Wednesday, 3 April 2019

How I Lost All My Friends

While Chasing My Passive Income Dream

I’m sure you’ve read the recent viral article about ‘long time no see’ friends suddenly messaging you to catch up over coffee, but in turn is about selling MLM to you. Yes, I am that ‘friend’ who calls up my old friends whom I’ve not met for years. If you knew me, don’t worry. I won’t be calling you or any of my friends anymore, because as of now, almost no friends want to pick up my call or reply to my messages. I’m actually quite sad and disappointed.

When I was introduced to this MLM business by my mentor, I was taught that I just need to bring in 3 friends, and my 3 friends will bring in their 3 friends and so on… And after a few levels, I will be making a passive income of few thousand dollars! But after doing this for almost 3 months, and calling up all the friends in my contact list, in my WhatsApp, and even Facebook friends, I only managed to get 1 person to join me. And that person is my girlfriend who joins just to support me, but she warned me not to tell her to call her friends.

Right now, because I’ve run out of friends to call to tell them to join my MLM, my upline recommend me to go to MRT stations or shopping malls to ask people to ‘do surveys’. When I heard this, I’m quite shocked.

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