Wednesday, 31 December 2014

14 Things We Can Learn From 2014

The end of a year always calls for reflection

From airplane disasters to the outbreak of Ebola, 2014 saw irrevocable tragedies, causing many to lose their loved ones. There were also good news like Singapore being Lonely Planet’s top destination and the successful fundraising for ALS.

Here’s a look back in the year 2014 and 14 things we can learn from it:

1. Tell Someone You Love Them
2. Stay Law By Law
3. Need For Calmness Amidst Calamity
4. Never Be Complacent
5. Count Your Blessings
6. Narcissism Can Be Good
7. Seize The Day
8. Champion A Cause, But Not At The Expense Of Another
9. Not To Take Singapore’s Peace And Stability For Granted
10. Karma Exists
11. Beware Of Backstabbers (Literally)
12. Bend Around The Ban
13. A Little Personal Touch Goes A Long Way
 14. Grow As A Nation