Monday, 18 August 2014

Immodest Anti-Social Behaviours

Update 22 Aug 2016: Topless woman on Nicoll Highway arrested
DISRUPTION: The topless woman caused a traffic jam. A witness said she was holding her bra in her right hand FOTO COURTESY OF MADAM YU

She was spotted walking topless in the middle of the busy road.

A witness, who wanted to be known only as Madam Yu, 51, told The New Paper that the woman caused a traffic jam along Nicoll Highway towards Mountbatten Road at around 5.45pm yesterday.

The senior personal assistant, who was in a car driven by her husband, said: "The woman was carrying her bra in her right hand. She was strolling calmly towards the city near The South Beach Hotel. Many vehicles swerved to avoid her."

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Doctor who drugged, molested doctor jailed

A reknown aesthetic doctor, who was convicted last month of molesting a male doctor & administering stupefying drugs on the 33-yr-old patient to commit the offence, was sentenced to 42 months' jail yesterday.

Tan Kok Leong, 50, was convicted after an 18-day trial of twice administering Dormicum and Rosiden on the Malaysian doctor in the course of a liposuction procedure at Oasia Hotel in Sinaran Drive, on Jul 5 & 6 in 2013, and using criminal force to outrage his modesty on those 2 days.

Bail of $40,000 was allowed pending Tan's appeal against conviction and sentence.

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Doctor jailed for molesting male patient
JAILED: Tan was sentenced to 3½ years' jail yesterday FOTO: THE STRAITS TIME

He lured his patient -- a fellow male doctor -- to a hotel room and, on 2 separate nights, knocked him out with stupefying drug Dormicum.

Medical doctor and partner at Life Source Medical Practice Tan Kok Leong, now 50, then snapped over 20 photographs of his victim's private parts without the latter's knowledge or consent.

Some showed Tan either touching or holding the Malaysian man's private parts with his bare hands. He was sentenced to 3½ yrs' jail yesterday after an 18-day trial.

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Aesthetic doctor gets 3-1/2 years' jail for molesting male patient

While performing liposuction procedures over 2 days on a male patient whom he had sedated, an aesthetic doctor molested his victim.

Tan Kok Leong touched the private parts of his 33-yr-old patient -- a Malaysian doctor -- on multiple occasions over the course of 2 nights in a hotel room.

The 50-yr-old also took more than 20 photographs which grossly invaded his victim's privacy.

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According to police officers from Jurong Division, the 2 men were caught during an operation at the heartland park at close to midnight. This comes after a report by media about the illicit activities taking place at Woodlands Town Garden, which has grown notorious among residents for its vice activities.

If found guilty for first timers, the men could be fined, or jailed up to three months, or both.

The park was built in 1983 and is located in a corner of Marsiling, close to the Causeway and housing blocks. Over the last decade, the public has reported numerous incidents of vice activity there. It is well known that at night, transgender prostitutes peddle sex openly and solicit customers there.

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Drunk jailed for molesting flight attendant

An Indian national was jailed for nine months yesterday for molesting a flight attendant on board a SilkAir flight from India to Singapore.

Kizhakkumkkara Thomas Ajeesh, 31, admitted to using criminal force on a 26-year-old flight stewardess by brushing against her chest during a flight from Trivandrum to Singapore on Sept 9.

He also pleaded guilty to being drunk until he jeopardised the order and discipline required on board a plane, said The Straits Times Online.


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Naked man caught masturbating in alley
A man was caught on camera masturbating in the back alley of a house in Kuala Lumpur while naked.

Footage from closed-circuit television cameras showed the man emerging in the nude from the bushes in the alley and inching his way to the kitchen window of a nearby house while fondling himself.

The owner of the house was in the kitchen when she spotted some movement outside at about 12.30am on Saturday.

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Man allegedly rapes own mum

In an extremely rare case, a man was charged with the rape of his biological mother yesterday.

The 32-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect the victim's identity, faces one count of rape and two counts of outrage of modesty.

On Oct 4, 2013, he allegedly pinned down his 56-year-old mother before molesting her twice. He then allegedly raped her.

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Naked yoga instructor pins down pervert
SNAPPED: The yoga instructor posted a photo of a man alleged to have filmed her while she was showering in a public toliet on Sentosa.PHOTO: FACEBOOK

A yoga instructor was showering in a public toilet at Tanjong Beach on Sentosa when she noticed a phone camera next to her feet.

Startled by the discovery, her first thought was to get hold of the pervert, so much so that she did not even bother to get dressed. Screaming, she stormed into the next cubicle.

What she saw gave her another shock - a man wearing a long-haired wig, pink straw hat, long-sleeved top and slippers.

