Friday, 27 May 2016

The forested "vice havens" of Woodlands

It’s Friday, how about some jungle sex?

TALK about putting the “wood” in Woodlands. Just between Woodlands Avenue 4 and 9, there’s a small forest clearing where men pay women to have sex. It’s known as the “jungle brothel”, apparently in and out of business for the last 14 years and recently experiencing a, uhm, revival.

Lianhe Wanbao reporters in a recent stakeout saw more than 30 men enter the brothel, some alone, others in groups, over a half hour. Apparently, there’s a makeshift room with canvas sheets held up by wooden poles, and a mattress on the ground.

Hundreds of condoms and condom wrappers are strewn all about. See the story in TNP.

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Residents worried about Woodlands jungle brothel

Call it a 'rubber plantation', if you will.

In one corner of a small jungle in Woodlands, there are used condoms and condom wrappers strewn all over the ground.

The hundreds of condoms are a by-product of a jungle brothel that has been in and out of business for the past 14 yrs.

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Woodlands is hiding a steamy little secret — a makeshift jungle brothel

Nestled in one corner of a small jungle in Woodlands lies a shoddily put-together brothel. If you ever find yourself traipsing through the clandestine site (for whatever reason), you'll probably end up knee deep in used condoms and wrappers.

Okay, we exaggerate. But you get the point: the grounds are littered with rubbers — hundreds of them. It's no surprise, given the red-light forest district has been operating sporadically near the junction of Woodlands Avenue 4 and 9 for the last 14 years.

The dirty discovery was first made by The New Paper in May 2004, and when Lianhe Wanbao paid it a visit the other night, business was booming. After the women (mostly foreign workers) arrived in cabs, 30 men were spotted strolling into the area — allegedly from the surrounding dormitories — in the space of 30 minutes.

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Forested area near HDB blocks in Woodlands becomes den of prostitutes

Despite being raided multiple times since the year 2007, the forested area around Woodlands Ave 4 and Woodlands Ave 9, continue to be a den for vice activities. The area is nestled in the vicinity of the Woodlands Industrial Estate.

The Chinese newspaper Wanbao has reported that the recent police raids has not deterred the sex workers who frequent the den in the forest. It reported that in just half an hour, it saw 30 men going into the forested area.

When the newspaper reporters probed further, they found thousands of condoms in an area the size of three basketball courts.

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Following a series of raids into the forested "vice havens" of Woodlands, residents breathed a sigh of relief as the rampant underground prostitution taking place appeared to be slowing down.

The respite was short lived however, as prostitution gangs returned swiftly to the forested area between Woodlands Avenue 4 and 9 within a matter of days since the last police raid.

An unnamed resident revealed that most of the activity usually takes place after nightfall, with scores of men taking taxis to the area with a scantily dressed companion in tow. They would then enter into the area concealed by the forest and do the deed. When they finished, the duo would go their separate ways, with the customers leaving first

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Here’s A Dirty Secret You Never Knew Existed In SG – The Thriving Makeshift Brothel In Woodlands Jungle
The jungles in Woodlands hide a dirty secret come nightfall

In a stakeout yesterday (17 Mar), Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao visited a small jungle in Woodlands along Woodlands Avenue 9 and Woodlands Avenue 4 that functions as an informal brothel.

The otherwise inconspicuous area is covered by hundreds of condoms left on the ground since it has been in business for the past 14 years.

By nightfall, groups of men were seen walking into the jungle. As much as 30 men were seen walking into the area within half an hour, as reported by The New Paper.

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半小时30男光顾 兀兰丛林淫窟'套'留满地


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