?
*S: Because most people speak English nowadays. We have a Speak Good English campaign.*

F: So English is your National Language?
*S: No!*

F: So what is the National Language of Singapore?
*S: Malay.*

F: What?
*S: Yes, Malay!*

F: Do u speak Malay?
*S: No.*

F: Why not?
*S: Because I am not Malay.*

F: Then why is your National Language Malay?
*S: That's another long history lesson.*

F: So your National Language is Malay & nobody speak it?
*S: The Malays speak Malay. That's their mother tongue. We have 4 races: Chinese, Malay, Indian & Eurasian. Each speaks their own mother tongue.*

F: So your mother tongue is Chinese?
*S: Yes.*

F: But u can't speak it fluently?
*S: Yes.*

F: Does the Malay or Indian speak fluent mother tongue?
*S: More fluent than the Chinese speaking Chinese I supposed.*

F: Why?
*S: Because that's their mother tongue.*

F: Then why can't the Chinese?
*S: Because we speak English mainly in school.*

F: I last heard that Singapore has a bilingual policy.
*S: Yes, we have, we do learn mother tongue in school.*

F: But u cannot speak Chinese fluently.
*S: Yes.*

F: Why?
*S: Because our country's working language is mainly English, there is not much places to use the language, perhaps only with our grandparents & when we buy things in the market.*

F: Then how is that bilingual?
*S: I don't know.*

F: So u r a Singaporean Chinese who can't speak your National Language, & cannot speak your mother tongue fluently & can only communicate in English with a strange accent.
*S: What's wrong with my accent?*

F: I don't know, it is just weird.
*S:Does it sound British or American?*

F: Neither, I thought u should sound British since u have been colonized before?
*S: No, that was long long time ago, dude.*

F: How come u try to sound American?
*S: Because I watch alot of Hollywood movies.*

F: Your English still sounds weird.
*S: Oh, we call it Singlish.*

F: So what r u really?
*S: I am a Singaporean!*
Si Beh Luan ah!  [死伯乱]

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Traditional terraced Peranakan townhouses

To most people around the world, the word ‘Peranakan‘ means absolutely nothing, and to some people around the world, it means little more than that. But to others, it conjours up images of elegance, grandeur, intricacy and integration – a way of life, as the movie put it: ‘gone with the wind‘.

I admit to having a personal, if tenuous link to the Peranakan. My paternal grandmother, my grand-aunts, my grand-uncle, my great-grandmother, and my great-great grandmother, and probably going back even more generations than I care to think – were all Peranakan.

Sadly, this was something which was lost on me during the days when I knew my grandmother well. Despite being extremely close to her for many years, when she was still reasonably healthy I was too young to understand, and didn’t have the depth of interest and appreciation of history which I do now, to fully grasp what a unique and minuscule world and culture my grandmother had grown up in.

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S’porean man creates Peranakan Rhapsody music video, viral parody of Bohemian Rhapsody

A local Peranakan named Alvin Oon, has produced a parody of the song called Peranakan Rhapsody.

Oon set up Peranakan Sayang as a platform for him to showcase the Peranakan culture, and this video was created for the same purpose. According to Oon, the idea for the parody had been sitting in his head for “quite some time” and the recent release of the Queen biopic pushed him to produce it.

He also said that the toughest part of the parody were the vocals, for which he enlisted the help of his friends.

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