Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How Does An Aircon Work?

The Working Procedures Of An Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is the wonderful invention of science that has taken place in this decade. It has the ability to cool a room in hot weather and this very process of converting the hot air into cold air is very interesting. This machine not only change the temperature but changes humidity also. People need not have to worry about the installation of these air conditioners as it can be easily installed on a wall or a window. It helps the human beings as it makes them comfortable in the hottest of the weather.

This air conditioner is not only limited in the room but they can be easily found in the many motor vehicles as well. In hot countries, people can’t think of their survival in the hot temperature without the air conditioners. This machine produces colder air than the fan and it is also free from all sorts of irritating sound as well. These Air conditioners are available in different sizes with different types. The split air conditioner is the most popular one as it takes less energy and keep people stress free from the electric bill. This machine works in an interesting way to make the room cooler.

The process of producing cold air
The air conditioner is used to control the temperature of the room and make the room cool in the hot season. For this procedure to take place it utilizes many chemicals to cool the air. These chemicals are transformed to gas and then into liquid and this process is repeated again and again over time. These chemicals drive all the heat of the air out with the help of the chemicals and then the air conditioner squeezes all the temperature of the hot air and slowly all the hot air is replaced by the cold in the room. Thus the air becomes cold and heavy and as it can’t go outside the room so it stays in the room and make the room cooler.

The major parts of air conditioner and its activities
The air conditioner has three major parts- the compressor, condenser and evaporator. This machine produces cold air with the help of these parts. The compressor and condenser are situated on the outside part of the air whereas the evaporator helps to warm the house. Compressor extracts fluids and molecules together to produce power and temperature. Then this fluid starts working and give it up to the condenser. The temperature of condenser becomes cooler than before as it transforms the gas into liquid. This liquid reaches the evaporators where it transforms the liquid into gas.

The gas which is produced is able to suck heat from the air. The evaporator comes with metal fins which assists to produce energy. The evaporator has a fan which helps to scatter the air inside the room which ultimately removes the hot air from the room. This machine comes with a vent which capture the hot air and send it inside the air conditioner and then the evaporator transforms the hot gas into cool air. After taking all the heats, it leaves the cold air into the room. This process is repeated again and again to make the room cool and heat free.

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