Saturday, 16 August 2014

15 things you miss about Singapore

Are you going overseas for the long weekend? While everyone and their mother has an abundance of grievances with our small country, no matter how idyllic the destination, there are always one or two things you miss about Singapore when you go on holiday.

To celebrate our upcoming National Day (and to guilt-trip you all for ditching the country on her birthday - kidding!), here are the things we can only appreciate about Singapore when we’re away.

1. The ease of public transportation
2. English-speaking locals and English menus
3. Low crime rate
4. The abundance and availability of cheap and yummy food
5. Predictable weather
6. Iced drinks
7. Air conditioning everywhere 
8. 3G and wi-fi everywhere
9. The improbability of getting food poisoning just by eating street food
10. Changi Airport
11. Almost everything is within walking distance
12. Cheap and strong coffee on every corner
13. Clean toilets everywhere
14. Decently spicy food
15. Convenient, clean and affordable healthcare