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Man who molested woman under the pretext of treating her infertility sentenced to 7 years' jail
Koh Nai Hock, who is also known as Dr Bob Koh

A self-professed medical practitioner, who was convicted of 14 charges of sexually assaulting a woman under the pretext of providing fertility treatment, was sentenced to seven years' jail on Thursday.

After a 13-day trial Koh Nai Hock, 64, was found guilty of sexually penetrating a businesswoman, then 40, on seven occasions at hotel rooms between Nov 1 and Dec 25, 2010.

Koh, represented by Mr Edmond Pereira, is appealing against conviction and sentence.

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Former GM jailed 7 weeks for taking upskirt videos

A 50-year-old Korean man was sentenced to seven weeks imprisonment today (Sept 29) for shooting upskirt videos of shoppers in a supermarket.

Lee Bok Yeon, then a general manager, admitted to four charges of insulting the modesty of a woman by taking an upskirt video. Seven other charges were taken into consideration. His misdeeds came to light after a victim's boyfriend caught him in the act.

At about 3.30pm on May 10, the victim, a 25-year-old whose name has been withheld to protect her identity, was shopping with her boyfriend at NTUC FairPrice Finest at Bukit Timah Plaza. As she was bending over to pick vegetables, her boyfriend noticed that Lee followed, and placed his shopping basket near her.

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Engineer jailed 50 days for filming women showering in hostel

A Japanese engineer on assignment in Singapore was jailed for 50 days on Friday for using his cellphone to take digital videos of women showering in a hostel.

Go Kotozaki, 37, admitted to two of six charges of insulting modesty at a hostel in South Bridge Road on May 29 and June 2.

The court heard that Kotozaki had checked into the hostel on June 1. Some time after midnight, he went to the shared common toilet.

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Man jailed 5 months for exposing himself on MRT train

Samyapal Muthusamy said he committed the act, which happened between 11.50pm on Jul 30 and 12.08am on Jul 31, because he found the victim attractive.

He had been sitting next to the victim, a 28-year-old woman, on the MRT train. The woman was asleep, but awoke abruptly as she felt Samyapal learning against her shoulder.

After he woke the victim up, Samyapal moved to seat himself directly across from the victim, facing her. He then unzipped his pants, exposed his penis and started to fondle himself while looking at the victim. The woman immediately recorded his act on her handphone. 

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Cable installer jailed nine months for molesting girl, 12, in her home

A foreign worker who went to a flat to install a fibre optic cable earlier this year molested a 12-year old girl there.

On Friday he was sentenced to nine months' jail. A district court heard that Chellamuthu Gajendran, 36 went to the flat at about 3pm on March 3 to carry out the installation works.

The girl, a primary school student, was in the flat with her younger brother and she was reading a book in the living room.

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Disturbing to see woman walking around Mustafa Centre in translucent dress -- and even exposes herself outdoors
"Under the bright lights, she appeared to be almost naked

Stomper Ash alerted Stomp to photos circulating online showing a woman in a translucent see-through outfit at Mustafa Centre.

In a series of photos, the woman was seen nonchalantly walking around the mall, going up the escalator and at a children's section.

In one photo, she even leans against a cab and lifts her dress to expose her bare bum outdoors.

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Couple causes stir at Resorts World Sentosa pool

A couple allegedly stripped naked and had sex in a jacuzzi pool at Resorts World Sentosa's (RWS) Equarius Beach Villas last Friday afternoon.

A contributor, who sent a photo of the couple, to citizen journalism website Stomp claimed that the couple had done so even though there were children swimming in the pool at that time and were looking at them.

While the jacuzzi is only meant for adults, it sits within a larger pool shared by all guests of the beach villas.

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Woman walks around Plaza Sing with peek-a-boo panties and micro-mini skirt despite stares

Stomper Tan saw a woman whose mini-skirt had fallen below her waistline, exposing her underwear at Plaza Singapura.

The Stomper said she spotted the woman at the the cinema's ticket counter, and other passers-by were also looking at her wardrobe malfunction.

Tan also saw the same woman after the movie, and said her skirt was still in the same manner. However, the woman reportedly did not make any attempt to adjust her attire.

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People caught 'doing their business' in public around Singapore
In recent weeks, there have been numerous sightings and reports of various people 'doing their business' in public around Singapore

Many netizens have snapped photos of these incidents and posted them to citizen journalism website Stomp and on other social media platforms, and they have become a hot talking points online.

On Aug 27, a grandmother was spotted allowing her grandchild to urinate into a plastic bag at the OG store in People's Park Complex, Chinatown. This had happened even though there were public toilets nearby.

