Monday, 10 July 2017

PM Lee Hsien Loong at G20 Leaders' Summit in Hamburg

Lee Hsien Loong added 5 new photos to the album Germany Day 3: G20 Summit 2017 - with Heng Swee Keat and Vivian Balakrishnan in Hamburg, Germany. 20 hrs

Met leaders of Argentina, the European Union, Japan, and the United States on the sidelines of the #G20 Summit. The meetings went well, including my first meetings with Argentina (President Macri) and the US (President Trump).

During the G20 working lunch, I explained why countries should embrace technological disruption. Change will happen anyway, even if we try to stop it. Far better to benefit from it by preparing ourselves and our people.

Off to Munich tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting Singaporeans there for an early National Day 🇸🇬 Reception! – LHL

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Trump, PM Lee hold first bilateral meeting at G20 summit
Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong and US President Donald Trump held their first bilateral meeting on Saturday (Jul 8), on the sidelines of the G20 Leaders' Summit in Hamburg

Both leaders reaffirmed the excellent bilateral ties & committed to work together to advance the relationship, said the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) in a statement.

It added that PM Lee welcomed Mr Trump's continued engagement of the Asia Pacific, & looked forward to his participation in the ASEAN-US Summit, East Asia Summit, and APEC Economic Leaders Meeting in November 2017.

On his part, Mr Trump said: "We expect to do some excellent things together in many ways. We have a very big relationship now & it will probably get much bigger."

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Channel NewsAsia 22 hrs

"We expect to do some excellent things together in many ways": President Donald J. Trump to PM Lee Hsien Loong in their first bilateral meeting at the G20 summit.

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Channel NewsAsia 22 hrs - Comments

Hasnol Salehudin Hahahahaha .... CNA is sabotaging its own boss with that very awkward, sissy looking picture! ;-)
154 · 22 hrs 32 Replies · 4 hrs

John Han Always don't like how PM Lee shook his hands. Not only to Trump. Many times already. He don't look natural using his right hand. Perhaps he is left handed. Maybe...
47 · 22 hrs 26 Replies · 8 hrs

Hellem Tan My God! I thought walking already gu-niang shake hand also leh🙈🙈
66 · 22 hrs · Edited 7 Replies · 6 hrs

Linda Yong Thank you for your hard work. Whatever outcome it is, I know you have tried hard enough to fulfill us the Nations. Do look after your health. Thank you Mrs Lee, accompanied our PM & taking good care of him.
46 · 21 hrs 8 Replies

Tay Denver Just look at that hand of our PM Lee... our mighty leader. Knn shake like a woman...
41 · 21 hrs 12 Replies · 6 hrs

Darryl Koh Yuan Jie Actually if u check online pm lee is actually showing superiority in his handshake lol
24 · 21 hrs 10 Replies

David Caleb Never shake hands with your legs closed especially men it gives a very bad body language .
12 · 21 hrs · Edited 5 Replies · 2 hrs

Sammie Yeo So far only the Canadian prime minister managed to pull off a presentable meeting with that clown without the look of being dominated.
12 · 21 hrs · 8 Replies · 5 hrs

Aesan Jaya Anjanee I have a same pic like that except it was my uncle proposing to my aunty. My uncle look like Donald.
15 · 21 hrs 4 Replies

Cedric Yang This is a start of a very fruitful collaboration. And all I read in comments are people commenting how PM shakes his hand and his body language and attacking his posture. Come on lah....... so good go be PM lol. Have no idea how to move Singapore forward, yet making such comments only reveal how much rental the brains garner.
9 · 20 hrs 3 Replies · 7 hrs

Afri Ayub Have you guys seen how children "Salam" Malay elders? PM Lee, in this instance, is the elder and the child is well, hahah.
9 · 18 hrs · Edited 3 Replies

