Thursday, 10 January 2013

7 ways to compromise without being a pushover

Relationships need compromise” is so clichéd that most of us have forgotten what it truly means.

Everybody starts off willing and ready to compromise. But sometimes you find yourself in a weird orbit and land up in a relationship spaceship you didn’t originally sign up for – it’s either his way or his dark side. He only compromises when he wants something from you – money, sex, you doing his household chores (buy the roach killer, scrape the god awful lizard poop off the wall - wait, isn’t that a man’s job?).

Problem is, most people don’t compromise fairly. They cave in to pressure and find it easier to give in, resulting in un-retractable resentment.

1. Choose your identity and sense of worth

2. Don’t keep score

3. Compromise is fundamentally about middle ground

4. Make sure you’re not the only one compromising

5. Know when to compromise

6. Know what to compromise on

7. Say what you mean, do what you say

Text: Karen Khng
Photos: Getty Images

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