Saturday, 1 August 2015

10 Tips That Will Transform Your Mane

When it comes to taking care of their hair, most women take the shampoo, rinse, repeat, throw on the occasional treatment mask approach. But for truly gorgeous hair, it’s essential to get to the root of the problem – the scalp. Here are some tips to keep your scalp, and hair, looking great

The scalp is as sensitive if not more, than the skin on your face. It is equally prone to sebum, UV damage, sweat and toxins and.  Therefore, it needs as much attention as the skin on your face.

Taking care of the health of your scalp is the best way to ensure a luscious head of hair. The hair receives nutrients, blood circulation and oxygen from the scalp and thus the quality of new hair is affected by the condition of the scalp.

It’s important to wash your scalp every day with the right shampoo for your scalp type. You may have a dry or oily scalp. Some people have oily scalps and dry hair and some, dry scalps with oily strands.

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