Saturday, 22 April 2017

6 ways to reduce your monthly expenses

Without compromising on your lifestyle

While I was thinking up ideas for this article on how to save money, I realized that there were already a lot of tips out there on the Internet to help you save on your monthly expenses, but almost all of them required you to ditch your car, ditch your holidays and ditch your spouse (in no particular order) for you to actually cut down on your expenses.

In other words, it seemed like you had to give up all your worldly desires, live like a veritable pauper and somehow attain spiritual nirvana along the way just to scrimp away a measly sum every single month. So let’s quit beating around the bush.

Here are 6 ways you can reduce your monthly expenses without having to comprise on your awesome lifestyle:
  • Use credit cards whenever you can
  • Music is free. Kinda
  • Cut spending on books
  • Keep your tyres properly inflated
  • Unplug any electrical appliance that’s not in use
  • Buy cheap clothes that look really expensive

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