Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Singapore's 68 National Monuments

Alkaff Upper Serangoon Mosque gazetted as 68th national monument
Alkaff Upper Serangoon Mosque is a testimony of the Arab community’s landholdings and philanthropic acts in early Singapore

The National Heritage Board (NHB) officially named the Alkaff Upper Serangoon Mosque as the 68th national monument in Singapore today (Dec 18).

Erected in 1932, the building was one of two mosques built by the Alkaffs, a prominent Arab family in Singapore.

The Alkaff Upper Serangoon Mosque, which is managed by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), is now the sixth mosque gazetted as a national monument.

Singapore's 67 National Monuments

The Sri Thendayuthapani Temple, Singapore's freshly minted national monument, joins a list of 66 others here.

The others include recent gazettes such as 1960s structures: Chung Cheng High School's main administration building and entrance arch in July (2014) and the Civilian War Memorial in August last year (2013).

The Tank Road temple, which can trace its roots back to 1859, is the 30th religious building and third Hindu temple to be gazetted by the National Heritage Board (NHB). The other Hindu temples are the Sri Perumal temple and Sri Mariamman temple.

National monuments are legally protected by the Preservation of Monuments Act, which means all works on it must be approved by the NHB's Preservation of Sites and Monuments (PSM) division. It is the highest order of preservation status in Singapore. The scheme started in 1973.

The PSM division is charged with identifying monuments worthy of preservation and disburses money for their restoration, repair and maintenance, among other things.

This is the full list of the country's national treasures.

Year of gazette: 1973
1. The former Thong Chai Medical Institution (built in 1892)
2. Armenian Church (built between 1835 and 1836)
3. St Andrew's Cathedral (rebuilt between 1856 and 1864)
4. Telok Ayer Market, know as Lau Pa Sat today (built between 1890-1994)
5. Thian Hock Keng (built between 1839 and 1942)
6. Sri Mariamman temple R(rebuilt in 1843)
7. Hajjah Fatimah Mosque (built between 1845 and 1846)
8. The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd (built between 1843 and 1847)

Year of gazette: 1974
9. Nagore Durgah (built between 1828 and 1830)
10. Al-Abrar Mosque (built between 1850 and 1855)
11. House of Tan Yeok Nee or the former Salvation Army Headquarters (built in 1885)
12. Tan Si Chong Su temple (built between 1876 and 1878)
13. Jamae Mosque (rebuilt between 1830 and 1835)

Year of gazette: 1975
14. Sultan Mosque (rebuilt between 1924 and 1928)

Year of gazette: 1978
15. St George's Church (built between 1910 and 1913)
16. Hong San See temple (built 1908 and 1912)
17. Sri Perumal temple (rebuilt 1961 and 1966)

Year of gazette: 1979
18. Abdul Gafoor Mosque (built between 1907 and 1927)

Year of gazette: 1980
19. Siong Lim Temple (built between1902 and 1908)

Year of gazette: 1987
20. Raffles Hotel (built between 1887 and 1907 and re-gazetted in 1955)

Year of gazette: 1989
21. Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church (built between 1924 and 1905)
22. The tower block of Goodwood Park Hotel (built in 1900)

Year of gazette: 1990
23. The former Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus Chapel, now Chijmes Hall (built in 1903) and Caldwell House (built between 1840 and 1841)

Year of gazette: 1992
24. The Istana and Sri Temasek (built between 1867 and 1869 and re-gazetted in 1993)
25. City Hall (built between 1926 and1929)
26. Victoria Theatre (built between 1856 and 1862) and its Concert Hall (built between 1902 and 1905)
27. Parliament House, Parliament House Annex Building (built between 1826 and 1827)
28. Supreme Court (built between 1937 and 1939)
29. Empress Place Building, now the Asian Civilisations Museum (built between 1864 and 1867)
30. National Museum, now the National Museum of Singapore (built between 1884 and 1887)
31. The former St Joseph's Institution's main building (built between 1855 and 1867), chapel (1911-12) and classroom, now the Singapore Art Museum (built between 1906 and 1907)
32. The former Attorney-General's Chambers (rebuilt circa 1906)

Year of gazette: 1994
33. Sun Yat Sen Villa now the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall (built between 1900 and 1902)

Year of gazette: 1996
34. Yueh Hai Ching Temple (built between 1852 and 1855)

Year of gazette: 1998
35. Maghain Aboth Synagogue (built in 1878)
36. The former Ministry of Labour Building (built in 1928)
37. The former Tao Nan School now the Peranakan Museum (built between 1910 and 1912)
38. Chesed-El Synagogue (built in 1905)
39. The former Hill Street Police Station (built between 1934 and 1936)
40. Ying Fo Fui Kun (built between 1881 and 1882)
41. Central Fire Station (built between 1908 and 1909)
42. The former Nanyang University Library and Administration Building, the former Nanyang University Memorial and the former Nanyang University Arch (built between 1954 and 1956)

Year of gazette: 1999
43. The Chinese High School Clock Tower building (built in 1925)

Year of gazette: 2000
44. Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church (built between 1930 and 1931)

Year of gazette: 2002
45. The former Admiralty House (built in 1939)
46. Tan Teck Guan Building (built in 1911)
47. College of Medicine Building (built in 1926)

Year of gazette: 2003
48. Cathay Building (built in 1939)
49. Church of St Peter and St Paul (built between 1869 and 1870)
50. Macdonald House (built in 1949)

Year of gazette: 2005
51. RC Church of St Joseph (built between 1906 and 1912)
52. Church of Our Lady of Lourdes (built in 1888)
53. Church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (built in 1901)
54. Tou Mu Kung (built in 1919 and 1921)

Year of gazette: 2006
55. The former Ford Factory now the Memories at Old Ford Factory (built in 1941)

Year of gazette: 2009
56. The former Raffles College, now the National University of Singapore's Bukit Timah campus (built in 1927 and 1953)
57. Church of St Teresa (built between 1926 and 1928)
58. Keng Teck Whay (established in 1831)
59. Command House (built in 1939)
60. The former St James Power Station (built in 1926)
61. Bowyer Block (built in 1926)

Year of gazette: 2010
62. The former Singapore Conference Hall and Trade Union House now the Singapore Conference Hall (built between 1962 and 1965)
63. Esplanade Park Memorials: Lim Bo Seng Memorial (built between 1953 and 1954), Tan Kim Seng Fountain (built in 1882) and the Cenotaph (built between 1920 and 1922)

Year of gazette: 2011

64. Tanjong Pagar Railway Station (built between 1929 and 1931)

Year of gazette: 2013

65. Civilian War Memorial (built between 1966 and 1967)

Year of gazette: 2014

66. Chung Cheng High School's main administration building and entrance arch (built between 1965 and 1968)
67. Sri Thendayuthapani Temple (rebuilt between 1980 and 1983)
68. Alkaff Upper Serangoon Mosque (Erected in 1932)

Year of gazette: 2015
69. Jurong Town Hall (Constructed between May 1971 and March 1974)
70. Istana Kampong Gelam (Erected in 1843)
71. The Fullerton Hotel (First built in 1928)

Year of gazette: 2016
72. Changi Prison Gate (completed before World War II in 1936)