Monday, 28 January 2013

Protect yourself from frauds & scams

Five tips to protect yourself from ATM fraud

Card skimming scammers are becoming increasingly clever. Here s how to protect yourself from ATM fraud:
  • Protect your PIN
  • Pick your ATMs carefully
  • Get cashback from shops instead
  • Keep track of your accounts
  • Be suspicious
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What to do when ATMs give the wrong money

Banks take a dim view of customers who pillage their accounts by withdrawing money they don't have.
Frankly, doing this is just shooting yourself in the foot, because banks have a record of every transaction from every ATM.
Using this information, banks can and do track down every unauthorised withdrawal and demand immediate repayment. In the meantime, you'll be hit by sky-high charges for creating an unapproved overdraft. Thus, the banks eventually get their own back on cash-machine bandits!

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Cash machine scammers jailed

They could take your money and all you’d be left with was a sense of bafflement, but after a three-month investigation the five-person “cash claw” gang have now been jailed for a total of 71 months.

Their plan was ingenious. While we’ve all become aware of the risk of skimming, card cloning, people hovering over your shoulder or using miniature cameras to record your PIN, this gang cut out the middle man.

They just wanted the cash, not the card details, so that’s what they targeted.

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This scam secretly steals your bank details

Watch out for this online phishing scam which uses 'tab napping' to attack your computer - and your finances...

As internet users we’re all vulnerable to online scams. Unluckily for us, as soon as we become pretty good as spotting one type of attack, another more sophisticated version comes along in its place. In fact, technology company, Mozilla - which developed the Firefox web browser - has warned against a possible threat from a new scam known as ‘tab napping’ which takes phishing one step further.

What is tab napping?

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The five most common scams

Scam #1: Postal scams

Scam # 2: Email scams

Scam #3: Internet scams

Scam #4 Text message scams

Scam #5: Telephone scams

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