Two days before, another such incident occurred near Bukit Panjang Plaza, when a woman allowed her child to urinate near a bus stop in full view of the busy traffic and passers-by.

Passers-by shocked to see man doing his business -- right next to crowded Jurong East bus-stop
Stomper Issha was shocked to see a man doing his business right next to a crowded bus-stop near Jurong East Block 302 at 9.45am today (Sep 7)

The Stomper said more than a few people were waiting for buses at that stop when they saw the man.

According to Issha, he seemed unconcerned about the people at the bus-stop and the people walking on the pathway nearby.

This comes after at least three other similar incidents which occurred last month.


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At least she didn't litter
The woman in the background is said to have relieved herself in public

She's all about that bass, 'bout that bass. No treble.

The song by Meghan Trainor was replaying in my head as I kept seeing this photo of a woman's big bare bottom on my Facebook timeline last week.

Or should it be "bare big bottom"? English is hard.


Passer-by shocked by sight of nude man at Orchard Towers carpark

A Stomper spotted a man who was changing clothes in the carpark at Orchard Towers at 5am today (July 22).

The man was trying to open a drawer, while he was nude, and was oblivious to the presence of others in the carpark.

Said the Stomper: "I was shocked to find a naked man walking around in the carpark of Orchard Towers at around 5am on July 22.

Police identify woman seen defecating at Holland Village MRT

Police identify woman seen defecating at Holland Village MRT

The NEA said the police have referred the case to the police for further investigations

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Authorities somehow identified Holland Village MRT woman from behind. She’s a 34-year-old S’porean
Not sure how the authorities did it, but okay

You have seen the photo trending on social media of a woman minding her own business outside Holland Village MRT on Aug. 13, 2014.

Now, the authorities have positively identified her, from behind, nonetheless. She is a 34-year-old Singaporean, as reported in The New Paper:
Previously, in response to a public query, SMRT had said they couldn’t do anything about the incident as the woman had left the scene by the time their staff arrived.

Woman seen defecating at MRT identified

She was caught on camera relieving herself outside Holland Village MRT station in broad daylight on Aug 13.

The police told The New Paper yesterday that they have identified the woman as a 34-year-old Singaporean.

They received a call at 1.40pm that day about the woman who was spotted defecating in the area.


Now, it seems the mystery is resolved as The New Paper reported that the Police and the NEA have identified the woman as a 34 year old Singaporean.

While this solved one mystery, it also raises some other questions such as why did SMRT claim there was nothing they could do to fine the woman who was "out of their line of site".

The TNP report said that the police had received a call about the incident that day at 1:40pm and they later referred the case to the NEA as the offence falls under their responsibility:

A lady caught defecating at Holland V MRT station
It showed a half-naked lady, squatting and defecating in public, at a MRT station, said to be the Holland Village station on Circle Line. A check showed that the photo has already been circulating widely on the Net

Finding this to be too incredible to believe that it’s happening here in modern-day Singapore in this age, TRE sent a volunteer correspondent down to Holland Village to investigate.

The correspondent confirmed that the said photo was, indeed, taken at Holland Village MRT station. There is a money changer, Bena Traders (on ground floor of Holland Road Shopping Centre), situated just directly opposite where the incident occurred.

Our correspondent asked the money changer if he saw anything unusual yesterday (13 Aug). He told TRE that in fact, something did happen yesterday during lunchtime at the said spot. He said that apparently someone was “shitting” there during lunchtime. Unfortunately, he was out for lunch and didn’t see the incident himself.

Defecating incident “away from staff’s line of sight”: SMRT

The Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) has responded to public outcry over a woman defecating outside one of its train stations mid-week.
  • “We wish to explain that by the time our staff arrived at the scene, the woman had already left,” SMRT said in its reply to a query by website TR Emeritus. “Nevertheless, we deployed cleaners immediately to clean up the affected area.”
  • “Please be assured that should any of our staff spot a member of the public committing such unlawful acts, they will most certainly approach the person and put a stop to it,” SMRT says. “He/ she is also likely to be issued with a Notice of Offence (NOO) and a summon from the National Environmental Agency (NEA).”
SMRT added:
  • “However, this incident had occurred away from our staff’s line of sight. Whilst our staff would endeavour to ensure that our stations are looked after properly, they would also need to attend to other duties and passengers as well. Hence, constantly focusing on CCTV would be counterproductive for them. On that note, we seek the public’s assistance to report any unlawful acts upon sight, immediately to our station staffs so action could be taken to address such problems.”
Under the Environmental Public Health Act, Environmental Public Health (Public Cleansing) Regulations, it is an offence to “urinate or defecate in or upon any street, arcade, vacant land, river, canal, ditch, drain or watercourse or in any place to which the public has access except in any sanitary convenience provided for such purpose.”

