Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How To Teach Your Children Good Personal Discipline

Discipline will impact your children in every part of their lives.
Discipline does not always have to be considered a bad word

In recent years, the word "discipline" has gotten a bad rap, calling to mind images of parents beating their children or abusing them in some way. In reality, however, good personal disciplines are every bit as important for children as they are for adults. Rather than thinking of "discipline" as something you do to your children, a discipline is something you teach them. Teaching a child to look both ways before crossing a street is a perfect example of a good personal discipline parents teach their children that helps keep them safe.

Not only will teaching your children good personal disciplines help keep them safe, it will also make your life easier. Parents who have a hard time finding babysitters or other people to watch their children, might want to question how disciplined their children are. There are parents that actually have people lining up to watch their children and invariably those tend to be the children of parents that have taught them the best personal disciplines.

Here are 3 ways to teach your children good personal discipline:
  • Model the behaviors you want your children to emulate
  • Practice where it matters most
  • Explain consequences - and follow through

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