Monday, 30 March 2015

Lean Mean Chicks That Does Workout

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Do you love Chicken Rice but often have to give this famous Singaporean Cuisine a miss due to health reasons? The Low Fat, Low Cholesterol Kampong Chicken served at Chicken House may offers you a sly reason to cheat a little.

Located along Upper Thomson Road, this restaurant promises its diners Kampong Chicken which consists of mainly fat free lean chicken meat. Why are Kampong Chicken meat low in fat and relatively leaner? That's because they 'workout' alot by running around freely in the kampong unlike their farm cousins who are usually held captived & forced feed to fatten up.

The restaurant offers old school dining experience where you and your friends can just sit, eat, pay and get out. Not a comfortable place for hanging out over coffee.

Finally, the main hero of our meal - Our athletic chicken. The chicken skin is yellowish in color which does not really look appetiting to me. The chicken parts are slightly smaller compared to the chickens served at other places. The meat is lean and tough with minimal fats. The accompanying rice has significantly less oil but also weaker flavor compared to other chicken rice vendors.

Yes, this is a healthier choice but I still like my chicken voluptuous, tender and with hints of fats.

The Kampong Chicken served at Chicken House will generally be well received by ladies and health conscious individuals. But for chicken rice lovers who desires the full taste and flavor of this local culinary delight, this restaurant may not be up to mark. Here are the full details of the restaurant:

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Kampong Chicken

Nowadays business people will go all-out to make a quick buck especially from those not-in-the-know. to Claim that they sell kampong chicken which apparently do not seem to be what they claim is downright dishonest. Imagine sell double the price - $16 as compared to a normal $8 chicken. Please be wary of such people, ask them where their chicken come from?

Typical Kampong Chicken with yellow skin, fat-free, lean and tough meat.

This is what a Kampong chicken look like as compared to a farm caged chicken.
Kampong Chicken

Farm Chicken