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The photo of an adult woman defecating at the MRT station in Holland Village has been widely shared on social media, eliciting many responses, all expressing a sense of utter disgust

The story has even been picked up by Hong Kong and Taiwan media and was shared on many forums, social media pages and news sites.

When netizens emailed SMRT about the incident, SMRT explained that they do not condone such acts and if offenders are caught doing such things to soil the premises, staff members will put a stop to it right away and the offender would most likely be issued a Notice Of Offence and summoned by the NEA.

However, in this case, SMRT explained that they could not fine the woman as she has done this out of the line of sight of their station staff and as she had already left the scene by the time they were made aware of it.

Woman spotted relieving herself at Holland Village MRT station believed to be of unsound mind: SMRT

SMRT spokesperson Mr Patrick Nathan, VP Corporation of Info and Communications released a statement stating:
  • "SMRT staff cleaned the area at 2pm after passenger notified staff of the woman's behaviour at 1.50pm.
  • "She was believed to be of unsound mind [according to the person who reported the incident]."
Police have confirmed that when they arrived at the scene, the mess had been cleared up and the woman had left the scene.

related: Look what this woman did in front of passers-by at Holland Village MRT Station
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I walking along Holland Village MRT when I see this half naked woman squatting beside the MRT. At first i tot she crazy but den I see shit on the floor.

From afar i shouted at her to stop but she just shouted some gibberish words that I dun understand. when i walk closer, i see that she having diarrhea and the shit flowing on the floor. Maybe becus she laosai, she no choice but to shit on the spot?

but think about it, toilet so near, maybe can just control and run to mrt toilet wat. really don't know why all these foreigner like this, should use some brain la. now Singapore different oredi.

Woman relieves herself besides train station, public shocked
After she was done, she could be seen wiping herself

According to the Environmental Public Health Act, Environmental Public Health (Public Cleansing) Regulations:
“No person shall urinate or defecate in or upon any street, arcade, vacant land, river, canal, ditch, drain or watercourse or in any place to which the public has access except in any sanitary convenience provided for such purpose.”
The law on public health has been strictly enforced in Singapore through the years, and it is important for the authorities to do so, given how small the island is and how compact it has become. Such enforcements have resulted in Singapore having a reputation as one of the cleanest cities in the world. Indeed, those old enough will remember Singapore being touted – and recognised – as a garden city, with clean streets and top public hygiene standards.

However, in recent times numerous incidents of people urinating and defecating in public – including at void decks, inside trains, in elevators – are causing alarm, and raising questions of whether laws protecting public health need to be relooked or enforced even more strictly.

Photo Of Woman Peeing Onto MRT Station's Floors Very Disturbing

A Singaporean wrote in to The Real Singapore about how he saw a china lady nonchalently peeing onto the tiles in a MRT station completely out in the open. He also provided photographic evidence that has shocked many Singaporeans, and rightly so, because who on earth does this in full view of everyone especially when our MRT stations are fully equipped with toilets.

The author didn't mention which MRT station it was, he only said that it was a station near his workplace. He also alleged that while she was passing urine on the floor, she was talking really loudly on the phone "with her PRC accent". He reckons that the lady is in her mid 20s, and was so thoroughly disgusted by what he saw that he lost his appetite and decided to skip lunch.

Indeed it is disturbing. What is our country becoming of? In the near future will these kind of sights be common place with more foreigners coming in? Why is there no quality control to these foreigners who are allowed to come over to Singapore to work?

Woman answers 'call of nature' in public at Holland Village MRT station

A woman was spotted squatting down at Holland Village MRT Station to 'answer nature's call'.

She had done it in full view of other commuters and passers-by.

Stompers PY, shirinarianna, Suhairi, Alfahd, Weisy, KV, Nurfarhana, Marcus and Alex had all contributed photos of her inappropriate act to Stomp.

Interview: 请不要在蒙娜丽莎面前大便!

What do you make of the reports in social media about China nationals urinating and shitting in public?
Chen: I am mortified, embarrassed. It is such a disgrace. These Chinese people travel abroad and they really 丢中国人的脸! They disgrace their country's pride, so whenever I show up in a place with a bus full of Chinese tourists, I now worry if they will already have such a bad impression of Chinese tourists, of Chinese people because of such reports in the media. I am embarrassed, I feel bad, really, it shouldn't happen in this day and age.
If I may ask, do you ever have your tourists behave badly like that, shitting in public in Hyde Park?
Chen: No, thankfully - you see, our company handles high end tourists, our clients pay a lot of money to fly to the UK in style, they stay in very nice 5-star hotels, they have a relaxing schedule where they have nice meals in expensive restaurants and it is designed for rich people. We tend to get a lot of rich housewives of businessmen - what you call ladies of leisure. They spend thousands of pounds with us on this trip and probably spend even more on shopping whilst they are here. They love going to Bicester Village - they are always asking me when we are going there. They are not the kind of ugly Chinese tourists who will take a dump outside Harrods or in the British Museum. But you're somewhat unlikely to encounter these kinds of Chinese tourists in London or New York as it costs a lot of money to travel long haul like that, you're probably far more likely to find them in other cities within China or other Asian cities like Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok. This kind of anti-social behaviour is really far worse within China itself.

