Thursday, 29 June 2017

When a Man Gets Bored on a Business Trip

And Starts Messing Around With Room Service

Business trips can be boring. It can be mindbogglingly boring, since it’s basically a vacation without all the fun stuff or all the anything at all, actually. You travel overseas, and every waking hour is either spent eating your meals or doing work, all the while every single attraction the country has to offer is just out there, out of your reach.

And it’s even worse if your colleagues are boring people. You get the extra bonus of having to spend your pitiful amounts of free time either alone in your hotel, or with your boring colleagues.

This man, who recently stayed in Azerbaijan, however, managed to find his own fun, by making and leaving cute creations with the linen in his room for housekeeping to see. He makes his trip more interesting and makes the housekeeping staff’s day. Take a look at all his creations below:
A man lounging on the bed watching TV

A Smiley Face For Room Service

Monster INC., Anyone?

Just waiting around for you

A palm tree or a rabbit?

Road trip!

The Wizard of Oz With Tongue

I’m actually really working in my room

Sorry, dearie, but good times don’t last