Friday, 5 April 2019

Qingming Jie Festival 清明節 2019

Qingming is celebrated  on the 15th day after the Spring Equinox, between April 4-6

Qing Ming is an important observance in Singapore for the remembrance of one’s ancestors, that is celebrated mainly by those of Chinese ancestry. It is also called “Tomb Sweeping Day” since cleaning and sweeping out your ancestors’ tombs is a part of the traditional way to commemorate it.

Qing Ming is not an official public holiday, but people will often take annual leave to participate in family ceremonial activities.

On Qing Ming, people bring all manner of offerings for their deceased relatives. It could be food items, wine, paper crafts, imitation gold bars or paper money, incense sticks, or chopsticks. Whatever is brought, it is supposed to show respect for the dead and is believed by some to help them have all necessaries in the next life.

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Chinese Culture for Kids Qing Ming Jie Qing Ming Festival

Chinese Culture for Kids is featuring Qing Ming Jie.  Qing Ming Festival is known as Qing Ming Jie 清明節|清明节 in Chinese. This day always falls in the third lunar months and it is on April 5.

For world culture exploration, you can compare the similarities and differences between Chinese Qing Ming Jie, Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos), All Saints Day,  All Saints Day, Halloween, Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival, and Japanese Obonお盆 or Bon盆. Chinese culture for kids series featured post links are included at the end.

One important culture practice that I want to mention about Qing Ming Jie (Qing Ming Festival) is that Chinese people do NOT say “Happy Qing Ming Festival.”  This is a day to commemorate the passing of their loved ones and their ancestors.  It is considered a dignified and solemn occasion in Chinese culture.

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Cheng Meng's just around the corner. It is a Chinese festival that relatives go clean the kubur and offer prayers.

Msg from my friend: Yesterday I went to buy joss sticks and joss paper to pray for my ancestors. The towkay asked me if I want to buy paper iphone to burn for my ancestors. I said they know how to use or not? He said Steve Jobs already there, can teach them to use. I said ok loh. He asked want to buy casing? I also said ok. Next he asked me if I wanted Bluetooth? I said might as well loh. What about charger? I said need charger meh? He said of course lah, after battery no power how? So I bought the charger also.

Then I asked for his name card. He said why you need my name card?

I said I burn for my ancestors. For warranty claim, they contact you direct!! 😜 😜

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