Photo of naked woman at Holland Village goes viral

A photo of a woman squatting with her bottom exposed at one of the MRT station entrances at Holland Village in Singapore is going viral

It was posted by Facebook user “Denise Yii” just before 2pm on Wednesday 13 August and she claimed that the woman “wiped her bottom with a tissue and placed it in her bag”. As of 5pm, the photo has been “shared” more than 600 times. Commenters on her post are responding in disbelief as to why the woman was unable to find a toilet if she need to relieve herself.

In the comments on her post, “Denise Yii” explained that she was trying to take a video of the incident, but the woman threw a tissue at her, so she took a picture and left in a hurry. She has no idea if any bystanders tried to stop the woman. The woman was already squatting when “Denise Yii” arrived at the scene.

“As you can tell from the photo, nobody who passed by seemed to care. That was weird,” she said.

Woman pooping in public near Holland Village MRT

Could this be the same woman who got away scot-free after taking a piss in a Pinnacle@Duxton lift? Both are known to be ‘atas’ areas, one a luxurious, world renown public housing project, the other the original ‘hipster’ enclave. HV has long lost its vintage allure, a former yuppie-infested watering hole, now a place where you can watch heartland invaders take a dump while you sip artisanal coffee by a cafe window above. Now it’s a ‘hole’ of an entirely different sort.

In 2011, a caller to a radio station named Samantha complained that Holland Village was for ‘cultured’ people and that it was no place for uncouth heartlanders, who with their singlets and flip-flops were tarnishing the image of her hangout. I wonder how she feels now knowing that these people are shitting on her territory. Up to now the grossest sight anyone in HV can witness is someone walking around in a pair of goddamn Crocs.

The culprit was completely bottomless from the photo, and if not mentally unsound she could be a member of Albert Yam’s ‘naturist’ movement taking nudism to its animalistic extreme. It’s not the first time someone took off their pants in HV, though. In 2009, a couple strolled down Lorong Mambong totally nude for kicks. Not sure if they left any droppings behind.


Dear The Real Singapore, I refer to your recent viral article women peeing on the floor

I want to share with you my experience with seeing a PRC defecating publicly near my HDB block too. I caught him in the act and he still have the cheek to tell me its normal for him to do such things back in his country.

We are in Singapore and not China and we do not have the culture of defecating publicly in places.

What's wrong with these people? Yet another person spotted doing his business in public

This is the second report Stomp has received of people answering the call of nature in public today.

Earlier, Stomper Navin saw a man doing both a number one and a number two in Chinatown, despite the presence of passers-by.

Just last week, a woman made headlines and became a viral talking point after she was spotted relieving herself in public at Holland Village MRT Station.

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What's going on? Another case of a man doing his business in public

Stomper Nazin was disgusted to see a man doing both a number one and a number two in public yesterday morning, Aug 21.

According to the Stomper, he was spotted at about 8am behind Hotel 81 in Chinatown, and there were many passers-by in that area.

Navin said: "Even though there were so many people walking around and looking at him, he continued to satisfy his urge [to defecate].

related: Woman spotted relieving herself at Holland Village MRT station believed to be of unsound mind: SMRT

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How do you stop such anti-social behaviour?

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Caught in the act of urinating in Pinnacle@Duxton lift

Pictures showing a woman squatting (above) in a lift and then standing up, with a puddle near her, have been put up at a Pinnacle@Duxton block - PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

The first photo shows the back of a woman in neat attire squatting down in a lift; the second shows the same woman, her hair tied up in a ponytail, in the same spot, but this time with a puddle near her feet in the lift.

The photos were featured in posters put up this week by the Tanjong Pagar Town Council in the void deck of Block 1E at Pinnacle@Duxton, following complaints about urine in one of the lifts back in May.

The youthful-looking woman, whose face is not seen, was caught in the act by surveillance cameras in the lift at 8.22pm on May 23.