Haziq Evan Rosli So... Ah Loong is a transvestite.
7 · 21 hrs 11 Replies · 2 hrs

Vernon Chan Why is he shaking hands like a girl
40 · 22 hrs 5 Replies

CA Spears He shakes hands like a woman...That won't win any respect from Trump
1 · 20 hrs 3 Replies · 9 hrs

Zeerah Naz Thanks to our PM Mr Lee..appreciate all that you are doing for our nation.. After our late Mr LKY it's you that I look up this busy schedule pls do take enough rest and take good care of yr health
3 · 16 hrs

Mary Chia PM, you are great ! We ❤️ you ! Thank you for doing all this for Singapore ! We appreciate ! What a firm handshake, PM and President Trump plus other Presidents and PMs
14 · 21 hrs 1 Reply

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Man kissing a lady's hand


Please see this image that Channel News Asia used for their article about the G20 Summit. It features PM Lee sitting and shaking hands with President Trump in a very feminine and timid manner.

That is what the body language implies. Has Channel News Asia sabotaged our prime minister by showing such an unflattering photo? Many comments on the CNA facebook page remarked on this and some Singaporeans openly criticized him for being so submissive to Donald Trump. Channel News Asia should not have used a photo that showed a “sissy” handshake.

What do you think? Do you think this handshake looks manly and confident?

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Just PM Lee being uncomfortable around President Trump in their first face-to-face meeting

As you’d imagine, their first meeting seemed uncomfortable, despite both leaders reaffirming the relationship between Singapore and the US. Note PM Lee’s constant moving of his legs and hands, his shifty eyes, and the general vibe that he’d rather be somewhere else. We don’t blame him.

Also to note: PM Lee falling victim to President Trump’s infamously aggressive handshake, resulting in a split-second shot that seems to put Singapore’s leader in a frailer light.

But as pointed out, this wasn’t the first time PM Lee’s awkward handshake was caught on camera — he’s done the same pose during handshakes with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Malaysian PM Najib Razak and even former president Obama. It’s a minor subject to talk about, we know, but in the world of politics, the art of handshakes are highly important. And we all know Trump’s past with bizarre handshakes.

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Lee Hsien Loong’s awkward handshake with Donald Trump – and others
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s awkward handshake with United States President Donald Trump has made the rounds online and has also drawn ridicule and criticism. Some say the Singapore PM’s seemingly effeminate pose as he extends his hand is a sign of weakness or deference to a bigger power. This, of course, does national pride no good, they say.

While one would not read too much into what is a split-second pose caught by the ever-present cameras of the media, it is also true that PM Lee’s awkward handshake with Trump is not the only time it has happened. Here are some photos of PM Lee’s handshake with some other world leaders and officials:
  • With the Yang Pertuan Agong of Malaysia
  • With former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama
  • With President Barack Obama
  • With Russian President Vladimir Putin
  • With Malaysian PM Najib Razak
  • With Indian PM Modi, a hint of that awkward handshake
In international politics, the handshake is seen as an important gesture, commanding respect and stature. Donald Trump’s handshake, for example, has been analysed by experts and found to be one which is of a dominant personality.

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Who won? PM Lee shook Trump’s hand for 4 seconds
It was the handshake and meeting that Singaporeans have been waiting for

Analysing the handshake – who won? From the initial looks of it, Trump put the squeeze on PM Lee with a bone-crunching handshake as they posed for photos. PM Lee raised his arm, with Trump offering his hand palm-up.

But PM Lee was determined to hold firm his ground — he did not move an inch (phew).
As both leaned forward, it looks like a draw, with points awarded to the two sparring partners if it is a boxing match.

Some folks may think that Lee’s “upper-hand” shake — whose palm is facing slightly down for the shake — is a trap by Trump where Lee has no choice but to put his hand into Trump’s clamp.

