Saturday, 28 March 2015

No more aircon for us, please?


The comforts of modern urban life are many. Step into any room on a hot, humid day and instant relief can be sought simply by turning on the air conditioner. If the room is too dark, a light switch is all it takes to illuminate the surroundings. But this very convenience also brings about its own set of problems, particularly in Asia.

According to an article published in, the world’s seven largest megacities are located in Asia. In fact, Asian cities are developing so rapidly, they are consuming electricity at an alarming rate and pumping out 70% of the region’s total carbon dioxide emissions. For example, Bangkok emits about 7 tonnes of carbon dioxide per capita, a rate equivalent to New York City.

With urban density in Southeast Asia set to rise, buildings, both residential and commercial, are growing taller in a bid to beat the urban sprawl as compact city policies become more commonplace. And buildings are major producers of carbon dioxide while the main contributors are air conditioners, lights and elevators.

Global warming – once a distant term in scientific literature is now common in our everyday language. With global warming a rising threat to our livelihood and wellbeing, the need to consume energy more efficiently is clear.

Here’s the rub: Eco-living may mean we have to sacrifice some of our urban comforts and conveniences. But, are we willing to do so?

We look at 3 ways technology can help you beat the eco-perils of the modern urban living.


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