Tuesday, 23 June 2015

5 Medical tourism hot spots

Lured by lower costs and quality care, a growing number of people are combining a holiday with a medical check up.

What could be more relaxing than a holiday by the beach sipping coconut water? Especially after you’ve had your insides cut open or your heart replaced with a new one? That may not sound like your typical summer vacation but more and more people today are traversing international borders for the sole purpose of obtaining health care at a cheaper rate in a foreign country. After all, a hospital is a hospital and what better way to reduce the anxieties of surgery than to distract yourself with the beautiful scenery and squeeze in a few shopping sprees or temple trips while there?

From South Korea to Thailand, hospitals and medical agencies are getting in on the act, offering hotel packages coupled with joint replacements. Here in Asia, we’re lucky that all the best medical healthcare is just right in our backyard. Click through the gallery for 5 medical tourism hot spots in the region where quality care, affordable rates and sightseeing are the norm.

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