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Wake Up, Singapore Page Liked · Yesterday

Holding his hand for the first time ... Lee Hsien Loong, Donald J. Trump

Anthony Sim A very gay gesture from our PM Lee......there must be some homosexual genes in his constitution. Maybe he should come from the closet......if he is one.
Like · Reply · 34 · Yesterday at 3:48pm 1 Reply

Raymond Lee A very loose and soft hand shake like that clearly indicate the body language shown by PM Lee shown total lack of self confident and strength into submission of weakness when face with US President Donald Trump - Never have seen such leaders frm all over the world with hand shakes like that! OMG! . Liao la
Like · Reply · 3 · 4 hrs

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Different Types of Handshakes

While Orientals saluted each other with a polite bow, Westerners shook their hands and displayed their palms to appear honest and demonstrate no weapons were being concealed, i.e, that there were no hidden intentions.  In ancient Rome however, they didn’t shake hands but rather grabbed each others forearms as it was common for them to carry daggers concealed around their wrist area.

One thing I’ve learned while doing business in Real Estate is you can tell a lot about someones character simply by how they shake your hand. Extroverts have firm confident grips while shy people and neurotics tend to shake hands softly and gently.  There are many types of handshakes you will come across every day, here are a few:
  • Hand Hug
  • Dominator
  • Cold and Clammy
  • Crusher
  • Queens Fingertips
  • Keep Back
  • Yank and Pull

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Image result for handshake
"You can tell a lot about a person by their handshake. Shake hands like you mean it, like you want to be remembered in all positive ways!"
Handshaking furnishes important and empowering information about the other person... nervousness, interest, anxiety, reticence, distance, sympathy, etc., which you can use to your advantage!

No one is born knowing anything and Next Generation leaders are not being taught... and if this is the case, how can we expect America’s future leaders to know? We should all try to prepare and groom our young adults as they come into their own and prepare to enter the world of business.

Wherever you are in the world, professionals shake many hands. Whether on a plane, at a business meeting, traveling overseas, attending an industry function, or meeting clients at a restaurant, showing you know how to most respectfully execute a professional handshake will set you apart and show you as a person “well-met.”

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Corporate Handshake – The truth behind the shake
Image result for handshake

While much has been written on Interview Etiquette’s in terms of how we dress, talk, maintain eye contact, have the right attitude, grooming and last but not least introduce yourself with a firm handshake. Have you ever analysed what a handshake means and the numerous kinds of handshakes meant ? As a leadership centric organization we constantly brain storm various topics and I personally never gave much thought about discussing handshakes.  This was something that was embedded in me due to the number of executives I meet on a regular basis and then there are those social events that end with a million handshakes.

There are numerous opinions on what a hand shake can tell you about someone. Many are floating around the web and in literature. The truth is somewhere between various opinions. Some literature will say there is no correlation between a handshake and character of an individual. They will offer proof that it is a learned behaviour and once you learn it, you think it is the right and only way to do it.

If that is true then what of all the science about body language. Has that now been proved untrue as well?

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Gain Hidden Negotiation Insight By Reading Body Language – Handshake

When negotiating, being able to read and interpret body language accurately can give you a huge advantage. The ability to ‘read’ non-verbal signals (body language) will give you a synergistic tool that will allow you to detect subtle nuances that the spoken word may not convey. It’s like a polygraph of the body, and ‘the body never lies’.

The skill of reading body language can be applied in any context in which the ability to negotiate, persuade, or simply learn by understanding the other person’s point of view is important.

Over your lifetime, reading body language accurately during negotiations or in any of your endeavors, will help you interact more efficiently with people, save and earn you millions of dollars, and enhance every aspect of your life.

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PM Lee Meets US President Donald Trump, But His Instagram Doesn’t Know Who He Is
PM Lee Identified As “President Of Indonesia” On US President Donald Trump’s Instagram

Yes, we know that Singapore is a small country, a little red dot many people still think is in China, blah blah blah.

But you would think that people whose job is it to man the social media account of a very important person like United States President Donald Trump should know who we are, and who our leader is.

