Sunday, 2 August 2015

Faces of Singapore

Here’s a guide to Singapore’s diverse melting pot of cultures and races. It’s a vibrant brew that gives the country its unique character.

The Chinese in Singapore make up Singapore's largest ethnic group

The Chinese are the largest ethnic group in Singapore, making up almost three-quarters of the country’s population. It’s not surprise then that Chinese culture – from the language and food to entertainment and festivals - features prominently in Singapore.

The Malays in Singapore are a part of a very close-knit community

The original settlers of Singapore, the Malays are the second largest ethnic group here. As such their culture has influenced other ethnicities that arrived here later.

The Indian culture adds much vibrance to Singapore's multi-ethnic society

The Indians are Singapore’s third largest ethnic group, and the community here boasts one of the largest overseas Indian populations.

The Eurasians in Singapore epitomise the city's vibrant east meets west vibe

The small but influential Eurasian community in Singapore encapsulates the east meets west vibe of the country. This ethnic group is made of people who have mixed European and Asian lineage and have been present in Singapore since the early 19th Century.

The Peranakan traditional dress for women known as the Nonya Kebaya features beautifully embroidered details

The Peranakans, are a fascinating blend of cultures from the region. The term Peranakan refers to people descended from marriages between Chinese or Indian men and local Malay or Indonesian women who can be found throughout Southeast Asia.

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