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Tanjong Pagar Town Council posts photos of woman who urinated in lift at Pinnacle@Duxton

Yahoo Newsroom - A photo of a poster indicating two images of a woman urinating in a lift in a block at the Pinnacle@Duxton HDB estate. (Photo from Pinnacle@Duxton Facebook page)

Singapore’s Tanjong Pagar Town Council posted pictures of a woman urinating in a Housing Board flat building lift in posters around the Pinnacle@Duxton estate.

On Sunday, the administrator for the Pinnacle@Duxton Facebook page put up a picture of the poster, which included two images of the ponytailed woman. In them, she appeared to be squatting on the floor in the first, and in the second, her standing with a puddle of liquid behind her where the floor had previously been dry.

The incident in question, said the town council in a message accompanying the photos, occurred inside Lift E at Block 1E of the estate located on Cantonment Road in Tanjong Pagar. The woman was recorded in the act at 8:22pm on Friday, 23 May this year, the message said.

Woman peeing in Pinnacle@Duxton lift

Peeing in lifts is a scourge that won’t go away soon, with exploding bladders, loose sphincters, alcohol and lack of public toilets often used as mitigation pleas when culprits do get caught. Most of these, to no one’s surprise, are men. In 1988, the ST ran a survey which revealed that of 112 pissers caught, ONLY ONE was a woman, and they were mostly adults within the age range of 36 to 54. These days, people seem to get away with urinating in lifts without having the media shout their name, age and occupations like they used to. An anonymous offender smearing a public amenity gets away with nothing more than embarrassment, while a blogger who smears the name of someone very illustrious gets hunted down and sued his pants off for defamation. Even getting caught EATING a damn sweet on the train is a worse situation than this.

You must be truly desperate if you’re a woman and need to resort to 1)pulling down/aside your underwear 2) squatting 3) answering the call of nature 4) risk soaking your damn feet while at it. No one seems to ever get remanded in IMH for such behaviour, especially one that has been fetishised by the authorities since Singaporeans began living in HDBs, with some MPs in the 80’s even suggesting a JAIL TERM for offenders. Peeing in a lift is an entirely different breed of public disgrace compared to say dumping litter or throwing cigarette butts out of cars.

A grown adult urinating in a closed, moving compartment, especially one in which you have to eventually use yourself, seems to me more of a bizarre psychological disorder rather than a case of uncontrollable nerves, mischief, or even ‘vandalism’. It’s like vomiting on the side of your plate, and then continuing to eat the rest of your food like nothing happened.


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When you leave your doors wide open for everyone
Woman lets her son defecate publicly at Chinatown MRT station

When you open your doors wide open for everyone to come in, then be prepared that they bring with them their social norms, habits, culture, etc

Actually I read so many articles regarding disgust against the PRCs. Look, it has been their culture to behave as such, over the centuries. Hence when you opened your doors widely to them, do you expect them to change overnight to conform to the society norms in Singapore, especially so when you bring them in by large numbers? They will still continue to be rash and crude. They will continue to pee and shit openly, they will still continue to be loud and argumentative, they will continue to peddle their wares, etc.

Now we have Indians from India. A country whereby they treat their womenfolks like shit. Moreover they have the caste system there. Do you expect them to change when you bring them over to Singapore? Even their politicians and police doesn’t even blink their eye when a rape occurs. After all it is an everyday affair, so what’s the issue? The poor will be poor and down and trodden, the rich will adopt their high and mighty attitude as they belong to the upper class.


I am shocked to see a woman pulling down her grandson's pants on the MRT today. She then asked her to pee into the bottle which the boy did. I know they are not locals because their accent is those northern China curly tongue accent.

She should have made the boy alighted and go to a toilet or something. How can she do such things in public?

The boy was complaining to his grandmother that he needed to go to the toilet urgently.


I was eating at the Malaysia Street Food food court at RWS the other day with my family when this PRC woman beside us just let her child pee in front of us.

We stared at her but she didn't seem to care and continued to let her child pee.

She just pulled her kid's pants down and when her child was done, she just pulled up his pants and acted like it was nothing!


I saw a boy running around naked at Changi Food Centre during dinner time yesterday (Apr 1).

The parents of the boy, who are Chinese nationals, also allowed the boy to pee openly on the floor. Who is going to clean up the mess for them?

This papa and mama from China let their little precious toddler run around naked at Changi Food Centre during dinner time yesterday (Apr 1)

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A SBS bus driver made a pit stop at the side of the road while on duty to relieve himself. He also did not go by the usual route, said TRS reader Sab. He said:

"On May 16, 2013, I took bus 170 from Bukit Timah Road heading to Woodlands.

"The bus driver was a foreigner speaking with a Chinese ascent.

"Before Kranji MRT, where there is an open field, he actually made a pit stop at the side of the road to pee.


