Friday, 9 June 2017

Controversy over fundraising for a cancer-stricken single mother

I’ve nothing to be afraid of: Vivian Pan
Vivian Pan, 31, founder of the Single Parents Support Group (SPSG)

Facing the controversy of fundraising for a cancer-stricken single mother, Ms. Vivian Pan, founder of the Single Parents Support Group (SPSG) explained to The Independent in an hour-long interview on how she got fingered for wrongdoings. She stands firm of her innocence and blames the netizens of being too vitriolic in their remarks.

On June 1, Ms. Pan sent out a plea for donations on Facebook on behalf of a single mother, who is diagnosed with stage two cervical cancer. Vivian asked, “$1 from you is all I plead for”.

The post went viral and was well-received as the woman’s condition tugged at many heartstrings. By 5th June, the plea has garnered almost 1,500 shares and more than 800 comments, and some people offered financial and other forms of assistance.

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Vivian Pan added 3 new photos 31 May at 17:00
Urgent Help needed!

1 of my single mother is diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer. Doctor mentions too late to remove ovary, she has to prepare for chemo treament.

She Pm me yesterday. Asking to exchange her 3 big tins of milo for $40 ntuc vouchers. I ask for her health report. I realise, she immediately PM me upon receiving this shocking sad news. As date of lastest report shows 30th may 2017.

I urge the public, my friends - Please help her.

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Social Worker Slammed While Helping Cancer-Stricken Mother

The story of 32-year-old Ms Vivian Pan and her quest to seek assistance for a cancer-stricken mother has erupted into another social media war, and we have got the latest from the social worker at the centre of it. Read our story about the controversy surrounding Ms Pan and the cancer-stricken mother.

Here’s a quick recap for those of you who have not been following the mind-boggling saga:
  • Ms Pan took to Facebook to raise donations for Amanda, who is stricken with stage 2 cervical cancer.
  • Amanda declined food rations from netizen Jazz Yew as she needs money instead.
  • Mr Yew was sceptical and felt this seemed like a fraud.
  • He posted the private conversation he had with Ms Pan on Facebook, and things blew up from there.
  • His friend Christina Wong and another netizen filed police reports against Ms Pan.
  • Ms Pan was slammed for her lack of transparency and allegedly dubious methods in dealing with the situation.
  • Ms Pan found out a foreigner created a Facebook page that made use of her photos and story to gather donations. She then reported him to the police.
  • Ms Pan had expected things to come to a close after Chinese newspapers Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Wanbao posted articles detailing her charitable effort and fund-raising, but the rife speculation continued.

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“Friends With Ministers” Social Worker Says Single Mother Has Cancer, But Wants Cash Not Food

The social worker at the centre of this story has spoken out in an exclusive interview with MustShareNews. Read our interview with the social worker.) A Lianhe Waobao article published on Monday (June 5) night also revealed more details about this saga.)

A social worker who sought help for a cancer-stricken mother has been embroiled in a heap of controversy — and things are only becoming increasingly complicated by the day.

However, she claims she’s friends with ministers and all MPs know her, so perhaps she should be able to solve her problems quite easily? But why, then, did she not include the bank account details for people to donate so people won’t question her intentions? And why does the sick mother only want cash, and doesn’t want people to visit her?

related: Social Worker Slammed While Helping Cancer-Stricken Mother

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Jazz Yew added 30 new photos - with Christina Wong 3 Jun at 03:09 - Singapore

Recently there is a post seeking help for a single mother who is suffering of cancer. I often help some single mothers before hence upon seeing the post i message the person in çharge of the post.

Surprisingly a person who needs help can reject help when it does not comes with money. I am very shocked at this lady response and i get suspicious hence want to clarify further.

Instead she gets very defensive and starts jumping at every questions i ask.

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Christina Wong 4 June at 03:47
To Vivian Pan,

Yours accounting of collected amount of donation from FB ppl which was collected by you through for the purpose of the cancer person with 2 kids who you claimed that you are helping her now. Please post how much have you collected by you as transparency are needed in such cases.

In the event that you failed to update or notice the public here , I will personally lodge a complain with the charity society on the clause that a person doing fund raising activities and did not hold any proper and approved permit or license, illegally carrying out and seeking funds from the public. These actions shall be deemed invalid if you post your licensing number issued by charity society by 24hrs times from now 1800hrs dated 4th June 2017 till 1800hrs dated 5th June 2017.

A police report will also be lodged subquently if you failed to inform the public on the amount being collected by you not just on this case and previous cases, under the offence of criminal breach of trust and performing fund raising without appropriate license .

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Vivian Pan added 5 new photos 3 June at 17:51

Someone used my group name to collect funds for himself. take note pls

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Woman raising money online for single mom with cancer reported to police

Appealing to the public for funds usually results in a heartwarming deluge of well-wishes and donations. We say usually, because one particular case has proven to be an exception

An on-going charity appeal for a cancer patient has already resulted in three police reports made, and we break down the entire saga for you: Plea for a cancer patient

On June 1, Vivian Pan, founder of Single Parent Support Group, sent out a plea for donations on behalf of her friend, who she claims is a single mother diagnosed with stage two cervical cancer.

Pan had found out about her friend’s condition when she received a personal message from said friend, who asked if she could exchange three big tins of Milo for S$40 worth of NTUC vouchers.

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The accusations of fraud against Ms Vivian Pan, founder of a community help group Single Parents Support Group (SPSG), are false, Ms Pan told reporters in an interview with alternative media.

This follows an online controversy over Ms Pan's efforts to raise $1 donations for a single mother, who was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer.

The post had gone viral with Singaporeans stepping up generously to donate their $1 to Ms Pan in the hopes that the cancer stricken single mother could tide her family through the difficult times. By the time she had transferred the money to the cancer stricken mother, she had accumulated a 5 digit amount of money.

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The Independent Singapore 2 hrs

Ms Pan uploaded her bank statement and transferred the funds collected to the single mother in front of police officers yesterday.

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Interview with Single Mother Vivian Pan, 31
Single Parents Support Group founder
Vivian Pan, 31, founder of the Single Parents Support Group

“A mother should never share the ugly side of a failed marriage to her child.”

Vivian Pan, a 31-year-old single mother, founded the Single Parents Support Group (SPSG) in June 2013 as a way to support other single parents. From organizing fund-raising garage sales to alerting SPSG members of job openings, Vivian is constantly on the lookout for ways to help single parents in need.” My main focus is on the children. Kids should not be left hungry,” Vivian said. Groceries and milk powder, as well as diapers and pre-loved items such as strollers and playpens are “blessed out” by kind donors.

Sometimes all it takes is a listening ear and words of encouragement to make a difference, and Vivian has those too: “I admire the courage that single mothers have and it’s not easy, but you are not alone. We walk this path together bravely…Nothing is impossible. The word IMPOSSIBLE decides it: ‘I’M POSSIBLE.'” Vivian shares her own story, along with the stories of other single parent families that she has helped.

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