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Strange & inappropriate behaviour on public transport

Update 31 Dec 2016: Naked man on bus arrested in Sengkang

A naked man was arrested from a bus in Sengkang on Friday (Dec 30) afternoon.

The Straits Times understands that the bus was near a police post when a passer-by saw the nude man inside and returned with officers from the police station.

Citizen journalism site Stomp on Saturday (Dec 31) reported that the incident occurred at 2pm at Sengkang East Way.

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I am absolutely shocked by a foreign couple committing sexual and intimate acts right in front of me and my 9 year old son.

My son was staring at them through out the whole 'session' and I do not know how to explain it to him as to what they were doing. The couple (see picture above) were kissing and touching each other private areas publicly in front of everyone in the MRT train. The guy was touching the girl breast and lower private area totally ignoring the stares from everyone else in the MRT.

Despite an old auntie scolding them asking them to stop what they are doing and said that they should be ashamed of themselves, they just laugh it off and continue doing what they are doing.


A lady caught defecating at Holland V MRT station

It showed a half-naked lady, squatting and defecating in public, at a MRT station, said to be the Holland Village station on Circle Line. A check showed that the photo has already been circulating widely on the Net

Finding this to be too incredible to believe that it’s happening here in modern-day Singapore in this age, TRE sent a volunteer correspondent down to Holland Village to investigate.

The correspondent confirmed that the said photo was, indeed, taken at Holland Village MRT station. There is a money changer, Bena Traders (on ground floor of Holland Road Shopping Centre), situated just directly opposite where the incident occurred.

Our correspondent asked the money changer if he saw anything unusual yesterday (13 Aug). He told TRE that in fact, something did happen yesterday during lunchtime at the said spot. He said that apparently someone was “shitting” there during lunchtime. Unfortunately, he was out for lunch and didn’t see the incident himself.

Indecently-exposed man lies sprawled at Yishun void deck

A man was spotted sprawled on the floor in a state of undress at a void deck at Block 270, Yishun Street 22.

Stomper Lee, a resident living nearby, had come across the half-naked man lying senseless on the ground at 12.30am on Monday morning (Jun 2).

According to Lee, the man reeked of alcohol, which implied that he had been drinking.

Man strips naked, performs lewd act on MRT train

The man who stripped naked and performed lewd acts in plain view of commuters on the MRT train on Thursday evening has been arrested.

According to eyewitnesses, the man, who boarded the train at Bukit Batok station, began stripping near Yishun station and started “playing with his genitals”.

One eyewitness said he was staring at some female passengers while touching himself and decided to lie down on the floor after that.


These two bangla workers were spotted sleeping in an amusing manner on the MRT at about 11pm on Sat (Mar 1).

The picture shows one man sprawled out across a priority seat, while another had his legs on top of the first man.

One of the bangla workers even had his hands in his pants and keeps rubbing his private part while chanting something in the train while there are other girls around in the train. I suspect he is masturbating.

American "FT" breaks the law and scolded commuter

I spotted this commuter who had her legs propped up on the Reserved Seat next to her on the train. She also had an opened canned drink in her hands.

I feel that more should be done about commuters who behave badly on board trains, since they seem not to take notice of the signboards around them. After I approach her telling her nicely that this seat is reserved for people with special needs and that she can't drink in the train she scolded me asking me to mind my own business with an American accent.

She also said she can have her drink where ever she wants and she does not want anyone to seat with her. She then put on her headphones and ignored everyone around her

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Graciousness on public transport a 'two-way traffic'

It takes two hands to clap for graciousness on public transport, said Public Transport Council chairman Gerard Ee on Saturday

"It is very gracious to accept an offer given to you, (it) doesn't matter if you're getting two stops later, and you can reinforce this good behaviour by saying 'I really appreciate your very kind gesture'," he said.

Mr Ee was addressing an audience of 80 students, parents and educators at the 'Make It Right For A Better Ride' prize presentation ceremony at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.

He added that youth may find it "embarrassing" and be discouraged from giving up their seats if they experience rejection.

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Most people snooze discreetly on the train, taking up just the space their fare entitles them to. Others act like they own the whole train. This man was spotted sleeping on not one but four seats on the train, with his feet up.
This man conveniently took up three seats on the train -including a priority one - while sleeping on the train.

A netizen noticed a man seated on the train floor, engrossed with playing games on his tablet PC

A man was seen on the bus resting his feet on the seats opposite on Dec 5, 2012 at 8.30am
A netizen noticed a man using another seat to rest his feet while traveling on bus 167 on Dec 1
This elderly man placed his feet on the seat in front of him while placing his bag on the one beside him even though there were many passengers standing on the bus

A man was stretching out his legs across two seats on the MRT and prop his feet on a glass panel on the side of the seat

A netizen came across a woman clipping her nails on the MRT. When she finished, she swept the clippings onto the floor

This woman place her legs across multiple seats on the MRT

A netizen claimed that a woman who had laid out her shopping bags on a bus seat told off an elderly woman who asked for the seat and even declined a mother and her son

A netizen caught sight of a man who cycled into an MRT station and even boarded the train without folding his bicycle. The old man was also not stopped by the staff there

A woman was seen placing a LV handbag on a reserved seat in the MRT

A netizen spotted two students, whom he said are Chinese nationals, conveniently placing their feet and dirty shoes on the hand railings of bus number 23
A commuter covered her head with a sweater while seated on the MRT
A man was seen sleeping on the train floor

This man who conveniently took up three seats in the MRT to sleep, leaving fellow commuters in need of seats, such as a pregnant lady, standing
A man was spotted bringing in a non-foldable bicycle into the MRT, surprising fellow commuters

Commuters were spotted lying down on train seats, with their footwear still on
A youth was seen taking a nap on the floor of a train
A netizen noticed a woman who was resting her legs on the seats opposite her on a bus

Some passengers were spotted obstructing the passageway in the MRT with their luggage
A neitzen saw this woman who had casually plopped her feet up on a seat while on the bus
A netizen caught sight of a man who was smoking in a bus. The man continued smoking despite being told not to by a woman, and the bus driver also ignored the situation

This worker was seen stretching out to snooze on the train on Christmas Eve
A netizen claimed that this little girl not only deprived her grandparents of a seat, but also refused to let other commuters take the empty seat beside her
An inconsiderate commuter deprived other commuters of a seat on the bus during the peak-hour period by resting his bag on an empty seat next to him

A netizen spotted this man who occupied a priority seat and the seat beside it on the train. The man seemed to be curled up and sleeping
A netizen came across a man who put his things on an empty seat, while the woman seated near him placed her things on the train floor

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VIDEO: Indian man caught on tape rubbing himself against a female passenger in MRT train

Link - Facebook.com, 17 Feb 2014

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I don't like to squeeze on the MRT

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