I am disgusted to see this family letting their child urinate into the drain right next to the swimming pool on Saturday, Feb 15.

We saw this at the Downtown East chalet's swimming pool.

Despite telling them nicely not to do this in the public pool, they ignored me and continue doing their thing. They are a family from China but I do not know if they are tourist or are they living here and they seems to not be able to understand english.

China boy's public urination peeves Hong Kongers

A mainland Chinese mother who asked her son to relieve himself in a bottle in a crowded Hong Kong restaurant has sparked an outpouring of online anger in the latest bitter exchange over etiquette.

Manners have long been a source of tension in the southern Chinese city, with Hong Kongers routinely complaining about what they see as the unrefined social habits of their "nouveau-riche" mainland counterparts.

The Standard newspaper said the latest incident occurred over the Lunar New Year holiday - a time when mainland tourists flock in large numbers to the former British colony, popular for its shopping.

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Dirty habits in lifts cause a stink in Singapore: report

Elevators in Singapore public-housing blocks are still sometimes being used as toilets, infuriating residents despite a long government campaign to eradicate the dirty habit, a report said Sunday.

A suburban town council has put up notices showing a bare-bottomed woman apparently urinating in a lift and a man smoking in another, The Sunday Times newspaper said.

The incriminating images were captured by closed-circuit cameras and published blurred as a warning.

Caught in the act: People who smoke, urinate in lifts

Residents of Block 366 Tampines Street 34 have been suffering cigarette smoke and urine in their lifts for years.

"Sometimes there's faeces as well," said housewife Madam Jo Neo, 40. "What happened to civic-mindedness?"

Following several complaints, the Tampines Town Council acted last week: It put up and distributed notices with images of two culprits grabbed from closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera footage.

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Boy leaves a stink on board flight

A family from China has been condemned for letting a boy under their care defecate on his seat on board a Delta Air Lines flight from Beijing to Detroit, reported China Press.

The boy, who was accompanied by his parents and grandparents, defecated on newspapers laid out on his seat.

Despite other passengers urging the family to take the boy to the toilet, the grandfather insisted that the boy be allowed to pass motion on the seat. A stewardess even spoke to the family but to no avail.

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Full Monty SG Style
Indecently-exposed man lies sprawled at Yishun void deck

A man was spotted sprawled on the floor in a state of undress at a void deck at Block 270, Yishun Street 22.

Stomper Lee, a resident living nearby, had come across the half-naked man lying senseless on the ground at 12.30am on Monday morning (Jun 2).

According to Lee, the man reeked of alcohol, which implied that he had been drinking.

Strange & inappropriate behaviour on public transport

The man who stripped naked and performed lewd acts in plain view of commuters on the MRT train on Thursday evening has been arrested.

According to eyewitnesses, the man, who boarded the train at Bukit Batok station, began stripping near Yishun station and started “playing with his genitals”.

One eyewitness said he was staring at some female passengers while touching himself and decided to lie down on the floor after that.

Female culprit accused of violating victim with sex toy

In what is believed to be the first case of its kind, a woman accused of using a sex toy to abuse a girl, beginning when she was just 13, was charged with 26 more offences yesterday.

Zunika Ahmad, 37, was first brought to court in March on a sexual penetration charge.

She was then remanded for psychiatric assessment, and was subsequently found fit to plead.

Sexual abuse accusations grow against Korean ex-Assembly speaker
British singer Cliff Richard interviewed by police
Sex offender registry not the answer
Priest charged with sexual abuse at religious-run hospitals
Sex with student: Teacher gets jail of 4 years, 9 months

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Woman's racy outfit leaves little to the imagination at Paya Lebar Square McDonald's outlet

Stomper Ivana was surprised to see a woman in a racy outfit at the McDonald's outlet in Paya Lebar Square.

The woman's outfit left little to the imagination of customers there.

"I spotted this girl wearing just a bra and tights at the McDonald's outlet in Paya Lebar Square," said the Stomper.

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Girl poses completely nude in HDB carpark

A photograph of a woman posing nude in a public carpark has caused a stir online, after the photo was uploaded on the Internet.

The photograph was posted on citizen journalism website Stomp, after a contributor spotted the photo on Tumblr, a social networking and microblogging platform.

In the photo, the woman is seen posing completely naked, wearing only her shoes and a hat. She has one hand on her hip and the other raised while flashing the peace sign.

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Man takes clothes off and runs naked outside Lasalle building
Photos of the man removing his clothes outside of the Lasalle College of the Arts. -- PHOTO: STOMP

A man caused a stir outside the Lasalle College of the Arts on Monday evening when he removed all his clothes briefly.

