Tuesday, 23 April 2019

15 Amazing Ways to Use Banana Peels

There isn’t a single soul on the planet that doesn’t find the taste of bananas absolutely soul-pleasing. The best thing about these yellow fruits is that they’re extremely good for our bodies – from elevating moods to improving skin. However, it’s not just the inner fruit that houses a wide of benefits, but the peel itself can be of great use. From fertilizer to getting rid of warts, take a look at our list of what a banana peel can do for you.

Gets Rid of Acne

Did you know that a banana peel can actually help clear up your skin of acne and zits? This is due to the exfoliating agents found naturally in the juicy inner skin. Putting a dab of this stuff on a stubborn acne bump can reduce inflammation and get rid of germs that cause acne to grow.

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