Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Your ultimate guide to living longer

What to Eat (from the healthiest people around the world!)

The key food finding in Buettner’s new book is that it’s not just what you eat, it’s how you eat. “The big insight from my new book is that eating for longevity is not a function of discipline; it’s a function of environment.

The longest-living populations set up their houses, kitchens, and lifestyles so that eating right becomes easy and mindless,” he reveals. “The people in the blue zones don’t ever say, ‘I’m going to get healthy now.’ They just live around people who eat the right things, and therefore eat the right things themselves,” he says.

Not surprisingly, then, Buettner also pinpointed what the “right things” are in the first place. Here’s his basic primer of everything you need to know about eating for longevity, culled from all five of the blue zones.

1. Eat less meat.
2. Go for more grains.
3. Fill up on beans.
4. Snack on nuts. 
5. Be a green machine.
6. Set up your kitchen right. 
7. Choose your friends wisely.

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