Tuesday, 30 June 2015

10 Unusual Airbnb rentals to check out

Slogging away at the office and dreaming of your next getaway? It’s already May and it just might be time to plan that much needed summer vacation. Great! You think as you plan your destination and your hands hover over the book it link on the TripAdvisor hotel booking page. But hold it right there! Is another holiday at a run-of-the-mill hotel with cream walls, uniform beige carpets and standard buffet fare really what you want?

Might we tempt you with the prospect of staying at your own treehouse or ancient British castle? Perhaps having full reign over your own Aegan island villa should do the trick? Believe it or not, these interesting abodes are open to holidaymakers on Airbnb, the  vacation-rental community driven website which allows you to rent homes from locals all over the world.

We know planning a vacation is tough enough so we’ve done your homework and picked some out-of-this-world straight up unusual places you can rent on Airbnb. No cookie-cutter hotels guaranteed!

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