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HDB Lift ceiling collapsed upon 10-yr-old girl

Update 8 Oct 2018: Koufu-run foodcourt in HDB Hub closes for nearly 3 hours after pipe burst, false ceiling collapse

A foodcourt run by Koufu was shut for almost 3 hours on Sunday morning (Oct 7), after a burst pipe soaked parts of the basement foodcourt in water & caused a section of the premises' false ceiling to collapse.

In response to queries, Koufu group chief operating officer Choo Teck Chuan told The Straits Times that business at the Gourmet Paradise outlet in Toa Payoh HDB Hub was temporarily disrupted between 8.55am & 11.30am.

"Upon investigation, we found that the joint of the water pipe gave way. This has since been rectified and it was business as usual by noon," Mr Choo said.

4 people hurt after part of RWS casino ceiling falls
Four people hurt after part of RWS casino ceiling falls
Workers clearing up debris from the incident, in which 3 renovation workers and a security officer were injured. TNP PHOTO: ONG WEE JIN

3 renovation workers and a security officer were injured after part of a ceiling board at the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) casino collapsed yesterday.

External contractors were carrying out enhancement works when part of the ceiling board leading to the mezzanine gaming area fell around 10am, a spokesman for RWS told The Straits Times.

"There were no guests at that area during the incident. One security staff and three external contractors sustained minor injuries," the spokesman added.

Ceiling collapses in NTU lecture theatre

The ceiling of Lecture Theatre 1, at Nanyang Technological University's (NTU) North Spine, had collapsed earlier that morning.

NTU sent an e-mail to affected students to inform them of the collapse and the change of venues for some of their lectures. No classes will be held there for at least a month.

Mr Adzizul, who is a final-year mechanical engineering student, told The New Paper that his classmates were in the theatre, sitting closer to the front. As he had not attended the lecture, he was viewing a recording that was posted online after the lecture ended.

'No sound, no warning, and it fell'

A 40m section of a viaduct on the PIE collapsed on July 14, leaving a tangled mess of bars & broken concrete at a construction site adjacent to a slip road in Upper Changi Road East. One worker was killed in the incident.ST FILE FOTO

When residents of Block 638 in Tampines looked outside their windows on the morning of July 14, they saw a scene of devastation.

A 40m section of a viaduct on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) had collapsed, leaving a tangled mess of bars & broken concrete in a construction site adjacent to a slip road in Upper Changi Road East.

The collapse occurred in the early hours of the morning, killing Chinese national Chen Yinchuan, 31, & injuring 10 other workers who had been laying cement on the structure. It was described as one of the worst worksite accidents after the Nicoll Highway tunnel collapse in 2004 that killed 4 people.

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Lift breakdown statistics based on annual data

In “Lift breakdowns: Specific answers would be more reassuring” (Jul 26), Mr Cheang Peng Wah had asked why the Ministry of National Development (MND) had provided lift breakdown statistics over the two-year periods of 2013/4 & 2015/6. The breakdown statistics are, in fact, based on annual data, but it happens that the figures were similar over the two-year periods.

In 2013, there were about 30 reported breakdowns in public housing estates out of every 1,000 lifts per month. It was a similar figure in 2014. In 2015, the reported breakdowns per month numbered about 20, and this continued at the same level last year.

Mr Cheang also asked whether there have been more incidents of breakdowns causing injuries and fatalities in recent years.

10-yr-old girl is latest victim of lift accidents in HDB buildings

Despite tightening lift maintenance standards, 10-year-old Chung Yan Ting has become the latest victim of faulty HDB lifts when part of the ceiling light on the lift fell on her as she entered the compartment.

This is the most recent serious lift accident in the past few years, following the incident of a woman whose spine was fractured after she was jerked up and down suddenly while she was in a lift last year, and after the death of an elderly man in May last year who succumbed to injuries from a fall that occurred when he reversed his mobility scooter out of a lift that had stopped 15cm above the ground.

This time, Yan Ting was with her family at Block 325A Sengkang East Way when her mother first entered the defective lift. As Yan Ting followed behind her mother, her father noticed a long metal rod on the lift’s floor. Before he could look around to investigate further, half of the metal and plastic light cover dislodged from the lift’s ceiling and struck Yan Ting.

10-yr-old girl injured in HDB lift accident

10-year-old girl injured in HDB lift accident
Chung Yan Ting, 10, who was injured during an accident involving a lift at block 325A Sengkang East Way. foto: Jason Quah/TODAY

A 10-yr-old girl needed five stitches on her foot after parts of the ceiling of a lift she was in at Sengkang East Way collapsed, in the latest of a series of lift accidents to hit Housing & Development Board (HDB) blocks.

The lift at Block 325A is now under repair until next Monday evening (June 12), said a notice pasted on its door. Based on the Ang Mo Kio Town Council’s (AMKTC) preliminary assessment, the incident could have resulted from the holder of the light diffuser being improperly secured.

Following the incident, the girl, Chung Yan Ting, was sent to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. In an interview after her discharge Wednesday evening, Yan Ting said she is now afraid to take the lift.

Sengkang lift accident: Light panel not secured, says BCA
Complaints made about faulty lift before fatal mishap
Sengkang lift accident: Ceiling panels that fell on girl likely ‘improperly secured’
Town councils to get over S$63m a year to maintain, replace lifts

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Sengkang lift accident: Ceiling panels that fell on girl likely ‘improperly secured’, says BCA
The ceiling parts of a lift at 325A Sengkang East fell, injuring a 10-year-old girl. (foto: Chung Koh Choon)

Plastic ceiling panels in a lift that fell on and injured a 10-yr-old girl at Block 325A Sengkang East Way were likely “improperly secured to their support frame”, said the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) on Thursday (Jun 8).

