Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Food Beliefs and Food Myths

8 food beliefs investigated

Can chicken really make your cough worse?

To eat or not to eat - that's the nagging question in your mind when you're about to stuff your face against Granny's advice. Some food myths are so ridiculous, they're obviously untrue, while others seems to have survived the test of time.

But does that make them true? Here's what the experts have to say about common food lore.
  1. "Eating CHICKEN will worsen a cough."
  2. "Eat bananas if you want to conceive a male baby."
  3. "SPICY FOOD causes stomach ulcers."
  4. "Eating too much sugar causes diabetes."
  5. "Avoid seafood if you have a wound."
  6. "Gargle with a salt water rinse to cure canker sores."
  7. "Feeding water to newborns will prevent dehydration."
  8. "Avoid soya sauce when you have chicken pox or you'll scar."