Saturday, 13 June 2015

Pink Dot 2015

“Freedom to love”

“Equality 4 all”

“21 years of marriage”

“Being yourself!”

 “Being free to be who you are”

“Being happy!”

“To be able to love whoever I love!”

 “Being myself, allowing myself to love everyone and especially myself! #self-acceptance #IAmReady”
 “A world without prejudice, ignorance and hate”

 “Freedom to be who I am”

“There is no right or wrong to LOVE”

“Freedom to love, supporting equality, getting together with friends and we are all the SAME!”

“Knowing I can love without all the hate”

“To be proud of who you really are and not be afraid to show it.”

“Celebrating life and love in all its colour and standing together for freedom and equality.”

“Ensuring everyone’s right to be themselves! Beautiful! Free! Unique! Keep up the good fight!”
“Celebrating #Freedom, #Equality, #Diversity”

“#Inclusion #Love-for-all #Stop discrimination”

Reflecting on Where Love Lives

Pink Dot SG, the annual rally to support the Freedom to Love regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, kicks off the countdown to its seventh consecutive year at Hong Lim Park with this year’s Ambassadors, Corporate Sponsors, 2015 Campaign Video, and a fresh line-up for the Pink Dot Concert.

This year, Pink Dot would like to invite the community to reflect on the progress that has been made towards dispelling the discrimination and prejudice that face lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, as well as the many challenges that still remain. In celebrating the capacity for love which lives within Singapore as well as all Singaporeans, Pink Dot aims to help build a kinder and more inclusive Singapore. Leading these year’s efforts are the Ambassadors for Pink Dot 2015: Patricia Mok, Daren Tan, as well as Munah and Hirzi.

Patricia Mok is one of the most easily recognisable faces in Singapore, with her various appearances in Singaporean movie, television and theatre productions making her a household name.

Many Singaporeans will recognise Daren Tan as the winner of the second season of Project Superstar. Since then, he has gone on to debut his solo album Regardless, and has performed in local productions such as That Girl in Pinafore, Mata Mata and Koji Cooks.

Last but not least, the comedic duo Munah and Hirzi shine brightly as two of Singapore’s most prolific YouTube stars, with their hilarious videos having garnered more than 24 million views as well as a loyal following of nearly 120,000 subscribers on their YouTube Channel so far.

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