Sunday, 4 June 2017

Peranakan Dishes in a Hawker Centre

Uncle Charlie’s mother is a Peranakan. He picked up his skills from her and started selling Peranakan cuisine in Bukit Merah since the 1980s. He moved quite a few times and decided to call it quits at their shop in Katong about 8 years ago. After encountering a stroke previously and faced with his wife’s retrenchment, he decided to go back to do what he loved.

It was my first time visiting him but it’s better late than never. They have got a really impressive menu of Peranakan dishes including Babi Assam, Beef Stew, Toh Hay, Itek Sio, Bakwan Kepiting, Chap Chye, Babi Pongteh and more.

Charlie’s version of Nangka Lemak ($7) is a smooth and creamy dish of young jackfruit boiled in coconut milk. Instead of ordering the usual Ayam Buah Keluak ($12), we went for Buah Keluak Tulang Babi ($12). The process of cooking this dish is long and tedious but the rich and bold flavours present make the whole process worthwhile. I like the pork ribs version better than the chicken because it is more flavourful and tender.

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