Saturday, 2 February 2019

NYGH teacher checked students' bra


A school did conduct a uniform check, and a teacher did proceed to check the colour of bra straps during the inspection. As it is, this is how it all went down.

According to Chinese daily Shin Min Daily News, a female teacher, believed to be the Secondary 4-year head, had unbuttoned students’ uniforms to verify the colour of their bra straps during the attire check. Apparently, Nanyang Girls’ High students are permitted to wear only white or beige undergarments.

Having supposedly done the attire check on behalf of the male form teacher, the teacher allegedly undid the collar buttons of students’ attires and pulled out their bra straps.

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You should never pull anyone’s bra strap, even if you’re a teacher doing an inspection

While some netizens are torn or even insouciant over the bra-strap pulling incident at Nanyang Girls’ High School, people have to understand (especially the ones telling girls “It’s nothing,”) that there is no way pulling a child’s underwear is okay unless it’s to save their life.

During a routine uniform check, though, an insensitive and borderline abusive teacher has gone too far and pulled on girls’ bra straps. Who does that? Why are you so interested in the color of their bras when you can see it through a white blouse if they were violating the dress code anyway?

And anybody who thinks that this is okay better get their underwear pulled this way and that without warning and see how they like it.

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Nanyang Girls’ High student defends teacher who only unbuttoned the shirt of one student to check bra straps

One student, however, has asserted that the incident was not as bad as the media made it out to be and that the teacher involved is kind and well-liked among students.

In a comment that has since gone viral, with over 1,000 reactions, Aurora Woo added that the teacher only unbuttoned the shirt of one student to check the colour of her bra straps.

A parent of a student at the school chimed in and agreed that the media over-exaggerated the incident. She added that she will “continue to support, believe & trust the school”.

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Nanyang Girls' High apologises after teacher pulls on students' bra straps during uniform inspection

Nanyang Girls' High School has apologised on behalf of one of their teachers who pulled on several students' bra straps, causing them distress.

The teacher in question was conducting a routine uniform inspection last Tuesday (Jan 22), and was checking that the colour of bra straps worn were in compliance with the school rules. As the form teacher was male, the checks were conducted by a female teacher.

An unhappy parent contacted Shin Min Daily News, and according to the report, complained that the teacher's conduct was inappropriate.

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Nanyang Girls' High apologises after attire check made students 'feel uncomfortable'
Nanyang Girls' High School has spoken to its students and is monitoring the affected girls following the attire check. PHOTO: ST FILE

Nanyang Girls' High School (NYGH) has apologised to students & parents after an incident emerged during an attire check on Jan 22.

Chinese paper Shin Min Daily News reported that a female teacher, believed to be the Secondary 4 year head, had unbuttoned students' uniforms to check the colour of their bra straps during the attire check.

Shin Min reported that NYGH students are allowed to wear only white or beige undergarments.

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南洋女中老师被指拉女生肩带查内衣颜色 校方致歉




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Whitley Sec: Video of teacher pulling student's T-shirt happened in Sep 2018, boy was being disruptive

A video that re-emerged on social media recently showing a teacher pulling a Whitley Secondary School student by his T-shirt actually happened in September 2018, says the school.

The video was posted on Rilek1Corner's Facebook page on Monday (Jan 21) and has since garnered over 167,000 views.

In the video, the female teacher is seen pulling the boy by the collar of his T-shirt to stand-up and gestures for him to leave the classroom amidst cheers and jeers from his classmates.

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Pre-school teacher who humiliated 5-year-old boy suspended

A pre-school teacher who humiliated a 5-year-old boy for spotting long hair has been temporarily suspended by the school. The boy’s father had written a lengthy email post on Saturday (9 Jul) recounting how the teacher made his son stand in front of the class for sporting long hair, and put a “girl hair clip” on him, “much to the amusement of all the other kids”. The teacher further threatened to repeat the action the next school day if the boy did not cut his hair by then.

In his Facebook post which has since gone viral with over 2000 shares, the boy’s father Eric Cheong said that his son told him that he felt like dying. The father, painted the teacher who he identified as Ms Theresa, as ‘monster’ who the pre-schoolers were terribly afraid of. Eric said:
“What has happened to my son today is just one of the many, I would have to say improper conducts, for an early childhood teacher to be exhibiting. A few other parents also feedback Ms Theresa would use marker or pen that she is holding to poke on our children’s foreheads when they answered wrongly to her questions. She will use a water spray and spray into the kid’s mouth if they ever seen yawning in her class. She had in a few situations, tied up the kid’s legs together if they swing their legs in class. Just last week, my boy’s classmate vomited in class and she had the decency to make the kid clean up the vomit by herself, even though she was unwell.”
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Primary school teacher investigated for abusive punishment of students

Several parents, unhappy with how a mathematics and science teacher was disciplining students in Gongshang Primary School, have lodged complaints with the school & the Ministry of Education (MOE).

According to the parents, the female teacher from the school in Tampines -- who has been relieved of her teaching duties & cannot be named as investigations into the case are still ongoing -- had resorted to abusive punishment of her students in the classes she taught.

The punishments ranged from the students being called names, having to kneel beside the teacher’s table, and getting objects thrown at them.

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Teacher's Apology Did Not Placate The Boy

“Justin” goes back to his seat for a while before going to another student’s table. The teacher shouts his name and the boy went back to his seat.

That was when the boy tells his teacher not to shout at him saying: “Am I deaf? Just answer my question…you should not shout, I’m not deaf, okay...Who ask you to shout? I’m deaf, ah?”. “Justin” demands that the teacher says sorry to him.

The teacher is heard apologising to the student for shouting and saying that “Justin” has to sit down.

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