Sunday, 10 March 2013

Best CEOs' Hawker Choices

CEOs choose best prata stalls

From breakfast to supper, roti prata is chowed down by hungry Singaporeans throughout the day.

This round-the-clock Indian pancake snack from the Punjab region is commonly eaten with curry or sugar, but hawkers here have come up with their own variations, which now include anything from cheese to chocolate and ice cream.

Here are the top five roti prata stalls as voted by panellists of BT/Knight Frank CEOs' Hawker Choices 2013:

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Best orh lauk, carrot cake from CEOs' Hawker Choices

It’s not a cake made of carrots, and neither is it an omelette filled with oysters a la fin de claire.

They’re just delicious misnomers to describe steamed cakes of radish and rice flour sauteed with eggs and either left natural or doused with sweet black sauce, or a starch-based fried egg mixture with the addition of small oysters.

With origins that go back to Fujian or Guandong, the recipes have been adapted by Singapore hawkers to make it one of the most popular types of street food here.

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Best popiah from CEOs' Hawker Choices

Popular as an appetiser, popiah is also a meal for health-conscious hawker centre diners.

The secret to the tasty roll lies mainly in the texture of its skin and the fragrance of the braised shredded turnip.

Here are the top five popiah stalls (with a side serving of kueh pie tee) as voted by the panellists of the BT/Knight Frank CEOs' Hawker Choices 2013:

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Best laksa stalls from CEOs Hawker Choices

Made famous by Katong and popular all over Singapore, nonya laksa has a strong following among foodies who enjoy a bit of spice in their life.

Slurping its thick gravy can get messy. It is a dirty job but somebody has to do it.

Here are the top five nonya laksa stalls picked by the panellists of the BT/Knight Frank Hawker Choices 2012:

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