The girl, Chung Yan Ting, was in the lift with her family members when the accident happened at about 1pm on Wed. She ended up with five stitches on her foot.

“My brother entered the lift and I followed him, and suddenly the whole ceiling collapsed. It hit my head and then it cut my feet (sic),” she told Channel NewsAsia.

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Sengkang lift where ceiling panel fell and injured girl has been closed for maintainence

A 10-yr-old girl was sent to KK Children's and Woman's Hospital after a ceiling panel in a Sengkang Housing Board block lift fell on her.FOTOS: SHIN MIN

A lift in Sengkang where a ceiling panel fell & injured a 10-yr-old girl has been inspected by Building & Construction Authority (BCA) engineers, the lift contractor & town council staff.

For the safety of residents, the lift will be shut for maintenance & resume only after it has been certified by BCA to be in safe working condition.

Investigations by BCA & the lift contractor are still ongoing, the spokesman said.

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BCA has responded in the wake of the lift ceiling falling on a 10 year old girl in Sengkang, injuring her in the process. Investigations done has shown that the plastic board might not have been secured properly. BCA has also issued a notice to suspend the operation of the lift.

The Ang Mo Kio Town Council has also indicated that they will reimburse all the medical fees of the 10 year old girl, which came to about $200. The lift contractor maintaining the LG elevators for the block where the incident took place is Sigma Elevator. Sigma Elevator has been in the news lately for being the company that has been banned from taking part in tenders for lift maintenance works since October 2015, because its newer lifts broke down more often than usual.

As for the girl, a new bruise was discovered on her head on Thursday by her parents, and she was sent to a clinic for another check up

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Ceiling of Sengkang Lift Gives Way and Crashes Down on Teen Girl
The ceiling of a lift at Block 325A Sengkang East Way collapsed yesterday, injuring a 10-year-old girl

Her father, polytechnic lecturer Chung Koh Choon, said that his family were returning home from lunch when the incident took place.

They entered the lift on the 4th floor of the block which is linked to the multi-storey carpark. Mr Chung said his wife noticed a long metal rod on the floor and he remembered thinking that it didn’t look like “something from a household”.

Then all of a sudden, half of the light cover on the lift ceiling came crashing down and hit his daughter.

Lifts at Sengkang Leak when it Rains, Residents Carry Umbrellas for Safety
Residents Complain that Tampines Flat Lifts Break Down 12 Times in 6 Months
Lifts at Sengkang Leak when it Rains, Residents Carry Umbrellas for Safety
Compassvale Lift Suddenly Stops & Shoots Up but Contractor Say No Fault Found
Boon Lay Lift Constantly “Drops” from 3rd-1st Floor, Causing Aunty Lift Phobia
Lifts Break Down 12 Times in 6 Months, Town Council Can’t Fix Problem
All 3 Lifts at 30-Floor Woodlands Flat Breakdown, Maintenance Team Not Seen
“Ghost Lift” that Always Stops at 4th Floor Terrifies Hougang Residents

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Collapsed lift ceiling at Sengkang East injures 10-yr-old girl, results in five stitches on foot
What the ceiling look like intact (Photo - Terry Xu)

TODAY reports a 10-year-old girl was given five stitches on her foot after parts of the ceiling of a lift she was in at Sengkang East Way collapsed.

The lift at Block 325A is now under repair until next Monday evening (12 June) according to the notice that is pasted on its door.

According to TODAY, the 10-year-old girl, Chung Yan Ting, was sent to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Yan Ting reportedly said she is now afraid to take the lift.

Parts of lift ceiling fell and injured family at Pasir Ris Drive 4
MND: TCs to set aside at least 14% S&CC collection for lift replacement funds

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HDB Lift ceiling collapse upon 10-year-old girl

A ceiling of a HDB lift at Sengkang East Way Blk 325A collapsed upon a 10-year-old girl yesterday (Jun 7) when the lift stopped at the fourth floor. Half of the ceiling’s lighting cover fell on her left ankle causing a severe cut with blood bleeding profusely at the scene. The girl was later admitted the KK Women’s and Children’s hospital and received 5 stitches.

Town council said that they believe the lighting cover was not securely closed.

“We are conducting a thorough check and working with the Building and Construction Authority to ascertain the root cause of the mishap. We had visited the child and her family in the evening to check on the status of her condition and injury and will render assistance where necessary…We will also conduct checks on other lifts to ensure that all light diffusers are properly secured.”

Elderly woman’s hand severed at HDB lift
Faulty HDB lift kill handicapped elderly

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Spate of lift accidents
Yet another faulty lift at Sengkang East Way traps 70-year-old in lift for 40 minutes

Just two days after a 10-year-old girl was injured in a lift accident at Block 325A, Sengkang East Way, the second lift at the same block broke down on Friday afternoon, trapping 70-year-old retiree Mr Lee Keng Duan in the lift compartment for 40 minutes.

Mr Lee was stuck between the first and second floor of the HDB block and found that he could not call anyone as his mobile phone did not have reception in the lift. Fortunately, neighbour Mr Sanjay Pandey passed by the lift and alerted Ang Mo Kio Town Council.

Mr Panday and his wife, Mdm Mohini, are the same neighbours who helped the Chung family when their daughter was struck by a lift light cover that had collapsed on Wednesday.

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