Saturday, 5 January 2013

An inspired Poem - PRC drivers' strike

This is retribution for the Men-in-white
They said our country's labour is tight
Therefore importing foreigners is right
The foreigners started flooding in like high tide
Salaries were low, much to employers' delight
They started employing more foreigners from their countryside
The govt then told us our future is bright
"But we are being displaced!", Singaporeans cried
"But the foreigners have spurs stuck in their hide!"
That was what the former MM replied
That Singaporeans are lazy was what he implied
Making many other remarks which were snide
So the number of foreigners continued booming with all might
On the streets, they are now a common sight
Many times they will congregate among themselves at night
Sometimes getting into quarrels and they will fight
And little efforts were made to put things right
No matter how hard Singaporeans tried
Their reasoning with the Govt has no bite
Because attaining high GDP growth was their main pride
Until the recent PRC drivers' strike
Despite mediations, many never complied
Our whatever laws, they won't abide
Consequences of over-relying on foreigners coming into light
No one sympathise with Govt for their pathetic plight
For not knowing they have been taken for a ride
But it's now too late to stem the tide
Our future is now heading towards a downward slide
Because the Singaporean identity has already died...

Downloaded from the net - Source unknown