But it seems that’s just too much for whoever it is who made this gaff

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Mistaken identity? Trump mistakes Singapore PM Lee for Indonesia’s Jokowi

His earlier caption reads: “President Trump and the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo speaking before the start of their bilateral at the #G20Summit in Hamburg, Germany. #USA” Of course, don’t forget #USA and the American flag.

People were quick to point out that that’s actually PM Lee of Singapore.

As of posting, Trump’s Instagram post has been edited to reflect the correct identity of the man sitting across from him. But those comments still show the error from earlier’s mistaken identity.

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We get it President Donald Trump, all Asians look alike, including our heads of state

United States President Donald J. Trump has a very busy schedule at the Group of 20 (G-20) Summit taking place at Humburg, Germany. He has back-to-back meetings scheduled with various heads of state, including Singapore Prime Minster Lee Hsien Loong (PM Lee) and Indonesia President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

As you can see, he had a meeting with Jokowi, right after our dear PM Lee who will be meeting Trump for the first time.

Maybe it’s because all Asians look alike to Trump and his staffer or more likely so, they are just too overwhelmed with the busy schedule, a wrong post went out on Trump’s official Instagram account, captioning his meeting with PM Lee as a meeting with Jokowi:

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Donald Trump mistakes PM Lee for Indonesian President Jokowi on Instagram

The photo of PM Lee’s meeting with Trump was initially captioned “President Trump and the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo speaking before the start if the bilateral at the #G20Summit in # Hamburg, #Germany. # USA”.

The error was later corrected, with a new post of Trump and PM Lee.

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Where is PM Lee?

related: PM Lee Hsien Loong inspects Guard of Honour in Germany

Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (R) walks ahead of German Chancellor Angela Merkel

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All Singapore Stuff 11 Jul at 08:58

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong arrives in the Philippines and does an impromptu catwalk! #LOL

Garland himself and gaylek with his hands swinging just like a lady doing a catwalk.

PM Lee draws groans as “Mee Siam Mai Hum” comedy gig goes global

Interviewed after the show, Mr Lee said, “I always knew there is a funny yet sophisticated side to me.” 

“There’s this pent-up humour in my belly that was kept inside for too long. I mean, just look at the grim faces I have to live with at home.”

Since the success of his debut act “Mee Siam Mai Hum” at the 2006 National Day Rally, Lee has received strong encouragement from his faithful yes-men fan club to bring the show international.

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Singapore PM draws laughs in US speech
Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gestures during his meeting with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, April, 2, 2013.  (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gestures during his meeting with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, April, 2, 2013

Singapore is well-known for its efficiency and order, but during a visit to Washington the city-state's prime minister displayed a less advertised attribute — humor.

In an after-dinner speech Tuesday to U.S. businessmen, Lee Hsien Loong made a couple of jokes that could pass for stand-up comedy. He drew laughs — and some groans — with his quips, including one about China's environmental problems:
  • "Beijing residents joke that to get a free smoke all they have to do is open their windows!" Lee said.
  • "(In) Shanghai, if you want some pork soup, you just turn on the tap," he said.
His audience appeared doubtful if that was good taste, until he added, "That's their joke, not mine!"

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DBS branch in Hong Kong vandalised with vulgar messages directed at PM Lee Hsien Loong
One of the widely shared images showing the graffiti that was scrawled on the DBS branch in Hong Kong. (PHOTO: Social media)

Vandals have attacked a DBS branch in Hong Kong by scrawling vulgarities directed at Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, his family and the ruling People's Action Party.

Photos of the vandalised DBS branch were posted late Thursday morning (Nov 14) on a Facebook group called the Concerned Citizens Band Together for a better Singapore. The post was shared more than 850 times in four hours. A DBS spokesman told The Straits Times that the graffiti was cleaned off as soon as it was discovered on Thursday morning.

Some Hong Kongers have been upset by comments PM Lee made on the Hong Kong protests at the Forbes Global CEO Conference at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore in October.

PM Lee: Fix the Opposition

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DBS branch in Hong Kong vandalised with vulgarities directed at PM Lee
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