Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Rare Time A Tamil Clip So Widely Shared

Update 8 Mar 2013 - Better Than Bollywood

How's that to kickstart the National Conversation?

If you never watched a Tamil program on TV before, this is one video you must not miss. This is Singapore core at its best, and our Indian brothers and sisters who spoke from their hearts deserve the applause. 

Episode 5 of this Series 2 Idhayam Pesugirathu talk show really lived up to its credo, invoking passion and pulling the heartstrings of the participants, and audience. The temperature was raised further when the policies behind the nefarious Population White Paper were - deservedly - trashed. Let the screen shots speak for themselves. 

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Telling it like it is

It’s a clip from a Tamil talk show on Mediacorps’ Vasantham, but it’s making the rounds on social media, helped along by English sub-titles.

The star is an elderly gentleman giving his animated and sometimes agitated take, on the foreign workers issue. It’s a no-brainer, he said, that an employer will choose a Bangladeshi who will work for $600 on a construction site if the Singaporean is asking for $2,000.

Sure, they can all come to our sunny isle, but please leave when the work is done. It is straight talk, about places being crowded (even the HDB is crowded by foreigners wanting a home) and boy, his shoot-from-the-hip style peppered with English words really resonated with those on social media (2,669 shares at the time of writing) who wanted more!

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Local Indian Uncle Against Foreigners

Singaporeans have no problem with our Indians neighbors. We have no problem with Malaysian Indian staying in Singapore.

Singaporean Indians are predominantly derived from the lower caste Indians. Their ancestors are victims of racism/casteism in India. In Singapore no one discriminates them. But many feel angry that they got discriminated by the recent wave of new comer India Indians, who are mostly higher caste.

This man spoke out against the construction workers, which are majority lower caste South Asians. Singaporeans have finally form a fledgling common identity, and we start to see ourselves as one people -- to the chagrin of PAP government.

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He's THE man! Straight to the face!

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This Indian man goes straight to the heart of the population debate

4 Comments on This Indian man goes straight to the heart of the population debate

  • Seow Lee on Sat, 2nd Mar 2013 11:16 am
  • ha ha ha!! well done…this guy knows what he is talking about!!

  • That's my man! on Sat, 2nd Mar 2013 1:54 pm
  • **CLAP **CLAP. . . . I super like this fellow Singaporean! He spoke without fear. More importantly what he said is what the majority of the Singaporeans think.

  • revi on Sat, 2nd Mar 2013 8:37 pm
  • i too saw the uncle speaking bravely on vasantham.he realy and truly fight for our local singaporeans rights.bravo to him.more locals should speak out like the brave uncle.how can i contact him to say thank u.

  • Anonymous on Sun, 3rd Mar 2013 12:55 pm
  • pm must see this video

    SG Indian uncle defends S’porean interests on TV

    A friend forwarded this to me. I think it was one of the TV forums organized by Mediacorp talking about population issue. This one is on the Tamil channel.

    Look at the way our Indian uncle is firing away at the host. Reading the subtitles and hearing him blasting away in Tamil – damn shiok!

    Give that man a Tiger!

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