Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The 10 happiest countries in 2015

It is the third time that happiness has been quantified, following the initial report published by the United Nations in 2012. This year, Switzerland takes first place, a position occupied previously in 2013 by Denmark. To arrive at their conclusions, the researchers look at healthy life expectancy, levels of gross domestic product, social support, trust (measured by the lack of political or business corruption), the perception of freedom in the life choices, and generosity.

The 10 countries at the top of this prized list are the same as in 2013, albeit in a different order. All in all, 158 countries are referenced. The United States is ranked 15th, ahead of Belgium (19th), the United Kingdom (21th), Germany (26th) and Spain (36th). France has fallen from 25th to 29th, while Italy appears only in 50th position and Greece has sunk to 102nd.

All while Singapore ranked 24th, ahead of  Asian countries sunch as Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.

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