Stomp user Claudette submitted pictures of the man - whom she described as a very pale, slightly built young Chinese between 18 and 24 years old - in his underwear, as well as totally naked, to the citizen journalism website.

She added that the man, clad in a white T-shirt and trousers, dropped his backpack and water bottle as he walked alongside the outdoor walkway of the Lasalle building on McNally Street at around 7.15pm before stopping in the middle of the walkway and undressing.

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Couple causes stir at Resorts World Sentosa pool

A couple allegedly stripped naked and had sex in a jacuzzi pool at Resorts World Sentosa's (RWS) Equarius Beach Villas last Friday afternoon.

A contributor, who sent a photo of the couple, to citizen journalism website Stomp claimed that the couple had done so even though there were children swimming in the pool at that time and were looking at them.

While the jacuzzi is only meant for adults, it sits within a larger pool shared by all guests of the beach villas.

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Public nudity on the rise in Singapore

Some do it for thrills, some do it to seek attention. The total number of indecent exposure cases rose from 146 in 2008 and 136 in 2007 to 166 cases in 2009, according to The Straits Times

And 2010 looks to be a record-breaking year, with 105 cases in the first 6 months of this year - one every other day.

Last week, an unidentified man in his 20s went to a 24-hour McDonald’s restaurant along Queensway to buy coffee in the nude. Another man was arrested in Ang Mo Kio after he sat down naked on the street for a few hours

The Internet has also allowed such cases to go viral online, due to camera-equipped mobile phones and citizen journalism websites like STOMP.

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VIDEO: Filipino couples openly hold lewd games at East Coast Park in the presence of families and children

LifestyleNetizens shocked when they saw this man in Suntec City

Facebook user RD Jay shared and posted the photo of a scantily dressed man. He claimed that he spotted the man at Suntec City Tower 4 while he was buying groceries.

Some of the commenters took offence at the shopper’s dressing and wondered why the police was not called.

Do you think this happened in Suntec City? We have our doubts. Let us know.

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Netizens express shock at scantily dressed man – but it’s not Suntec City

Facebook user RD Jay who shared the picture in his Facebook is wrong. The picture is not taken in Suntec City but in Shenzhen, China. This is the original post from where the picture was ripped.

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What in the world? Man in skimpy attire attracts stares from commuters on train

Stomper IZ shared a video of a man dressed in a colourful crop top, black thongs and knee-high gladiator sandals.

Said the Stomper: "This is unbelievable!"

Some commuters couldn't help staring, while others seemed to be completely oblivious or were just focused on averting their eyes from the "fashionable" guy.

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Scantily-Clad Man Spotted Again – This Time on the MRT!

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friends, but this scantily-clad guy clearly prefers his shoes.

He’s been spotted on several occasions now, after he was last seen 2 days ago at a supermarket erm, bending it unlike a certain Beckham.

This time, the man was spotted hanging loose on the MRT .

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ELLE Badass women

Xiao Meili, a 25-year-old Chinese feminist, started an armpit hair photo contest on Weibo a week ago and it received plenty of responses. Dozens of women got involved by sending in selfies with their arms raised, exposing their underarm hair. Among the women involved were three of the Feminist Five who were arrested in March.

"Women should have the right to decide how to deal with their bodies, including small details like armpit hair," Xiao told CNN. "You can choose to shave it, but you shouldn't be forced to do so under the pressure of stereotypes."

The contest has ended and six winners have been announced, check it out here.

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Chinese feminists show off armpit hair in photo contest
Contest organizer Xiao says winners of the competition will be awarded with condoms, vibrators and pedestal urinals.

In the fight against domestic violence and gender inequality, Chinese feminists have opened up a new battlefront: Their armpits.

They ask, why should women have to shave their pits when men are never expected to?
To subvert the double standard, feminist Xiao Meili, 25, started an armpit hair photo contest on Chinese social network Weibo.

Dozens of women have participated, including three of the five feminists briefly arrested in March over a protest for gender equality. The participants sent in selfies and glamor shots with their arms proudly raised, revealing natural hair underneath.

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Unshaven and Proud: Winners of the Chinese Women’s Armpit Contest
And the winner is: Zhuxixi!
And the winner is: Zhuxixi!

Six Chinese women who proudly posted photographs of their unshaven armpits online have been named the winners of a contest held to challenge the notion that women must have hair-free armpits to be attractive.

Xiao Meili, 25, a women’s rights advocate who organized the contest, said she received 46 photos of unshaven armpits during the two-week contest that began May 26. Winners were selected based on the number of “likes” and “reposts” their entries attracted, she said.

“We didn’t choose them based on whether they were very hairy or very un-hairy,” she said in a telephone interview on Thursday. “Just the votes.”

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